Re-boot to SlingShot STR s2000 for 2017

Today is the beginning of the newest project to come out of the garages of Three's da Life: the Slingshot STR! We are going from the standard ecotec 2.4 motor with 5spd transmission to a AP1 Honda S2000 2.0 motor and 6speed transmission. No more turbo needed. This stock setup will begin life in the Slingshot at 235hp and be able to red line at 8600rpms! With help from Jamie Roy and his crew in Kentucky we will be using his personalized Haltech programmer and dash with no ECU from Polaris or Honda! After the guys at DDM finish the dyno base line we then will proceed to stage 2, which will be the goal of 350hp and 9000rpm red line all while staying NA and running a wild custom built side exhaust built and designed by Three's da Life! Stay tuned on the forum for this first of its kind build that starts TODAY! You can also get updates at or go to working threes da life facebook group Log into Facebook | Facebook to keep up with progress. I also have found that we might be able to keep the DBW throttle with a electronic acturator from Jenvey in the UK. It is designed to work with the Haltech.ETA2 Jenvey ITB electronic throttle.jpgmotor at home.jpg15085489_10208028081759114_6368706382824385831_n.jpg13909393_10209274610798674_8521068986059471164_o.jpgo.jpgmotor with itbs in sling.jpgmotor with itbs in sling2.jpgside coming along.jpgsidepipe view2.jpgChina_Stainless_Steel_ISO_TS16949_Certificate_Flex_Pipe_Exhaust_Accessory20121011921282.jpg

The only hiccups so far is that my local driveshaft guy does not want to build the driveshaft, so I'm going to have to outsource that and the stock fuel tank is going to have to be replaced with a custom stainless or aluminum one to setup my HO inline fuel pump and the return fuel line I will need to run, but that is OK, I'll handle the fueling issues we are all having by getting rid of the crappy filler neck and gas cap, going to a flip-top, and I'll put baffles in the tank as well as try to increase capacity yet make sure it still will fit in the same mounting location and not have to cut the frame or brackets. Hopefully the sending unit is removable from the tank. I have not looked at the manual yet to find out, if not, I can always buy another sending unit. But the Jenveys require a minimum of 45psi at idle and a return fuel line source, so it must be done. Gotta go to a baffled oil pan as well, where the stock eco tech is weak on the top end with the crappy "chinesium" pistons cracking, the Honda's one weakness is spinning bearings due to lack of oil when driven hard into turns and the oil splashing away from the pickup in the pan plus the valves springs become an issue when you run the motor for any time at the 9000 redline, which I plan on doing allot, so those will get replaced in about two weeks. My side pipe and header are all done, we are just going to finish grinding the welds, polishing the aluminum and then get the heatshield coated black and the aluminum may got to a polished ceramic coating, not sure yet.

I've got the exhaust all built, the driveshaft issue is finally coming together and the gas tank is in the mockup stage right now. fox fuel injection is sending me the balance of the Jenvey fuel injection parts that i need to complete the setup. I plan on finishing mockup the first week in /janurary and then send all of the important motor parts to Jamie Roy at SS Performance so he can get the test motor up and running with the Haltech progrmmer and the dash and my FI and exhaust, once he does that, i'll most likely be making a trip to kentucky with the sling so we can put it back together and get it on the road.

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  • This is going to be KILLER - your going to make a real statement with this entire build.... results will be Epic!!

  • Very interesting, can't wait to see and hear more.

  • Me and Jamie Roy have been trying to determine how much work would be involved and working outthe ITB's and having no DBW throttle like the stock Polaris ecu does, then I found this on line and it is designed to work with the Haltech Programmer, so hopefully this will work out.... Electronic Actuation : Electronic throttle actuator - Jenvey Dynamics

  • You go, Bro!!!

    • That machine sounds bad assed!

      That thing paired with the Welter Dual Exhaust would be sick as hell on a Sling. Can't wait to see your video, lol

    • We have the ecotech out, the new honda motor and trans in and now it is time to figure out the mounts.

    • Love Welter to death.... But I'm gonna have to build my own exhaust for this puppy..... I have all of my junk yard parts, now it's just time to fit them together. I'm using a 1999 Firebird exhaust tip, two Hyabusa muffler cans, a DC 4.5" stainless muffler and two aluminum trailer ramps to make this mutha, figure that one out!

    • Been looking forward to this. Thanks for the video. Sounds amazing too.
      I'm assuming this has nothing in the form of traction control, does it make it a bit less comfortable at throttle during cornering?

      Great job thinking out of the box, and the patience to execute on your vision.