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    Interesting change in attitude from our leaders:

    At the beginning of this outbreak- Social distancing was essential to "protect the most vulnerable in our society." (Defined as elderly, and particularly those with pre-existing conditions.) I heard this statement so many times per day, I thought I would just puke.

    Now that we are knee-deep in sh&t, the very same leaders are telling first responders- DNR and bring to ER. Instead, leave at home and call the coroner.

    Being part of this "vulnerable population", if infected, guess I had better prepare for my one-way ticket to a private iceberg. My, how quickly the worm turns.

    Well, I deleted my personal invitation without a response, but jeez rabtech .......

    You just quickly crushed the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of a budding Heidi Fleiss!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for coming to our rescue, as usual.

    Not to be Debbie Downer, or sound overly obtuse, but-

    unless I am mistaken, we are extremely reliant on China for many of our antibiotics, as well as the bulk of rare earth metals. Seems to me, we ought to step carefully- too easy to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    I had two dealers within 30 miles. The one in San Jose got its "license" to sell Slings got pulled so now I'm forced to go to Livermore. If that one shuts down it'll be two hours north to Elk Grove.

    I was forced to go to Elk Grove as well. (Bought in Auburn, but they haven't sold Slings in about 18 months. The Roseville dealer got away from the Slingshot line even sooner.) The only positive thing I can say- I think their service dept is good....... HOWEVER- even though all I have ever had is re-call or warranty work done- pidley stuff- I have had to have the Sling there early am, and the best they have ever done was ready by late afternoon. Maybe because I am only about an hour away- they don't seem to want to accommodate 'customer waiting'. I understand that, if it is long or complicated service, but the 30-45 minute stuff...............

    It is so rare when I can to say I am truly proud of any politician, but McConnell served the party and the people well with this morning's speech.

    BTW- did anyone else take his comments as a veiled threat to Nancy and her Dems:


    'what would be an unprecedented constitutional crisis would be if the Senate hands the House a new bi-partisan vote of no confidence'

    (this comment was made about 25 1/2 minutes into his speech. Went back to youtube of the entire speech to make sure I heard it correctly the first time)

    Just got my notice in the mail today, and since I haven't been keeping up with stuff- this was the first I had heard about the recall...... Called the only dealer in the area, got on the list, for when parts get off back order. Per dealer- eta from mother-ship Dec. 4. Since notice did not say stop-ride......I will continue to ride. Was out today- weather here is wonderful, and rain will probably start in another month, so I will ride as long as I can.

    As far as possible loss of lights- already been there and done that at 4 AM on the freeway going 80 mph with slingshot #1. Same time, had temporary total loss of power- in short everything you normally lose when the engine ceases to run. Even that was not CATASTROPHE Bigdog

    Regarding the "stop-sale"- Polaris would not knowingly releasing a new product with a known potential safety problem recall. If I recall correctly- all recalls have resulted in dealer NOT delivering new vehicle until it was up to snuff.

    This recall covers about 4 years of vehicles, if I am reading it correctly. For all the vehicles sold- I am figuring not that many have had issues with the fuse block. I've got a 2016 1/2 SL. Hasn't melted so far, and personally- I am comfortable in continuing to ride until parts come in

    Yes, due to state gasoline taxes, we have the most expensive gas in the country. Then, to add insult to injury- we get another gas tax of 5.6 cents per gallon, effective July 1................ And all of this money was supposed to fix our roads--- they still stink!!!

    Yesterday, I paid $3.95.9 per gallon, (at the cheap station), for the sling. July 1, state gas tax goes up an additional 5.6 cents a gallon..........

    AND the potholes here still SUCK!

    As much as I would love a wall- it would only be a small bandaid on a gushing wound- Our uber liberal (and stupid) immigration laws. If our useless politicians can't even approve 234 miles of fence- I have no hope they would ever touch things like birthright, chain migration, catch and release, etc. I can't figure out how polls show 17-18% approval for Congress. Shouldn't even be double digit! They suck!

    Mitch better hurry up and get the rest of the judges appointed- in my book- that's the only thing he will accomplish in the next 2 years. JMO