My build, so to speak

Wow, all my pictures uploaded! Anyways, things I've done: custom paint, still red but with metal flake instead of pearl, 1320 header, Alpha CAI, hood struts, made my own flag holders, Assault mud flaps, tricked halos, DDM HID conversion, American Racing wheels, third brake light modulator, tinted taillights, DDM shifter with a white shift ball, NAPA brake switch, red floor mats and some more that I can't remember! Thanks for looking

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  • Love the rims. They look like cragers where would I be able to order them ?

    • They're American Racing Torq thrust M. I ordered them through my local tire dealer. You should be able to get them from just about anyone who sells tires. Thanks

  • I bought my SL the day before you. Bet the metal flake looks sweet in person. Looks great all a round.

    • Yeah, it really does! And thanks

  • Love the flags!

  • And thanks for being here with us on the site and for your service..

  • Let me know if you have any issue uploading to the site. I have it where it should take a large file and the site will resize it for you so that it works from your phone or computer ....

    • Yeah, it worked slick, and you're welcome!

  • Beautiful ride sir. Love the wheels
    Thank you for your service

    • Thanks, I wish the metal flake would show up better in the pics, it really pops in the sunshine. Your welcome. I never quite know how to respond to the service thing