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    To all the members of Slingshotinfo. I apologize to you all for my very emotional demonstration and non rational thinking. Folks, I have never in my life gotten into a political debate before. I see that I can not make good judgement when my emotions of a level that we are now in the political process. I have enjoyed the role I took up to this point, providing videos and post of help for the Slingshot. I see, my place is with helping people with my videos and post of information, not in politics.

    I will leave you with this message and also my Threads of Help for the Slingshot on Sam Owens Media and Helpful Info. I will not be able to add more video as I do not own a Slingshot.

    Please enough has been stated, just let this post stand and no response is good, Thanks.

    I have been accused of giving the members "bate" (bait) and members should not follow. I don't know what that means. I am trying to generate discussions that gives you an opportunity to express your views. I give mine openly and do not see how all this is "bate". No one should be on this thread to just make statement without merits of explaining a position. It does not add to the understanding of the main goal. How do you feel about the trail as it goes forward.

    Thanks you for really great presentations of your feels. This is the type of discussions I was hoping for when the idea of following the trail came to me. You have outline some very valid concerns and I full agree with all, I want what you want. I also can imagine, you wished their was another Trump without all his bad traits. Thanks, You gave some really great points that I am sure other will have more to state.

    Folks, you will really know me and my feelings if you have ever watch any of my video about Help with the Slingshot. As I did my video, I go into great detail about how, why and if and when to do something I am trying to explain. I am doing that same thing here, no different. I put the thinking I have to the issues that are before me. I evaluate the main question, look for all the facts and evaluate my position.

    Now, if your position is, to avoid looking at everything and just saying they don't like Trump and trying to railroad him, then you are missing the elements that are necessary to make a real true decision as to a true thought out position. You would be avoiding everything to defend someone that you think is better than another alternative. A Democrat. I feel, most would rather have Trump than to allow a Democrat to be Elected, even if he did do the charges. So why even listen to all of this. You know, this is just what all of you have presented to me as your position, without saying it. Am I right!

    Again, as Bill Martin has established, Yes or No?

    Now, the Mueller Investigation has been brought up as a comparison to "good" people testifying. I want to give my opinion here also. I watch that process also. I knew that was going to be hard to prove that the president had direct input into that charge. That is totally different than this process. We have direct evidence for the president performing the changes against him. This is far more a provable charge if we get to hear all the evidence. There were many witnesses in the Mueller Inquiry that did not get to testify for being blocked by the president. No one can defend this to me. Seeking truth is the way our democracy was formed. It is our base core to keep things right. We have to always put the truth of a case at the front always.

    I hope we get others to put their thoughts to this discussions, I am ready to respond, this is exactly what I want to generate with this thread.

    I have witness so many witnesses testify knowing they were being viewed by the world. They were just doing their job and found themselves in a Crime as they saw it. I can not believe the turmoil they must have gone under to expose themselves to this. I think it took tremendous courage to do it. Many witnesses told of all the things they saw that were totally against the american interest. They are folks that on our side to protect and serve our democrocy for all the people. They have no other interest than to do their job for us. Then they see something wrong and testify about it. Are we to tell them they are lying the President would never do that. It is not one person, it was many that gave testimony that supported it other. What in the world can anyone do to disqualify so many dedicated career folks just doing their job. Please, Please, tell me where I am naive and misunderstanding. This president can do no wrong. All these people are lying. Sometimes we have leaders we like so much we are willing to forgive. When we disrpect the testimony of witnesses as we have seen, we are sending a message to future folks. Would anyone in their right mind ever say a word about wrong doing in the future. Do we want that thinking with all our people at looking out for our best interest in the working people of the government. For me, I do not want to discourage those people. I want them to be praised for their service on my behalf. Without these people tell what they see, we will never hear of wrong doing.

    I ask all of you, Yes or No, do you want that message to be sent?

    SOOOO - who decides what is privileged and what is not ?? The opposing party??

    really do not know what the rules for executive privilege are. My reasoning is the President can exicute his power when Nation Defense maters are at stake. To ask you back, do you think the President should be able to block testimony about a crime the president has been accused? Yes or No. Now this is the debate I would waiting for, we are exchanging.

    Folks, executive privilege is not meant to be use for avoiding prosecution. In a trail, I feel executive privilege has lost its power. If this is posible, we would never be able to put any president out of office. That is unacceptable. We are now at another super level of our discussion. executive privilege! I want to ask members, can a president use his power of executive privilege to block impeachment trial request for witnesses. If you say yes, then we can never expel a President for wrong doing as we would never be able to prove the facts for the charge. I want to know how you all answer this question. Folks, what if we get a president that is really power hungry and does things really bad for all us. How would we ever get him out with the executive privilege power so great, he can stop any inquiry into his wrong doing. Now think really hard on this question and give me your reasoning and thinking here. I really want to know. Please all members respond with your thoughts, this is a discussion, we are not arguing, we are discussing.

