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    But sure, if your on the right he is always a genius playing the left.

    If your on the left he is always a "hapless" idiot/moron.


    So what your saying is its working and he is a stable genius ...... genius-squared



    I have had a lengthy discussion about this same subject with a friend of mine (who is also my lawyer) who happens to be a voting member of the FL DP ..

    Now someone has put what we both thought would be the only reasonable outcome in a well written article even if it is posted on the FOX News site .... wink-squared…-their-only-exit-strategy

    Not that either of of think any of this is "reasonable" but we both came to the same conclusion from different directions ....

    Guess we will see ... we both think this is doing nothing but further dividing and hurting the country, we also both agree that if it goes on much longer the negative effects will last well past when we will be around to see it.

    ...... winning.JPG


    Which exonerates them of all charges because...?


    Using common sense, under the US system of jurisprudence if you yourself where investigated for more than two years with approximately 50 million dollars spent by a cadre of admittedly biased investigators with the full force of the US government at their disposal and was not found "guilty" .... you would then be what ? .

    ...... angel-squared


    [ ig-zon-uh-reyt ]

    verb (used with object), ex·on·er·at·ed, ex·on·er·at·ing.

    to clear, as of an accusation; free from guilt or blame; exculpate:

    Fact, in the 440-odd-page report by Robert Mueller and his Democrat-aligned prosecutors is that after nearly two years of investigating, not one American was found to have been involved in the principle reason the special counsel was appointed: “Collusion” with Russia to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. Not a single “U.S. person.”

    ..... winning.JPG


    not nearly as important as his picks for the court who could be there for a very long time

    This was a HUGE miscalculation on Obama's part, the SC is important for sure but the number of lower court appointments President Trump was left to fill shows a complete lack of understanding that his agenda might not live on ....

    On that note, how abouts Mr. Deval Patrick putting his foot in ... Obama's bro swipes at Biden right out of the gate and conveniently deletes his biography from the Bain Capital web site ..... if memory serves Mr. Obama beat Mitt over the head with the evils of Bain Capital ... well isn't it strange then that Mr. Patrick joined Bain Capital as a managing director in 2015 after leaving the Mass. Governors mansion and the state in much worse condition than he found it. Can't wait to see if the former President comments on his entry to the fray ...... newpolitician-squared


    To tell a story?


    Ding ding ding ... we have a winner ......

    Doesn't even matter if it is just as fictitious as what Schiff already read in to the Congressional record and will go nowhere ..... they just want to spin a yarn, attempt to damage the President at any cost, because they know they are in trouble for 2020 .....

    This latest claim of "bribery" is the last flail of a dying narrative .. it amazes me that any of these people actually went to law school let alone ever soiled the floor of an actual courtroom .....

    ..... laugh-squared


    Trump refuses to face his accusers under oath. He has the right.


    Quoting Nancy now I see ... she said that a little over an hour ago and it was just as ridiculous then as it is now ..

    He released the transcript of the call which was backed up as accurate during closed door depositions .... Presidents don't testify in house inquiries, he would have the opportunity to testify in a Senate trial if he wanted or was served a subpoena , so how exactly has he "refused"

    Might want to also check the facts on what happened to that investigation after the prosecutor was fired ... .... tongue-squared


    That is ridiculous. The smell of urine will drive people out of town, then she'll realize not all her ideas are winners.:00008862:


    And this is also the third most powerful person in the Federal Governments district ....... :00006725:


    "We will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes. Crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted.”

    -San Francisco's newly elected district attorney Chesa Boudin

    I may not live in CA but used to have a lot of money there and still have some (barely breaking even) investment left in a few wind turbines in the state, gonna start moves today to rectify that ......

    Sad ....

    .... sad-squared


    With the education standards dropping all of the time. These idiot's do not even want you to home school so that your kids can get a real education, this was on the news this past week


    Um .. number 6 ....

    The course of current events are all there in black and white .. all anyone needs to do is read the book .... then you will also be armed with the knowledge to fight it ...

    Hint: "Education" also includes how adults get most of their knowledge ... (Fake News)




    Doesn't Bloomberg live full time in Bermuda now... even at the end of his time as Mayor he was commuting back and forth on his private jet .....

    This should make for some great far left commentary ...... laugh-squared