Removing 2017 steering wheel

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  • So I bought Steering Wheel Puller for the Polaris Slingshot because my steering wheel is crooked from the factory and I wanted to straighten it out.

    Sadly - this does not seem to work on the 2017 as stated.

    The bolts included are too small

    Also - the spacing between holes is 1 1/4 inches and the part is spaced at 1".

    I did have some bolts laying around that fit, however when I drilled out the original holes - I am off by over 1/4" and cannot line them up nicely :/

    So - my question is - what removal tool does fit the 2017 SS to remove the steering wheel?



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  • Hands fit...

    Don't have to be this drastic!

    Leave nut threaded at end of shaft.

    Make sure wheels are straight.

    Push/pull on steering wheel left side/right side

    Then top and bottom.

    Repeat til it comes free.

    Do not suggest banging on steering shaft...

    You could damage clockspring assembly or steering sensor.

    Slingshot Flyer! Well, of course it's red...

  • What page in the service manual covers this?

  • Cannot the vehicle be taken into a dealer and the steering wheel centered by using digital wrench?


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  • I was very surprised to get an email from Slingmods with a full credit for the steering wheel removal tool that didn't work.

    That kind of customer support goes a long way and I will definitely be shopping with them again.

    I didn't even ask for a refund, but wrote them a review on how the product doesn't work on the 2017 models and to update their site.

    Hats off to Slingmods!!

    ~ Shadrac

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  • I also bought the Slingmods puller and broke it using it backwards per their instruction video. They replaced it and when I used it properly discovered the bolts were too short. I found a couple longer bolts that would work but it was a pretty hokey setup. I had tried all of the above suggestions and techniques and that wheel was not coming off!

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  • When I pulled my 2015 wheel, I went to several car parts places and finally rented a unit from AutoZone, IIRC. I still had to buy some washers to fit the heads of the 10-32 x 3" screws that fit the steering wheel. I bent up one side of the washers just outside the hole so they'd fit near the center of the puller and hold the 10-32 screws in place. It was just a normal pulling operation after that.

    After pulling the wheel 3 - 4 times as I tested different steering wheels, I finally ordered this puller - It has multiple arms to accommodate different hole placements and can be turned flat-side up if the holes are really close together.