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    With reading all of the posts concerning the SlingShot and insufficient batteries, If I were to purchase a post 2015 SlingShot I believe that the first electrical modification I would do is install a full-sized automotive battery into it...............

    (Coming upon 4 years now where the Grasshopper has yet to fail to start!)


    With most dealers just asking if something will void the warranty will void the warranty....:)

    We had a good laugh while once chatting with the service writer of our dealer where he informed us much of their business in the shop was repairing customers DYI modifications. Where, of course, the customer would absolutely deny any responsibility of creating any of the problems themselves and something else had to be the fault!

    More seriously, over our four years of reading other owners woes I have become very gun-shy to where either the SlingShots electrical system appears to be very touchy to aftermarket modifications, or where the aftermarket modification itself has created issues.


    Same as funinthesun and Shatneyman ...original battery from a 2015 and it started right up... Left it running and took a quick spin around the block.

    Add ours to that list, though we do have the issue that it is not a sealed battery thus every 6 months or so we need to check the water level and clean the corrosion buildup...............


    Will do this tomorrow... what are your thoughts? Do you mean when I put it on the charger or when I reinstall it?

    When you reinstall it, if you get a spark then there is something drawing current and then all you need to do is track it down! :)


    Just out of curiosity, after you install the positive cable to the battery, do you happen to get a spark when you connect the negative cable?


    What would be involved in reverting the battery tray back to what originally came out with the 2015 so one could install a full sized automotive battery?


    Going back and taking another look at the description of these shocks it also states " Spring rates and valving designed to provide a more aggressive than factory ride for spirited driving", may I assume this to mean that these shocks would probably ride a bit stiffer than the original shocks?


    2015 slingshot SL

    OK, it it has not already been done I would at least recommend installing the muffler and exhaust manifold shields to help control under hood heating issues, as well as making sure that the secondary brake bleeding process has been completed to bring your brakes up to snuff. I would also recommend, if you still have the stock windshield, installing a vented windshield, (like a Madstad ), to provide ventilation and help control passenger compartment turbulence and noise .


    OK, at $200 each these shocks are getting a wee bit closer to what I would consider to be reasonably priced, (for comparison, we just replaced the front struts on our Jetta which are much heavier and only paid around $100 each), but, I read in the description for these shocks "The height adjustment ranges to near stock at the highest setting and up to a 2.5" drop at the lowest."

    Near stock? How close is "near stock?" We sure wouldn't want the Grasshopper to ride much lower than it already does, we sweat some of the high spots and debris on the road enuff as is?


    With our 2015 I have tried other products now and again on the black plastic where I have always returned to Lemon Pledge, or cheaper Favor, to keep it looking like new. I understand about cleaning the seats where I slopped some plexiglass cleaner on the drivers seats quite a while back and you can still see the stain today..............................


    Let's see, you may get $15,000 on the open market for your 2016.5 today, a what, $10,000 dollar loss over what you paid for it new? The SlingShot that you are planning on replacing it with is an additional $17,000 dollars + the $10,000 loss = an additional $27,000 and we are yet to add the mods replacements? On top of that you will already loose an additional $2-$3,000 as soon as you ride it off of the lot. $30,000 is a lot of money for upgraded shocks, I think Funcycle has the best recommendation! :thumbsup:


    Anybody used these yet?…laris-slingshot?vehicle=3

    How big of a difference does the shocks make?

    What year and model SlingShot do you have?

    We added the vented Madstad windshield to our 2015, but that was before Polaris started venting their stock windshields.

    Our MeanSling SportTop makes the ride quieter and less turbulent, and is reasonably priced in comparison. Oh, and the MeanSling hood assist does aid in opening/closing the hood. Aw yet another thing you may want to consider the MeanSling storage bags for additional space.

    Depending on your location and riding climate, you may want to invest in better tires.

    If costs are not a concern:

    A rear fender adds a finished look to the rear.

    Personally, for the prices available, we have found the stock shocks to work just fine, but the ones that you mentioned appear to be at least a lil more reasonably priced in comparison...................

    If your brakes have been bled and operating correctly, there should be no need for an additional brace.

    I believe that many would also agree that there is not much to be gained by going to a cold intake system.


    We are now looking for "more airy" helmets to use with the Grasshopper when it has it's top on. The top makekes it more safe from flying debris, plus cuts down the wind noise considerably, we don't want to invest in a second intercom set so what would be the recommendations be for allowing normal conversations?


    Website is up and running for just over a month. Fully operational - I'm not 100% certain what you mean but the website will always grow and change with new enhancements and sections. Is there something in particular you are looking for or wanting?

    OK, now I see, (I was just going to the home page, where there is nothing but saying what to expect), but then I have found where one then needs to click on the "Members Area" link. ?(


    Here is what we wear. Helmet and shield have saved us from road debris and insects.

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    As I have reiterated several times, at least twice for my beloved, and at least once for myself, while riding the Grasshopper, our helmets have saved us both from serious injury/death by the fact of their deflecting flying debris that has invaded the passenger compartment..........................

    Every time we get into any of our automobiles we are reminded of this possibility with the several chips each windshield has......................

    With the fully open cockpit we have been wearing full faced modular helmets, now we're thinking we will be looking for lighter, more "airy" helmets for when the top is installed?