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    Well we got a detailed account from the accuser of sexual assault today against VA Lt Governor Fairfax. Leave out politics. For the life of me I just don’t understand “he made me have oral sex”. I guess if you beat up a woman or threatened her life; which is not the case here, I could see that happen but just pushing her head to your crotch and she does it ????? I’m thinkin that would be a really good way to get your junk spit out on the floor. It could have happened I guess but to me this kinda story always makes me wonder. sideseatdriver - with all due respect - I sure would like to hear another females perspective - my bride says “remember Lorena Bobbit “.......

    Riiiight, like I'm the good female to ask about being a victim. :rolleyes:

    In all honesty though, as you well know from your lying, I mean lawyering, days, there are many ways for a woman to feel pressured to continue an encounter. I honestly havent read the full account, so I cannot comment to that part. It boils down to the fact that the lack of saying "no" does not equal consent... Let that sink in.

    Bill Martin and WOLF , you are both right. If i read your posts right, I think WOLF thought you were comparing Kavannaugh with the Gov, which is not a fair comparison. Honestly, the left have been pretty heated about calling for the good Gov's ouster.

    Now, the comparison between Kavanaugh and the LtGov is a legit one. With Kavannaugh, the left/feminists came out screaming that you must always support the victim. That is not the same response we are seeing with the good LtGov.

    Okay, back to your previously scheduled argument. Side note, the meme about the VA Gov struggling to come "full term" after his comments on late term abortion are pretty good.

    Option A

    Or, you know, you could not let your dick magically fall out of your pants, into a waiting vagina, and accidentally keep thrusting until orgasm while complaining that "condoms dont feel as good, and don't worry I'll pull out to be safe." But sure, it's all the girl's fault. :rolleyes:

    I actually do support a wall. However, I also support limiting executive power (hence my lack of support for a national emergency). Our gov't was given roles and rules for a reason. I don't think you should just be able to go around other branches when things arent going your way.

    Side note - if you do support the whole national emergency choice, then I don't want to hear any bitching when the next Dem president does it over something you don't like.

    Bill Martin I say the idea of declaring a state of emergency to build a wall is stupid as I believe that is an overreach of his powers. Can he, yes, technically. Should he? No. Make Congress do their jobs. I hated Obama for doing the same type shit, and I dont support it now that Trump may try it.

    As for today's revelation... The Dems will see it as capitulation and make them less likely to negotiate. The Reps will see it as a negotiating tactic. Both are delusional. As you guys have already pointed out, either way it's kicking the can.

    Yeah... It was a stupid idea then, and putting on paper is a step in the stupider direction.

    You've got to be kidding... He can't be serious...

    The court won't overturn Roe, and if they do, stand by. The precedent will then be set for partisan courts to change rulings as they change partisan majority... Bill Martin you know what that would do to the country.

    I stand corrected. Senate will hear and vote on 2 bills, neither of which are expected to pass. I can hear someone in the balcony yelling "no balls" from here.

    Hmmmm... Senate wont bring any votes to the floor that they think Trump will veto. That's why there hasnt been a vote. So either the Senate has decided they have no balls, or they've decided to let the House and the President duke it out.

    And either way a verbal committment doesnt mean shit to most people... Or politicians.

    in offering to extend DACA Trump has offered a compromise - and it is probably one of the few things he can offer without needing the Republican Senate to go along - DACA was created by Obama's executive order so I see no reason why Trump cant use the same method to deliver on this if the Dems agree

    Frankly if I were a DACA person I would be yelling at the Dems "What are you waiting for? they have said this was a very important issue and now that its being offered - - - - - ???

    Dems are holding out for more because they think they can. It's not a popular opinion right now, but I think they are right in that they can get more. What they need to do now, however is bring their own plan to the negotiating table. We'll see if they bite.

    This is a perfect example of why the house changes hands so often. They cant get anything done when they control both houses, and they can't get anything done when they don't.

    After the 2016 polling fiasco do you think Trump gives 2 shits about polls??? He has offered a deal and the Dems just said NO. It would be stupid for him to offer more basically negotiating against himself. I think that middle America is a lot more in line with Trump than they are with Pelosi/Schumer..... time will tell all !

    He will have to compromise too and you know that. So will the Dems whether they want to or not. *shrugs* Who's going to flinch first??? We should make this a drinking game.

    with a senate that is even further right than it was before the last election I don't know how much the Democrats can do. whatever they push through the House also needs to get through the Senate and be signed by Trump

    As to Trump I don't think he has a choice. if he is seen by his base as having caved on the wall he is done - - any chance he has at a second term will be over

    If Trump goes for it, i think the Senate will follow. And concur on the base, but I'm not convinced he cares about reelection.

    The Dems have no reason to negotiate right now. The recent polling indicates the country still blames Trump for the shutdown, which means the Dems look stronger for holding out... For now. What I think the dems are missing is Trump's IDGAF attitude. They believe he will offer better terms at some point in order to affect his popularity and chances of reelection.

    Personally, I think they should have taken the deal. I think POTUS will swing left in the next election which would give dems the opportunity to find a solution in the 3 yr window provided.

    Now, if the Dems wanted to look strong, and since Trump is bent over a barrel, they would be smart to develop an amnesty package for Dreamers and current illegal immigrants and overhaul immigration towards their side. They could then give Trump his budget, and put him in a bad negotiating position to say no.

    But I'm a girl, what do I know.

    Have any slides you can post to help those in this thread that could benefit from such teachings?

    I admit I had to look up "convention of states". I agree with it's call for term limits on people in Washington.

    Though I can appreciate the idea of States having more control over Washington, those in Washington are already elected by those states. The "convention of states" seems to be along the same vein as the electoral college. With the knowledge that the majority of the countries population presides in a few states and those few states are Democrat strongholds, the "convention of states" seems like another way for Republicans to make a power grab. Looking at the bottom of their webpage and who is voicing support, should inform your students as to it's bias.

    No, the Convention of States is designed to help keep the gov't under control, hence the participation requirements and specifications on changes. This particular calling is Rep based, but the Dems could do so just as easily. Just as the electoral college is there to prevent a majority from one location from determining an election, the Convention allows states to attempt to make changes to a runaway government. Surely you can appreciate the ability to curb governmental control for either side of the aisle?

    As for bias, the people here know it and recognize it. They choose to use the information anyway (on both sides of the issue).

    Teach !!! Welcome back !! How is the teaching gig going ?? I happen to know what Convention of States means....we can’t get a consensus of who should go to what bathroom - I think it is a historical term you must be teaching :00008172::00008172:

    Ironically for this thread, I have been teaching my students bias in informational text. How to see it, what it does, and how to use it to form your own thoughts.