OEM Batteries and how long are they good for?

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  • So I have had the OEM Battery for 2 years now, not too bad I guess but could be better yes? Anyway, I was wondering how long it took everyone else to come to the point that they had to change theirs out and what is the best option to go back in? Most batteries that I see people using state they need to change out the battery tray and all that. Mine usually carries a charge of 12.6 to 12.9 just sitting and will start with no issue. But the last couple of days it has dropped to a 12.3 and well it is almost like coming out of a drunken haze lol. it wants to sputter a bit and cough but will then start. just very sluggish. so I am thinking it needs a new battery. has anyone had this experience? or thoughts about the cause?

  • I'm still using my original battery in my 2015 that i picked up in November of 2014. I'm hoping to get another 3 years out of it before having to buy a replacement one

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  • You have something that is always on and draining, or something wired up wrong causing the drain. That can be challenging to track down. I had one, was a relay that I had wired up wrong (was in a hurry, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it).

    Best way to find it is stick a multimeter in line on the ground side of the battery (make sure it's fully charged, remove negative lead and put multimeter between battery post and cable).

    Most multimeters will go up to 20a and down to a few hundred milliamps, start high.

    If you see any drain, start unplugging things, I'd go with any extra fuses you have added, or a fuse block if you have added one and find what's causing it.

  • I just posted all this info in the thread about the guy in Florida that can’t start his SS.

    Assistance needed in Ellenton FL

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    Polaris knows all about the battery draining from sitting....the very first thing my dealer told me/sold me was a battery tender....already had the pigtail wired to the battery. They do it standard on every slingshot.

    And don’t waste your money on an optima battery....same life span as lead acid for 3 times the money....

    And my 2011 gmc pickup still has the original battery and it sits outside all year.

  • I have not added anything like a fuse box or other fuses since the radio which I put in about 2 months after I bought the sling in 17. that would have to be the only thing draining it. but its such a low drain that it has taken this long to do any damage. lol. yeah I am going to have to try to track it though. thanks wokka.

  • It could just be an OEM part that’s went bad causing the drain as well.
    I run Optima in both my slings and may sit 30 days before starting and fires right up. The optima battery can run lights and music when parked for a show and still fire up when ready to go home. Some people on here condemn Optima for the cost and then do cheap comparisons. How many times have you heard Cadillac vs whatever. Another alternative until you find the drain is use a battery tender to keep it fully charged.

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  • I have done the tender when I leave it sit for a week plus during the winter, but it hasn't sit for more than 2 days due to weather and I am driving it again. this is why I am surprised at it draining like this. everyone says that you have to change the battery pan for the optima, is that true? can you tell me where you got the pan and which model of optima battery you have? I keep seeing yellow top but there are different model numbers. so which one?

  • Battery's are Mysterious Black Box's.......Some only last 6 months before giving up the Ghost , But then some will go 8+ years or more...... Me' I will change them [After making sure the battery is in fact bad] The first time it gives me trouble starting a machine..

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  • Both of my slings are 2015 models and have the factory pan. Later models require the pan to hold battery in place. I think slingmods has them. Optima has 3 colored tops Red, Blue and Yellow. I have a Red top in one and a Blue top in other. Here is a pic of my Redtop. It is a red 34/78 I purchased at Oreilly for $175.
    All colors are very similar inside depending on model. The blue is considered a marine battery with xtra power connections for accessory’s on topside that don’t interfere with regular battery connections. Great for adding aftermarket wires. The yellow top doesn’t have these xtra connectors. The Red top has them on the backside of the battery and perfect for adding xtra wires for all my fans and pumps. This one can also be purchased without these xtra connectors. They all come I’m variable styles. Hope this helps. slingshotinfo.com/wcf/index.php?attachment/99679/

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  • Clean your battery terminals...

    My yellow top optima didn’t last the full 3 years.....it was replaced by amazon for free...they take your word for it and don’t want the old one back...

    I had a van I was selling I made sure the yellow top was in it so I could get rid of it....it’s your money....

    Don’t forget they need a special charger so by the time you buy the plate $100 and the battery $200+ and the charger $200....you’re ahead of the game....coulda bought 3 lead acid batteries...

  • [quote='Funinthesun','https://slingshotinfo.com/index.php?thread/8289-oem-batteries-and-how-long-are-they-good-for/&postID=281708#post281708']

    I'm still using my original battery in my 2015 that i picked up in November of 2014. I'm hoping to get another 3 years out of it before having to buy a replacement one



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  • Ditto!

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    My original battery for my 2015 was still good at 4 years, but I did not want to take a chance on my travels of having a problem so I replaced it with a Group 26 Optima yellow top. My original 2015 battery is still cranking a side by side.

  • here in the desert our high temperatures are very hard on batteries - it doesnt seem to matter much what kind of battery you get 2 years seems to be about average and if you are lucky you might get 3

    now I am talking about batteries in vehicles that are used regularly year round. I have no clue how a battery would do that was in a vehicle that spent large amounts of time parked on a battery tender.

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  • My battery died after 1 year, just replaced it last week. Got a 30-la from O'Reilly's and it installed in the same tray & clamp as the OEM.

    I've also found that there is a lot of variation in batteries, and spending more has not been effective in terms of starting power or longevity.

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  • well it seems that everyone has varying experiences and it seems that it is going to be potluck at best. I want one that is going to be good for accessories like the radio and lights and all that while parked because I do kids events and I let them all sit in it and take pictures and everything else and usually leave the radio on and the LED's so the kids get the wow factor. I want a battery that can take it. thank you everyone for the help and advice. I will be doing my research.