Endless possibilities.

Im more of a cave man so this is a picture blog to catch up to today!!

The new planted brackets bolted right on and seat height was even but overall height was a bit extreme and will need some cutting to be happy for me :/

Oil cooler installed and I am amazed how much everything runs with it in place. Sorry I waited so long to install it :thumbsup:
On yet another note I have pulled the Planted brackets out to see how much work would be required to lower them and I think I have a much more solid solution. So simple even a caveman such as I can correct the issue. Only one slight issue is an adapter for the passenger side.
Will share as I work out the kinks but lowers the entire assembly to Original if not a tad lower position with adjust ability.

o I have slacked on some of the odds and ends so here is a bit of a follow up. I changed the fresh air from aluminum to Carbon tubing and have started on a carbon box,

Then while I have been playing patient Painter sent me a blingy valve cover for the fresh top half of my dusty and neglected SS

A custom oil cooler keeps things much cooler and tucked out of the way is a easy to service oil filter :thumbup:

So some time has gone by without any updates to the log. Well since my return from the hospital I have celebrated with a set of ZZP cams and ported head. I have been building up my strength by tinkering on parts I can easily modify on the lathe or build in my garage. One such part nwas the Carbon fiber fresh air system and box.

The box itself is 4lbs lighter than the DDM unit pictured(steel).

The next thing I decided was to replace the steel hardware with aluminum and Titanium fasteners.

Anyhow you get the idea of the direction its going. :00000156:

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  • Always enjoy visiting your page and checking out all your sweet inovations and upgrades!

  • Your machine is on the April month of the SS calendar I see. Nice work!

  • pure skill and talent, WOW

  • Sahweeeeet!!!

  • That"s some great crafting brother!!

  • Really nice work GP

  • The graphics look good!

    • Thanks Kenny, Unfortunately we are not being granted use of the official logo by the Hospitals legal department at this time due to branding with the child so I have another to take the child graphics place. Other than that Stickerdick did a really cool setup for us.