Speaker selection/Audio install: MB quarts Marine series

So after a few weeks of internet searching, reviews, listening to different brands, and feedback. I decided to go with the MB Quart's Nautic marine grade speakers. My first criteria was the fidelity and musical reproduction of the speaker. I would consider myself an audiophile, music lover, and audio enthusiast.I listen to a varying array of music from Rap, Hip Hop, to 90's rock bands, to EDM dubstep electro house post-hardcore trap hip hop. In the past, MB Quart has been known for High End audio with crisp highs, strong mid range tones, and sometime very sharp upper range in their tweeters. I loved the fact that these speaker are waterproof, dust proof, snow proof or shock proof, you know that this product has been built to handle the outdoors. In consideration to the open air environment and high speeds these were factors that aided to my decision.

Any reviewer will tell you that one of the most exciting parts is unboxing a new product for evaluation. It reminds me a bit of those Christmas mornings growing up without the wrapping paper I guess. It's that anticipation of opening up something new and first putting your eyes on it that is so much fun. As I opened the box, several things struck me right away. First, these 6.5' speaker are oversized and deep!
I must admit I was a bit concerned about the install and not fitting properly. The SSV pods fit them with an inch to spare, I added a piece of weather stripping to the back side of the speaker to ensure a truly sealed enclosure and added some polyfill (cotton otherwise) to the enclosure to help with the deep bass and midrange. With the SSV enclosure you need to drill your own holes for the speaker wire a trick to note is to tie a knot on the inside of the enclosure to hold the speaker wire and ensure that I doesn't get yanked out accidentally and damaging your speakers. Also know that I choose to go with the led back light speaker that needs an additional wire for +/- to turn on the leds on the speaker. This was a great feature that will add some additional umph to your ride in my opinion, their are two options with and without leds. The Leds has an optional N1-RC Wireless RF LED light remote control. One remote will control all "L" speakers, that will allow mode change, colors, light intensity, and memory for the speakers. I power my speaker with a Micro marine grade class D Clarion 50x4 continuous. This is very close to the recommended RMS power, and more than enough to make these speaker scream with accurate musical reproduction with minimal distortion even at very high volumes. I often times stream audio from my Iphone and connect through Blue tooth. I run SSV's MRB2 plays my music with dual 4 volt output per RCA to help with the sound quality and minimize the distortion to the Amps. It also controls the phones/music tracks, my leds to my speakers, attenuation -3 db -6db and mute to my sub amp.

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