Moderators, Admins, Turbo systems, and everything you always needed to know about this site. Read this and you will understand...

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  • The reason I bring this up now is because I had someone ask me why I had Hahn turbo owners as moderators. (even though @Shack is clearly a FabFactory guy) (And my wife isn't sure what a turbo is. She is just tired of hearing me explain it every day to people when I raise my hood. :D )

    Everyone that has been on the old forum knows that I have a Hahn turbo. I love it and I brag on it all the time...
    Everyone that has been on the old forum and that has been around me in person knows that I also like Alpha products. I consider Henry a truly great friend and a great business owner.
    And I know there is other companies such as DDM and VI. They are also wonderful companies and provide an awesome product I'm sure. I just haven't had any face time with either company yet.

    I guess to start this off I need to explain the sites Admins and Moderators and what they can and can't do... And how they all came to exist.

    I have two Admins

    The Admins are @rabtech (me) and @kenny_h. I created the site so by default I guess that makes me an admin. :D@kenny_h worked extremely hard to add content and categories. He would always have great info for me to work with. As an Admin he was able to add forum categories and do some stuff that I needed him to do. He will carry the admin title for as long as he wishes. Thanks for your help @kenny_h and also for keeping me focused.. Its amazing what two people with OCD can get done when they are focused. :D

    I have three Moderators.

    (1) My wife. She reads over the forum each day and never post (I haven't figured out why she won't post)... She brings my attention to people that need help and she also tells me when my grammar is terrible. :D
    (2) @Shack. He is a good friend and he was one of the people that I knew I could work with to get great ideas from and I knew he would keep an eye on things when I wasn't online. Thank you for helping me Shack . I appreciate all the help you give to the site...
    (3) @MACAWS. He is also a good friend that I just recently gave the moderator title to. The original reason for him to have the moderator title was actually because of a screw up I made with his event posting. When the site was created I let Kenny fill in some of the events so that we would have relevant content. When he added those events it caused them to only be editable by him. So when @MACAWS needed to make changes to his event he would have to send me or kenny a message and get us to do it... I could have simply deleted the event and let @MACAWS create the event again but their was one problem.... It had participants. And they would have had to register again. So what I did was make him a temporary moderator so he could take care of his event. I also trust him to watch over the forum and help with anything that is needed. I see no reason that he can't keep this role for as long as he wants it.

    All this was done and I never thought about what engine modifications anyone had. I am so busy that I didn't even notice that Kenny, Macaws, and I were all three using a Hahn product....

    I know this may seem very trivial to most but someone has already asked why we all ran Hahn products. That means to me that it's on some of your minds...

    After reading how the moderators arrived at their positions you should now know that it has absolutely nothing to do with turbos. BUT for the ones that still have some issues just keep reading,.

    HERE IS WHY.....

    It all comes down to the rules of the forum and how "I" wanted it moderated. I can sum that up pretty quick. I wanted it FAIR..... I don't care if you have a LS3 V8 or a Briggs and Stratton 10hp lawn mower engine....
    The moderators are NEVER to change a post or delete a post without first contacting the original author of the post and see if they want to make the needed changes themselves. The only time a moderator should delete something without hesitation is if it is CLEARLY something that needs immediate attention. What would that be us ask??..... Someone posting mature rated pictures in the regular areas of the forum, Someone posting hurtful comments towards someone, in a nutshell moderators are in place to exercise good moral judgment.

    The job of a real moderator isn't a very busy one if you do it the right way. You typically sit back and watch over the site and when someone reports a post as inappropriate all the moderators see it. The next thing that happens is someone will contact the person that reported the post and let them know we are reviewing it. Then we all grab our magic 8 ball and see what to do.... Just kidding :D Then we actually send a few messages back and forth and ask what is wrong or right about the post. So far we have only had to close one post. And the way I handled it was by letting the person it was about decide how "he" wanted it handled.

    I hope this post was informative and got everyone up to speed on the way things are laid out.... I have no problem adding other moderators. I could add 40 and it wouldn't make this forum any different. The moderators have the ability to make changes but they do not have the authority to just go freely changing things... That is the way it will stand.... I hope everyone likes it that way...

  • Thank you, benevolent leader, what you and @kenny_h have done is truly awesome and much appreciated! :thumbsup:

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. (Ben Franklin)

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  • Being honest and upfront with all the members of the forum is the only way to go! I'm sure the majority, if not all of the members, would agree with that. I appreciate the honesty and candor you have expressed in explaining your views which is obviously shared with all of your moderators. I for one, could care less that you all have Hahn products! What difference does that make to the forum and it's members? I come to the forum to share a common interest, to learn from the experience of its members, to read and laugh at the humor found in many of the articles, to locate other owners, to learn about planned events, new products, how to prevent problems and to view (drool over) some of the beautiful builds posted here. I could go on and on but the bottom line is the forum and its members enhance the overall pleasure of owning a Slingshot, which is the common denominator with all that find their way to this forum. Shared grief is diminished while shared joy is magnified. Thank you all for magnifying the joy I experience with my Slingshot! Please don't change anything with this forum because the way you have established it is an absolute winner!

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