Phase 3: Electronics

Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

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  • WOW. That's cool. you'll have some great sounds

  • Just curious, what are you using the Maestro to interface with? Do you still have the stock ECU or one of the aftermarkets?

    • I have a K40 LIDAR jammer and it will be the interface to the head unit.

    • Stock for now... Haltech when the LS3 goes in! ;)

    • When the ls3 goes in... Let me know about a used supercharger Erica!

      I won't even say "gently"😂

    • Just remember the OBD2 Maestro module wont work with the Haltech OBD2 output. Its a long explanation why. But trust me it wont work.... ericastar76 I didnt want you to waste money on that add-on. And I might as well say that it wont work with the CAN BUS on the stock harness.

      The Haltech CANBUS actually works with my Bluetooth OBD module and sends data to my Android tablet and I use Torque app to see gauges. . I was going to use a Raspberry Pi 3 and load the android OS on it and then output the video of the PI to the Kenwood. I have not had time to do that yet.

      However since I had that Idea I have decided to add the AEM CD=7 dash in my SS.

      Just wanted to give y'all a heads up on the Maestro obd2 unit not working ,,,,,

    • Yeah... I've followed your comments on the Haltech's site about the Maestro a few months back. Kinda sucks because that would have been nice and easy ~> when the time comes to make the switch (won't be anytime this year), we'll get together to discuss your AEM setup and maybe there'll be some new tech out there to do this easier for the masses.