My own fabrications

  • Oomp I just read back through this thread and with regard to the 3/4" material being glued together, I don't see where you would see that seam once the bracket and gauges are installed. I understand the desire for perfection - I flip houses and when I do a remodel, I see all the imperfections that others don't. My problem is that I want perfection but don't have the skill set to achieve it, so I have to accept my results in order to get through a project in a timely manner.

    What I would be interested in is a two-gauge bracket for my N/A setup. I just want water temp and oil pressure. It looks like it could be symmetrical with one on each side. The right tab would mirror the left tab on your three-gauge bracket in your 1st post.

    If you were willing to produce such a bracket, I'd be willing to pay you the development and production costs so that others might be able to get one for production costs (material and labor) only.

    I have manufactured a number of luggage racks and rear protection plates for the Slingshot and know that it's not about the profit but more about the hobby so I would completely understand if it's not for you. Also, I've seen similar installs using stock 52mm gauge pods so it's not out of the question for a guy to fab something up there, but your install looks totally pro and OEM. I remain impressed!

    Remember folks - this isn't a rehearsal, it's The Show!8)

  • I am still tinkering with this. While installing my 4 gauge bracket, I realized it is difficult to assemble as a whole unit.

    I have been working on single and double gauge pods, for both the left side and right side of the gauge cluster, that do not go over the top of the gauge cluster. The pods are symmetrical left and right, so two singles would be straight across from each other.

  • I think I figured out a way to mount the gauge bracket, that requires no drilling. It will kinda clip onto the speedo/tach housing. I am working on the new 3D model. It will be 3D printed. I ordered the parts to increase the size of my 3D printer, but they are on backorder.

  • Made an Slingshot illusion light just to see how it would come out. I found a drawing, added my DDM Splitter, Madstad windshield, and changed it from a Canadian headlight orientation. It is about 10.5" wide and tall.

  • I decided to try and make a weighted shifter knob. I have an exotic wood called Paduak, which I really like. I made one out of Paduak and one out of mahogany. They weigh 5.5oz. I am finishing the Paduak first. This wood is orange, but turns a dark maroon with dark purple grain.

    Blanked out;

    Paduak color change. The knob on the right has two coats of gunstock sealer, and eight coats of gunstock oil. I am leaving it on a windowsill to speed up the color change.

    Mahogany knob will be this color

  • I fabricated my own grilles for my DDM works hood vents. I had a big sheet of grille material left over from some audio projects. I removed the vents and opened up the hood cutout about .375". I bent the grille material and fit in the recessed opening, and added some foam tape to both hold it in place and space it away from the surface of the vent so it wont rattle. Super clean install, lookin at it from both the top and bottom side. They also kinda match the pattern of my PRP fabric doors. They look OEM Plus. For what it's worth, this grille has 79% open area.