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  • Shoot me your address i'll send out your Coffee!
    I sent you a pm with mine

  • NVM I saw a better side shot and I see now that the water does fall strait down into the Sling, sorry man

    • Morning. There's about a 3" gap still at the top between the windshield and the rooftop.I'll get a bit of rain at the top of my head, but not too much. At one point, however, in really hard rain there's a vortex or something created by the roof and rain starts coming in the back as if it's being sucked back in. This was in heavy rain with lots of fast moving traffic.
      Hope that helps

  • Hey man, I am curious about your set up you have. I have the v-back top and the f4 +3 windscreen but if it rains the water will come down and fall all over my dash and the inside of my sling. I was checking yours out with the f4 +5 windshied and it looks like the rain would fall off your top and roll down the windshield instead of landing inside, Is that how it is?? If so i am definitely going to be upgrading to the +5 when I get home. Glad you had a great trip and I'll ttyl.