    OK Sam - here is my take away from your thoughts. It would be OK for me to go to Washington DC - obtain a top security clearance knowing some of the President’s and country’s most sensitive information (like John Bolton). Then am fired for disagreement with President, quit, whatever and because I no longer work there everything I heard is fair game in open court. I’m still waiting on my answer on executive privilege YES or NO. You cannot dilute that privilege - it’s either all or none!!!

    Yes, executive privilege should should be available to the president. I do not think it can be used to block wrong doing.

    Members, I am not the smartest man in the world, I use basic logic and understanding to view things. For the Slingshot I have demonstrated my thinking. I am a helping person with positive thoughts toward everyone. My nature is to help. I am not just someone that contributes nothing to the community. I do my best to share my knowledge to give help if needed. Now my political views are how I feel as I see process going on. I want the truth to be at the forefront. Not a person. Even if I liked Trump, if he is not following the constitution and it can be proved that it is true, then I want to know. I am sorry, I do not think results are the key point. It is what is the intentions of the President and what rules is he following to achieve his results.

    This is what my aim was when I created this thread. I thought we could just debate the issues of the trail as they came up. I was met with no discussion only opinion as to why the house is so wrong. There may be things the house has done wrong. We have an opportunity to see more facts if we open the doors to view them.

    Thanks for listening, I want to hear how I am wrong in my views and why.

    Folks, this is the precedence for future presidents that are found in conflict with congress. We need to know exactly what the facts are so the next time, they will have to produce witnesses in the trail. No person can ever convince me that not hearing witnesses that can produce a better view of what happened is what we want to show future trails. Both sides can do direct and cross examinations of the witnesses. Tell me how that is wrong. That is my big argument on this important point of the trial. I am glad you are open to me discussing my views and I want you to clearly explain your position as I have. All Members, I am open to listening to your reasoning.

    Thanks for giving an indication of being open to discussion. First, I want to say, there is a key witnesses that has a huge input to what happened. That is John Bolton. He is now a citizen and not a member of the cabinet. He is a private citizens with all the powers of a private citizen. He also has express he wants to testify if called. The President has no power over blocking him from testifying. He only has power over the people in his cabinet. He can not block documents from the Pentagon, and other departments that have documents that show the things that were ordered. I just want what is available without the powers of the presidents executive privilege. There are enough areas that can be produced that he can not block that will give all of America just what they need to know if this was evidence to support the charge. That is all I ask for.

    I can not see where this would not be what all Americans want to see and hear. The questions do not lead to national security in that it is finding out what evidence will show for the charges submitted by the House.

    I would like to hear from the Main Players under his cabinet, but to preserve executive privilege for future presidents, I will say that I want to keep that power when needed for National Security. I am reluctant to grant that for a President to protect himself from prosecution. Why in the world would any American not want to hear what the closest man to the President has to say?

    Looks like all comments about my post have been in a negative direction. That is OK. So, I am going to dispense with the comments as they are not constructive to this group of members posting. I guess I am the only one that has the views I take about this subject. I know there are two other folks that have made similar positions as I take. I understand that a lot of folks can't be on here all the time. I just thought there might be some others with my view. Apparently not! I still will stand on my views and will be 1st in line at the voting polls. You have shown your strength for the support of Donald Trump, no matter what. You have shown me that you do not want any truths to be brought forth. I see that the feelings express so far is , "I don't care what he does, he is my guy and I do not want him out, no matter what". No witnesses is a vote for not hearing the truth. I will just watch the trial and feel right for my views.

    I want to thank you all for coming the the Thread and posting your views.

    I was curious as to where I stand with my views of New Witnesses be allowed to testify before the Senate Trial. I am happy to report I am in the Majority. I know that most of our members are Fox News watchers, so this should be the Gospel.

    Members, we have a long way to go till end of trial. I feel we have all expressed our positions about presenting documents and witnesses. The Political process has expressed No. Let's now move to the evidence that will be presented. It is being debated now. State you position about the facts presented, did the president give the Ukrainian Leader a Qup Quo Pro, (sic)? Tell us why you feel that way.

    I am a voter, I am judging by voter rule. I want the truth and I want it all. I don't care about politics, I think truth will give me what I need to know about making decisions that a voter needs. Let the lawyers present the case and debate the truth and let me make decisions based on what I get from that. That is all I care about. I don't care how other impeachments happened, I care about this one. This is a precedence setting process that will let other presidents go in directions they want with no action to be taken against them if they do great wrong. It is the great wrong that I am concerned with. Having other countries to be do things for favors for the presidents is somethings I will not tolerate with out voicing my concern.

