Relentless SSMI (Slingshot Modification Infection)

Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

The modifications continue to roll in from Slingmods and CycleSprings. They are arriving faster than the installation process ....

Threw on some Assault Peddles

About this time we hit the first maintenance check so off to the dealership. Mind you, I've been on the forum for several weeks by now and am starting to get an idea of the issues to expect from our new ride. Asking questions to the service team at the dealership is met without answers and all to often without a call back. So, it seems like we know more then they do so we update the service team on the Heat Management Kit that can be purchased to help reduce the cockpit heat in the 2016. After arguing for a few minutes they look it up on line and what do you know, there's a Heat Management Kit that you purchase - duh. Despite the writing on the wall we order one and make an appointment for them to install.

Add the Pilota Series Steering Wheel

(Photo from Slingmods)

We love our Polaris even with all of the crazy idiosyncrasies - so we added some Polaris Slingshot badging to the rear fin

It seems as though the SSMI has mutated to a hybrid that forces the infected to go crazy with LEDs.

So we added some blue halo lights and clear protectors around the shifter and cup holders

We decided to go with the LEDGlow undercarriage motorcycle lights. In Wisconsin it is legal for motorcycles to run with undercarriage lights on for safety as long as they are not red, blue, or amber - so we had to go big (for safety, of course)

Upgraded the headlights to LED, added the master cylinder brace to help stiffin up the breaks, and upgraded the shifter

Next time, the BEST mod for comfort