Planned mods, but I don't have the budget for just yet...

    I really like the Volk te37 SL Pressed black wheels but they are pricey and I'm sure I can find a similar design that is cheaper. I plan to stick with 18" wheels all the way around, and ideally, put the same 3 tires all the way around, of course, going wider with a 10.5 or 11" wide wheel. For tires I haven't decided yet, mainly a summer tire that is plenty sticky, and will research more once I'm ready to pull the trigger. Going to wait until the back tire needs to be replaced first.

    Forced air induction, but haven't decided on which one. I don't need insane amounts of power, but who knows once i get more comfortable with it. WIll cross that bridge when I get to it

    A keyless ignition because I'm lazy and like using a fob instead of a key

    Really wish the prices weren't so high on the Canadian light kit for the newer models, but, it's on the list.

    A comfortable ride, plus adjustment is important, so really wish I could

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