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    I want to thank everyone who donated to Harvey's friend, Ed. I will be sending Harvey $700 tomorrow to help with the funeral costs, so thank you again to all who contributed. :love:

    With that said, do we want to re-open nominations for a family or individual in need? Anyone know anyone?

    Well, I have some sad news. Harvey's friend passed away today. Harvey is scrambling to get the funeral planned. I will let you know more when I know anything.

    I wanted to reach out to those who donated to ask if you would like to use your funds to offset the cost of the funeral that Harvey will likely be shouldering, or if you would like me to return your funds until we find a new individual or family to assist.

    Okay all, here we are. There is a gentleman that Harvey knows who needs a good bit of help. This is what he initially posted:

    There is a man that has been a very special person in my life. He was a Catholic Brother at the middle school I attended. He took me under his care when I really needed someone and molded me into the man I am today. He eventually left the brotherhood and went to work at Ivy Tech counseling young adults. He also helped a friend raise his two abused grandchildren. He has always been there for everyone else. Giving freely his time, love and money. We have stayed close to him and have helped him all we can for years. But now he is retired and quite frankly his Social Security earnings are not enough for him to pay his rent, buy food and pay for the $200 a week he needs for his insulin. He often doesn't take enough because he can't afford it. I realize this isn't a family but this is a person who has spent his entire life giving to others who now finds him self in need. Any help he was given would be greatly appreciated if you choose to help him.

    I had reached out to Harvey to finish up some details, and found out this gentleman had a stroke. The docs think they have determined the cause of the stroke, and it is fixable (stroke was caused by a low red blood cell count that can be corrected with diet changes). In the meantime, he has been partially paralyzed on one side, and will be starting rehab in about a week. We have an opportunity here to completely change a person's quality of life - someone who has made a huge impact on the community in which he lives, and on the lives of at least a couple of our members.

    If you are interested in contributing, I will be collecting via paypal - . Once we have all of our donations, I will work with Harvey to put the money towards insulin and other assistance as needed. If you have any questions, please contact me!!!! <3<3<3<3

    Yay, we have a nomination! I'm going to leave the thread open a bit longer and see if there is anyone else out there that has someone in need. I say we close nominations 1 Nov so we have time to collect donations and buy things as necessary. Does that work?

    Hey everyone! The last 2 years we have had an opportunity to help a family in need at Christmas. Is there any interest in doing that again this year, and, if so, does anyone have a family to nominate?????

    K2 and I were just discussing this. We aren't even close to the coast, but this area ain't designed to take a hit. I was pierside Pascagoula, MS for Katrina. Mama dont play that shit game anymore.

    Awwwwe, thanks everyone! Your support (and keeping K2 busy and mostly out of trouble while I was trying to study) means the world to me, I hope you know that.

    So, for the results of the day, no kids were hurt during any classes, no parents have called insisting they meet me to discuss the class, and I'm still alive and kicking. I call that a win. :D:rolleyes: Now for a glass of wine and finishing preps for tomorrow.

    @MiM, I hope you have/had a stellar day back at the new school - they are lucky to have you!

    And thank you all again for your love and support, and forgive me if I can't make it to as many social engagementa this year now that I have a "real job" (or so they tell me!).