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    CDASlinger All recalls done! Clean title in hand. She's in beautiful shape- This slingshot is actually the second one we've had. It is what they call the 16.5 model, complete with factory installed heat shielding. Polaris was kind enough to replace the first one, which was Red/Black, due to an electrical issue that they couldn't diagnose and repair. This slingshot is being sold due to spouse medical issues, so I am motivated.

    Time for her to find a new home, before becoming a true Garage Queen.

    2016 SL LE 2.5 L echo-tec engine, manual transmission

    28,603 miles

    No bumps, bangs, scrapes or road rash- Enjoyed but never abused

    White Pearl

    MadStad removable hard top roof

    Madstad Adjustable windshield

    QA1 Adjustable shocks with color co-ordinated coil-overs

    K&N cold air intake system

    Powder coated billet alluminum gas cap

    Custom Painted Valve Cover (A "Painter Original")

    Brand new machined aluminum rear axle locking double nut cover

    Alpha billet oil cap

    red and black seats (non-standard)

    Alpha stainless steel exhaust manifold heat shield

    newer battery (upgraded)

    New rear tire.

    WAS Asking $16,900- only 'cuz she's gotta go

    NOW $15,900 OBO

    Location: Sacramento, CA.

    FOR SALE: 2016-2017 Polaris Slingshot SL LE. $18,900. One Owner, clean title, garage kept and in excellent condition. 28603 miles. White Pearl with Black and red accents. Selling due to health reasons. Over $4800 in goodies added.

    Upgrades include: MadStad Color coordinated Stinger roof, MadStad adjustable windshield, QA1 adjustable shocks with color coordinated coilovers, K&N cold air intake system, Powder coated billet alluminum gas cap, Alpha Powersports stainless steel exhaust manifold heat shield, Custom Painted Valve Cover, Alpha billet oil cap- 601 Almuinum and powdercoated Brand new machined aluminum rear axle locking double nut cover, red and black seats (non-standard), new oil filters and sealed 5 qt. Mobil 1 5-30 full synthetic oil, Genius 750 battery tender, newer battery (upgraded), new rear tire, OEM gas cap, (throw it in the storage compartmentto use in case you forget to your pretty one back on). Also assorted Slingshot fasteners and hardware- nice to have on hand.

    Located in Sacramento, California

    it is actually 3.4%, so working backward from the 499K deaths this would mean 14.7M people contracted the virus or about 4.5% of the US population thus far has had Covid-19.

    Soooooo... someone far brighter than I am- Please step in....

    4.5% of the US population has had it, and theoretically has resistance that lasts for some undefined length of time. As of today's numbers, 13.9% of Americans have been vaccinated. And they are expecting herd immunity in April???? Are the people postulating on this date the same ones who told us it would not spread to America, it was not air-born transmission person to person, masks were unnecessary, and we should all go out to eat and party in SF's China town?

    First Pfizer dose yesterday morning at 9:30.... About 4 1/2 hrs. later- in recliner, with heavy down jacket, and doubled over down quilt- shivering. 68-70 degree weather here. All day, arm felt ok. Woke up at 11:30 pm, sweating bullets. Now- headache, arm real sore- but overall better than yesterday. (I don't seem to do vaccines well- still have quarter-sized scar on arm from first shingles vaccine about 18-24 months ago.)

    Thrilled to get the shot, will be more thrilled once the second dose is received. California has this vaccine distribution so screwed up, it's not funny. They have handed out doses to all these po-dunk pharmacies, schools, grocery stores, etc. There is not a single web site you can go on to check dose availability with multiple sites at once. You go to each site, play answer 20 questions, only to get a screen message that says. "no appointments available. Please try again at a later time." No info on when to call, no wait list- no nothing. I was registered with "MyTurn CA". Apparently, due to "equity", I haven't had the right zip code to deserve a turn.

    We have a "Mass Vaccination Site" right here at Cal Expo. It was doing a whopping 350-375 vaccines a day, up until my private insurer, Kaiser Permanente moved their vaccine clinic there. The day Kaiser moved in, injections went up to 700/day. The liberal media has suppressed the number of vaccines being given out- Gov. Newsom is in deep shit over Covid mis-handling and EDD fraud, his media buddies are covering up.

    As mad as I was with Kaiser- for having to wait so long for my "invitation to register for a vaccine", I have full faith that, short of nuclear disaster or war- there will be a second vaccine available for me- they have already booked my appt. There must have been 50 -60 people in the vaccine site- 40+doing the 15 minute wait, 5-6 in line, ant 12-15 injection stations. Large clocks around the room, every time someone vacated a wait chair, it was sanitized........Very, very well organized.

    SlingLow My smoker is pellet- a RecTec 680 (newer version is the 700) Currently on day 4 of pastrami brine. (due to thickness, minimum brine time on this batch is 8.4 days, and I will round up to 9 days.) After brine, I desalinate overnight before smoking. This is my tried and true recipe:…-thats-close-katzs-recipe

    You can control the salt level based on the desalinization step- can prolong the time, and do a water change to really get rid of the salt.

