Todays work on the SS

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Just started to add the front sticker to the spoiler.

And here is a shot of the front.. 8o8o8o


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  • Sweet..I’m saving and selling stuff so I’m ready when you sell it,lol..

  • That shot of the front is bada$$! Looks like it should be a wallpaper image

  • Hey Rab what din mount you using? Need one for my Sling. Got a radio like yours :)

  • Keep adding. Need pictures of the Hahn turbo too.

  • Very nice SS. Love what you did on those front stickers, I copied you on those as soon as I saw them. Great idea!

  • Where do you find time to go to work?
    Kenny at Action Graphics can't wait to hear if you like the front kit or have any suggestions. I told him we all have pictures of you sling on our walls and pray to it every morning.

  • Sweet Lookin Sling!!

  • Looks amazing!! What headlights did you use for the 'Canadian version' ?

  • Never rush perfection,...Unless there is a free milkshake bar and Im invited

  • She's a BEAUTY!!!

  •'re not done yet?