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  • If you want to contact me personally we can chat about this

    • Don: I really would like to have the F4 + 3 tinted windshield but the best I could offer right now is $500 to include shipping. If you can make this happen, email me at: and I will order. Thx

  • Call me tomorrow afternoon, we are riding in the morning 843-543-5213 Gerald

  • Running red and natural now since last should see 9 psi and just like the other guys said make sure you do the arp studs. Using any other springs like green and blue will require a forged motor, meaning stronger internal, rods and Pistons. Which I'm in the process of. A few bunch of guys out there now have forged motors. So if your looking for more power like most of us that's what's next on your list . Any thing else feel free to ask

    • Thanks. Good info. I plan now to change to ARP head studs and switch to Natural & Red spring in wastegate. That should still keep it to a reliable and durable level. I currently have the RED spring.