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    We aren't...

    We focus on fundamentals. Math. Reading. Science. Social Studies (if we get time for social studies unfortunately).

    ........ I'm worried about math and reading! If kids know those two things well, well then they can then choose to learn whatever they want to learn about.

    Finally, something we agree on! 🤣 I knew if I waited long enough there would be something. When my son was much younger, he didn't want to do reading homework. He "knew how to do stuff... he didn't need reading" . I asked him what he wanted to do for a career. After he told me, I asked questions pertaining to it. He didn't know the answers. I explained that if you know how to read, you can teach yourself how to do anything! He understood what I was saying and it changed him forever.

    Another point you brought up I had learned while he was in grade school... no Social Studies! No civics, no US Government, nothing! You will never convince me this wasn't done with purpose. To keep the upcoming voters ignorant. My son did bring home a curriculum book once and was furious because it paraphrased the 2nd amendment.Totally losing context and meaning. He knew it was wrong and pointed it out in class. He grew to be a great debater. He had a liberal leaning teacher start pushing her beliefs during lunch break once. My son was destroying her with statistics in the common area. She turned to another teacher and said "can you help me? You should have my back". This teacher had taught my son a couple of years. She simply replied, "you chose the wrong one. You won't win this argument " 😁

    On the subject of teachers pushing ignorance/ son and I were discussing one of the latest race stories that was all over the news. It came up about races other than whites displaying racism. My grandson (who was in middle school) chimed in and said "only white people can be racist" We started questioning him about this and he told us that his teacher had told the class this point blank! It was easy enough to change his mind. I used a scenario in which a person of color did something racist. He still said the person wasn't racist. I repeated the scenario replacing the previous colors with different,purple, etc. He then realized that racism isn't limited to one race. All it takes is time to actually let the kids think for themselves

    I like Chick-Fil-A too much to like that post and link them to AOC, but it is pretty funny.

    She has not received the kudos that she thought she would from this...from either side. An upscale, formal event, where it costs $30,000+ to attend is definitely not the right environment to push "tax the rich". She must have meant tax OTHER rich people, not the ones attending the Met Gala. 🤦‍♂️

    I don't like the looks of the round hoops. Personal preference, I like the oem hoops but the finish on mine looks pretty bad. So, powder coating over the winter, gloss black.

    After seeing others, I want mine color matched to the white

    As much as I like the adjustability of the madstads I think if I were to ever go back to a full windshield I would have to go with an F4 - - from everything I have found ..... the polycarbonate that F4 uses is supposed to be much stronger and and less likely to crack and shatter.

    Apparently I have a unique F4 has cracked in a couple of places. I contacted F4 because it is still under warranty. DON @f4customs responded IMMEDIATELY! He said since I bought it through slingmods they would need to handle the warranty. I have had very little response from them. I first contacted them in May and still waiting on a resolution.

    You're right... I'm ashamed... We're all ashamed... What can we do now? All of us? Those that voted for him and those that voted against him? What can we do?

    Oh yeah, 2022... Let's wait and see. And if not, 2024...

    I agree.....and I hope more people take time to actually RESEARCH the candidates and listen to BOTH sides, and not just listen to MSM pushing and agenda. Growing up learning about how the communist and NAZIs used propaganda to push their agenda, it sickens me to see our own news outlets doing the exact things that we were taught were wrong in school.

    Last month . . . . . created over 900,000 jobs.

    while I don't believe this to be an accurate number, I do believe WHERE they are saying the majority of the jobs were.... At the top is Hospitality jobs (bars, restaurants, hotels, etc) this is due to people being fed up with being "locked down". Even though media is screaming to the top of their lungs how deadly covid is, especially the Delta variant, people simply aren't seeing it for themselves. What they are seeing is that shutting down damaged our lives, our country and our economy. People are ready to get back to living. With a 99.5+% survival rate, people are willing to take the chance of getting sick as long as they have an opportunity to have fun and "live life" after being shut in for so long.

    The second largest job sector increase is government jobs. How is it that? Out of ALL of the fields of employment, how in the hell is new Government jobs near the top of the list? 🙄🤦‍♂️