Who did poke poke the young Bear @rabtech

  • Honestly, folks, I WAS a little mad last night. I have had more posts deleted (censored) here in 1 year than I ever had deleted on TDS in over 2 years. That's sad but true. There's something wrong when that happens. I am dead set against censorship. The last deletion was just the straw that finally broke the camel's back. I thought that the First Ammendment, which I sacrificed 10 years of my life to defend, was alive & well. Guess I was wrong. 'Nuff said...

    (I'll wait & see if this post gets deleted also).

    This is an old post I quoted above, from last year. As you all know, I only check in periodically these days. Sometimes I peruse the forum without logging in. I do keep track of my points total. I noticed that since this morning, it dropped by 28 points - that’s 4 posts (4 times 7 is 28). Apparently the post deletions are still happening. Screw this, I’m outta here forever. Last post. Sling on...

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  • First , If this reply seems a bit on the defensive side..... it is. This is not the first time I have explained this .

    Let's get one thing straight right now..... @Tripod I haven't deleted a single post of yours on purpose. I don't delete members post unless I make dang sure they know that i did and why i did it. And even then.... I bet I haven't deleted 10 post total in a year.

    Im sorry you feel that your post are targeted. The truth is that I just dont have time to look for stuff to delete. Only when someone brings something to my attention do I notice it.

    You have to think about the whole point structure. ( i will post below when I find it). Their are so many ways you could have lost points.. You know, I did feel bad that I deleted a few of your post last year. THEY WERE SPIDER PICS AND I WAS CLEARLY PLAYING WITH EVERYONE. However this time I have done nothing wrong and I'm not even going to chase down how you lost points. NO one has done anything to your post on here on purpose. If you had a post that was accidentally deleted by me in a thread that I was trying to clean up some kind of spam then I apologize. It could happen when I am working through spam and nasty post.

    Now that I think about it....I can tell you how you probably lost points.... I probably deleted a complete thread at the request of several members on the forum. If it is agreed that the thread has absolutely no value and a few agree then I will chop the thread. If you were in that thread then you got deleted... YOU are the only person that has ever complained about this. I guess no one else here uses points to measure censorship.

    I can absolutely guarentee that I have not deleted a post or even touched a post in over a year due to censorship. You all take care of the place all by yourself. And I appreciate that.

    @Tripod I hate you feel the way you do. But you have blamed me for something I haven't done and I'm sure going to let you know. Especially since this has come up by you in the past. I value each member like a family member and it bothers me to the core when you blatantly post that YOUR POST ARE BEING DELETED AND ITS NO BETTER THAN IT WAS. If you feel that way then I guess my word is not good enough for you.


  • here is the points structure. I can see several ways you could have lost 28 points.

    Anyway , I am over this now. If anyone is missing a post or has a deleted post you let me know.
    I can tell you now,,,, my inbox will be empty if I'm waiting on someone to tell me that a post has been deleted without notice. It just doesn't happen.

  • Anytime I feel like one of my post has been deleted/lost/stolen I just go eat a cheeseburger and then everything is OK again. Would someone please ask me if I'd like fries with that?

  • One last thing that needs to be brought up.


    They pay for that ability. ONLY IN THEIR SECTION.

    If they want to keep a thread clean and delete a post ,,,,, guess what,,, they can. AND YOU WOULD LOOSE POINTS.

    Like I said , their are so many ways that points can change.


    I probably have said to much. But I feel like everyone should know that I take this place very serious. I want people to know that their post mean something.

    Carry on everyone. I don't fly off the handle very often. Just when something means a lot to me and I get my feelings stepped on a bit.

  • Hell I don't even pay any attention to the points. It is not a ---- measuring contest. Just enjoy the forum for what it is, sure there are some people that you block for one reason or another, some subjects that you are not interested in or just flat out dislike. You have options for this and you do not have to watch/listen if you do not like something. Personally I do not like to get into a pissing contest with anyone. And that my friends is why I left The Dark Side. Littler Hitler put something on the open forum that was between he and I.

  • I just read the post on here mostly. I didn’t even know there was a point system. If you get a lot of points do you win something or do you trade them in like green stamps? Just curious if it’s something I need to keep up with

  • The coolest thing on this place is @rabtech always has a money back guarantee. If we don’t like something, we can get our money back and move on. Ohhhhhh! We don’t pay unless we donate ! How could anyone beat that deal ! We have an incredible lounge here to share information and stories. Thank you Robert Brinson for paving and paying the way.

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