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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.
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  • You have to be from Vallejo? Howdy, sure I've seen you around.

    IS ANYONE HAVING "CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" ISSUES? Two dealers have said it's a clutch senser. Yep that's it! No fix, "don't worry about it" Nearest dealership is 1.5 hours away. Polaris dealership in City of Crooks don't like Slingshots, so won't help you.



    • Im actually a little SE of you near Fresno. I havent had that problem yet. What year of Sling do you have?

    • 2017 SL-LE .

      I have a 2017 SL-LE that I've sunk a ton of money into, "worth every nickel"!! Photos to follow when figure out how to navigate this venue.?

      Issue; Check Engine light keeps coming on, then off etc... Dealership (2-now) state it's "something with clutch senser". "Don't worry about it".

      They waiting for warranty to expire? Just plain don't know? Aggravated as told them I just retired from the industry.

      Any help out there?



    • Oh yeah, my son lives in Bakersfield. Know what you mean 😉 I was talking Vallejo (only difference- location). LOL

    • You can try Clawsons Motorsports in Fresno. They may know or have heard of the issue but I'm not sure. I do know one thing tho, if there is a light or a check engine code I would DEFINITELY be telling them to fix it! That is NOT something you should have to drive around on or normal!

  • are the SS letters for the center caps still available?

    • Got you down for a set! Will have them out to you on Friday!

  • Let me know if selling?? My Bassani is a little to loud..

    Thanks Jay

  • Do you have the letters in the turbo gray color that was new for 2016.5?


    • Thanks for the order and I'll PM you some colors once we get back in the office!

  • I would like 2 sets of a royal blue or to match my ss in the pic for the front bumper. I don't want the glitter ones, I want the ones that won't fade for years. let me know how much and how you want paid. thanks.

    • Just replied to your PM. Thank you @jwestfall

  • By the way..... I sent you some of the printed Polaris decals in your package, I am selling the printed ones for $20.00 each, so don't kill my mark-up, you can get that too. on the Carbon fiber ones, I think i sent you some of those too, you can sell those for $15.00 or more.

    • Im going to BLOW your mark-up out of the water because I have no overhead for shop or business!! Therefore I can stack them high and sell them cheap!!! HAHAHAHA JK buddy! Thanks for the hook-up! Im soooo happy to see your doing the printed ones! Something our business doesn't offer! Ill PM you with some ideas in a bit and thanks again brother!

  • Hey there Styln, did you mail airoutlaws t shirt before ssits or after ssits, i couldnt find thedesign winner thread... steve said he thought it was mailed before ssits.. but we haven't recieved it :/

  • I was wanting to know if you would like me to send you the artwork for the center console I did? Mitch seemed to be happy with his and I found it worked well on mine, I figure you were nice enough to share your work with me, I need to do the same for you.

    • Thanks for the decal template!! May have something else fun to share with you soon brotha!! ;-)

    • no worries ... you are welcomed!

  • Dieter Stueckle
    4576 Durham Rd.
    Doylestown PA 18902

  • can you give me a price for a red one same us roadog1aj please

    • Check the decal thread buddy! I replied to ya!! ;-)

  • Thomas Sleight
    4040 West 5780 South
    Kearns, Ut. 84118

    Red please

  • STYLN, have not figured out the private message and hell I'm am IT guy. Will you PM me and let me know how to order a set of red ones that have the UV protection.

    • Yes. Please tell me which ones you would like (Glitter or non-glitter) and then PM me by starting a CONVERSATION with the CONVERSATION button located either on my profile or by clicking my name. Or you can message me in the Vendor thread from the main forum page!~Jonathan

  • Bill Martin
    11272 Hwy 384
    Lake Charles, LA 70607

    Thanks for hookin me up!!!

  • I sent you $10 for the chrome inserts. How should I get you my address??

    • Send me a pm with your info!! Thanks buddy!

    • Where did you send the payment to buddy? it didn't go through to paypal

  • Money sent....

  • I would like a set of the red non glitter. Do you do PayPal? If so how much and where to send?

  • What are ya waitin on??? LOL just tell me how I can pay ya and get the ball rollin - thank you

  • Hey Bro - can you or is there a chrome like insert you can make??

    • Hey Bill. I make chrome decals for ya for sure!

  • Hey how is it going? I am now a member and happy to be one.

    • AWESOME!!! Glad your here buddy! My sling is almost back together and ready to ride! Just waiting on the header to come back from ceramic coating. I haven't had time to call the upholstery shop due to work but I will as soon as I can to get another set of that trimming!

  • Hey Buddy - Was crazy busy on the road all last week and missed calling you on Thursday.
    Need to order 2 sets of Polaris lettering in grey for the nose of my SS - Can you cut them and ship them?
    Still have to see if e can work on the event shirts for SBB - when is a good time to call

    • Sure...I will have a shipment of Gray come in Wednesday I believe and as far as calling, Ill be off Thursday through the following Tuesday. Hopefully that will give you some time! I know you are a world wide busy busy man!! LOL

    • Thanks - I will try again Thursday

  • Hi,

    Is that manifold cover still up for grabs? If so I'll take it!

    • Sorry buddy! It went out today to its new home! Thanks for the interest!

  • Stay PURPLE my friends!!