    I will probably never have store bought pastrami again!

    I know that the above mentioned are pricey, but after yesterday- ...... must do something. Below is Yesterday's tale of woe to explain.

    I have a 2016 SS, with the larger battery. Wouldn't start on Sunday, so I put it on trickle charger for 24 hours. It tried to start, but not enough juice. No choice but to replace. Being reasonably non-mechanical, I got my trusty, (read useless), little owners manual out. Figured I would just remove the outer cover and jump the SS.

    What I found- No way was my positive cable going to fit in the allotted space. So, I read the "Battery removal" instructions. Seems pretty straight-forward. Too bad they were apparently not written with my SS in mind. No battery retainer wedge- A MUCH nicer, over the battery on all 3 sides bracket. 1 bolt in front, and 2 under the sling- one so close to framing that ratchet socket won't fit. Peachy. Finally got it off. and bracket removed, and ground cable disconnect from frame. Next instruction was to remove battery so you can disconnect the positive cable. What little moron thought I had that much play in the cable???? In reality- about 2 inches- not even close to enough room to clear the rubber boot covering the terminal. Luckily, I have very thin hands and a flat ratcheting wrench set, so with 1 hand holding back and squishing the rubber boot, and the other, working blind with the wrench, I got the cable disconnected. (Note to self- when re-installing new battery, keep finger off terminal when tightening bolt and hitting frame with end of wrench.) Needless to say, by time I got the battery out, I had cursed very Polaris engineer, as well as the entire assembly crew. Off to Napa Auto Parts. Their credit card machine was not working, so it was cash only....... Off to Pep Boys. The selection was less than stellar. The battery I got was a Champion- exact same configuration on the posts as the old one. (Battery retailed for $151.99. Are you f'ing kidding me- for a 12 volt battery????? Store applied a 20% "coupon" bringing it down to $121.59.)

    When I got home- I realized that this battery has actual nuts that the bolt attaches to, as opposed to some type of clips that my old battery had. Negative cable was a breeze to attach, but I had to slide the battery in to attach the positive....... 20 minutes, and innumerable tries- hooked up! Worked my REALLY NICE bracket back in place, and got the cover on. I spent roughly 2 hours, just on the removal and install, not even counting the "go buy a battery" time.

    I know most people go with the remote terminals either behind the seat or on the ass-end of the Sling. I know it is far cheaper- as the Assault part is $119+. However, I really do not want to drill holes in panels, and like the looks of the Assault.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

    No word yet if University has a plan to keep us old farts safe. Almost afraid to ask - don't want to be forced out of my job!

    CA schools are already red-lining fall budgets. In my kid's school district, which is mainly solid middle class, they are cutting positions. Last year, he took on a voluntary, after school position, manning a study session, held in the library. It was a step up from the old "detention" we used to get sent to. At this one, about 1/2 of the high school students kind of want to be there for extra time and/or help. Anyway- my kid was offered an hourly rate for this position. He was re-offered the position again this year- rate was SUBSTANTIALLY lower- 47% lower to be exact.... Superintendent & the Board are cutting school budgets drastically. My kid decided that it would be politically correct to take it anyway, given how things seem to be going...... Last year, the Board of Ed. only approved a 2% raise with a great economy- this year, we figure teachers can forget anything extra

    Interesting change in attitude from our leaders:

    At the beginning of this outbreak- Social distancing was essential to "protect the most vulnerable in our society." (Defined as elderly, and particularly those with pre-existing conditions.) I heard this statement so many times per day, I thought I would just puke.

    Now that we are knee-deep in sh&t, the very same leaders are telling first responders- DNR and bring to ER. Instead, leave at home and call the coroner.

    Being part of this "vulnerable population", if infected, guess I had better prepare for my one-way ticket to a private iceberg. My, how quickly the worm turns.

    Well, I deleted my personal invitation without a response, but jeez rabtech .......

    You just quickly crushed the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of a budding Heidi Fleiss!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for coming to our rescue, as usual.

    Not to be Debbie Downer, or sound overly obtuse, but-

    unless I am mistaken, we are extremely reliant on China for many of our antibiotics, as well as the bulk of rare earth metals. Seems to me, we ought to step carefully- too easy to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    I had two dealers within 30 miles. The one in San Jose got its "license" to sell Slings got pulled so now I'm forced to go to Livermore. If that one shuts down it'll be two hours north to Elk Grove.

    I was forced to go to Elk Grove as well. (Bought in Auburn, but they haven't sold Slings in about 18 months. The Roseville dealer got away from the Slingshot line even sooner.) The only positive thing I can say- I think their service dept is good....... HOWEVER- even though all I have ever had is re-call or warranty work done- pidley stuff- I have had to have the Sling there early am, and the best they have ever done was ready by late afternoon. Maybe because I am only about an hour away- they don't seem to want to accommodate 'customer waiting'. I understand that, if it is long or complicated service, but the 30-45 minute stuff...............