    I stand alone in all this, but I feel that I am voicing my opinion about a direction that needs to be stopped for future presidents to take. I want it clear, there are checks and balances in our branches of government that are there to block a president from reaching goals of personal gain in any way. I do not want him to go on his own to wage assaults on nation without informing congress unless we are in immediate threat. Folks, we are in a place where small nations have nuclear weapons and War with this type engagement could be something that may not be stopped easily until all is gone. All it would take is a guy like trump with his way of not viewed as loosing or looking weak to get us into something like this. I have seen his threats to other nations. It sounds great to Trump Supporters. "Go get em Trump, we are behind you, anything you want or need let us know".

    If not Trump, the future can produce someone that gets into office that may even be worse and has other big ideas. Without a Check and Balance power of our congress, may not be able to stop him once the foothold has been reached. I think this is the test we are under.

    FunCycle that is a good question. My answer is that the President has all the legal avenues at his command to investigate wrong doing. He did not choose his legal resources, he elected to encourage a foreign Leader to do the investigation. This is unacceptable in our democracy to have a foreign nation to investigate a US Citizen. We never want this to happen as we should do our own legal investigation into wrong doing by our citizens. The only reason I can see that he would do this, is that he wanted the investigation only suggested by a forign nation as it would take the news leads and develop into a story that would put strains on a Political opponent of Trump. He could sit back and enjoy seeing thing go bad for a political rival and not need to do anything but reap the benefits of hampering Biden's bid for election. This is something that can not be tolerated. This is totally a abuse of power of the presidency of the USA.

    Why did he not go to his legal councel and express his desire to have Biden's Son Investigated? This would have exposed his true nature of doing this behind the view of the public.

    Remember, we only heard about all of this from a Whistle Blower. We forget, this would have gone un noticed if a good citizen had not had the courage to expose what he or she had learned. I praise that good american for standing up to what our democracy has presented. This is the example of what we should all be following. When wrong has been detected, let someone know and let the process prove it right or wrong. I think the Whistle Blower got it right.

    So, that is my answer to your question. I stand by each word I post. I want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If I am wrong, I am glad I am for truth and not for just a man! I hope the nation will watch and make their minds up for what is right and what is wrong.

    I think I have answered the question, rebuttals are welcome and state why you feel the way you do. I did.

    Edward Neal my response to your question, where was I when the house did not accept witnesses from the Presidents side. The House was not holding a trial, they were responding to an allegation about wrong doing through a Whistle Blower Complaint. I can understand the need to only see what the claim will be supported with witnesses that can only support the charge. If lawyers from the President side know what witnesses and other documents presented, they would have be able to build a defense before the Senate Trail if the house feels it has a case. The Senate Trail is where all lawyers for both sides can ask questions and cross examine. It makes sense to me.

    That is where I was when with my thinking. Hey, we all have our opinion the way we see things. We will all use all this info to help confirm or change our minds as we go through the trial.

    I have changed my mind a little about my wanting to hear the new witnesses. I feel the Senators in the trail should be the only ones to hear and this be closed to the public due to not allowing the world to see White House guarded information. I want to Senators to reach the truth about this trial through a full display of all evidence and witnesses that bare facts about the charges.

    I have seen from most post that Trump supports want to keep their president at all cost. The truth being the highest cost of all. Future presidents will see now that they can do things like a King, see no advice, not inform congress of pending attacks, create hidden deals for personal gains. All with feeding the people little tokens to keep them following. A tax break, let them keep their guns, along with many other popular treats that will keep the people on the lease. Folks, I can see how things can go very wrong with future direction if Checks and Balances are not reined in as they are attempting now.

    Non of this will affect me, I will not be around that long. Our democracy will be tested more by future presidents as the door has opened with this president. It needs to be closed tight to show others that want to become president and take up where this president was headed.

    I am giving my opinions, they are mine alone it appears, but I hope I can spark just a thought in your minds that something I have stated could have legs.

    I want to thank all of you for your comments and expressing your views. We have a new day. Let's see where the trail goes today and be ready to state your position and remember, tell us why you hold the view.

    To all that have posted you feelings about the first day of the trial. The day has been spent debating calling Wittinesses. I see I am the only person that wants to hear them. I realize now that trump supporters would support the cause to block all truth. I respect your decisions as that is what freedom means. Under no circumstance will I look away and say it is ok with me. I think we are at a deadlock. For this part of the trial.

    Let’s see what we debate next. It is a lonely place I find with my views, but I am strong for our checks and balances to work. I have one vote and that is just as powerful as anyone else’s.

    Members, I will see you back tomorrow at 1 pm.

    Evidence is being presented from the wittiness testimony. Do you think these dedicated career people were lying? Myself, I did not see a reason why they would do that. So many supported each other about their testimony. What is your position on this?

    One of the Officials was fired because she would not support the presidents positions to pressure the Ukrainian leader to do the presidents favors.