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    Something that I have forgot to mention where we are fortunate indeed to have the best type of security there can be had, and money will not buy this system, it is having the good fortune of having good neighbors. Very little happens in this neighborhood that goes unnoticed! :thumbsup:


    Recently I have been riding to work in the dark, and returning home in the dark, where it is really dark underneath the top, so I have been contemplating in designing some sort of "dome" light.....................................................................


    Do you actually believe that you live somewhere that evil can't cross your threshold? Evil exists, whether you choose to be aware of it or not.

    My point exactly, is it not a sad situation where our society has degraded to this? Otherwise Justina and I choose to live our lives where fear does not dominate us, that is what I am saying.


    Do you lock your house? Do you lock your car? Those are security features. Cameras are a deterrent as well. God forbid someone gets in your home, weather you're home or not. Wouldn't you like to know who it was? It goes back to the old saying,... a picture is worth a thousand words

    Whoa, there, I didn't mean to offend anybody, I simply expressed my sincere dismay that folks have to live where they sincerely believe that these items are actually needed. I apologize if it was taken in any other way.


    I really feel so sorry for those that live where they believe that cameras, alarms and guns are actually needed to keep them safe. :(


    I thought that I would share a very funny side of all of this where the owners of the building where I work decided that they needed to install exterior cameras around the building. A few days later they found that all the cameras had been stolen and nothing else had been harmed and all they had was video of a couple of hooded fellows doing it! :thumbsup:


    Well, I just received this response from Polaris:

    Contact Polaris

    Thank you for your response on case C-6000059-S7L6B3. However, our records indicate that case has been resolved.

    Please submit a new inquiry or if you would like to connect by phone, please dial 1-855-863-2284 (Monday-Friday 7 am - 7 pm CST) and an Owner Connections Rep. will be happy to assist.


    Hi William,

    Our system suggests that the only outstanding bulletins that need to be completed are the ones in my previous email. Polaris did issue a bulletin in reference to the one you are asking about, however it only applies to certain 2015 and 2016 models. Polaris will notify you if you are affected. If you have any questions, please contact your preferred Polaris dealership for inspection and completion of the bulletins. If there is anything else I can assist you with, please let me know.


    Kami, Representative, Owner Connections

    2100 Highway 55 | Medina, MN 55340 | 1-855-863-2284

    Just adding a further explanation about the above email, where I have been attempting to find out why some 2015 SlingShots with the camera installed were subject to the recall and others were not, this was my fourth response, and so far all I could get, out of Polaris. I am still trying...............................


    Currently 34 degrees, thick fog and rain is supposed to start here in the next couple of hours. Justina, Athena and I are thinking of donning our rain gear and doing a lil coastal ride to check out the waves!


    Follow link from Post #1 to NHTSA and you will see general and specific information - the investigations and complaints when you review by YEAR MAKE and MODEL. Additionally, within the recall you can see the official reports and chronology

    Vehicle Information :

    Vehicle Type : MOTORCYCLES

    Body Style : OTHER

    Power Train : GAS

    Descriptive Information :

    All MY15 and MY16 Base models, (no back-up camera was factory installed on these

    vehicles but the accessory kit with defective cameras was applicable to these units

    accessory kit part number 2880603).

    Also all factory installed back-up cameras on MY15 and MY16 VINS up through

    February 1st, 2016. These were the Model Years that the defective back-up camera

    was used. Production switched to the improved camera on February 1st, 2016 so

    VINS starting February 2, 2016 are not included in this affected population.

    Production Dates :
    MAR 04, 2014- OCT 26, 2015

    VIN Range 1 :

    Begin :57XAASFA7F5100001

    End : 57XAAPFA7G5110980

    Now our VIN is 57XAAPFA3F5104379 and it appears to be within this description?