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  • First off, I hope you are doing better health wise. I have been an admirer of you and your cause. Now for my question. I found an nrg aftermarket handle that I really like. Do you have any black boots available? Thanks for you time.

    • Hey Kirk.I am still kicking ! The boots I have were based off a Opel GT boot. Mine however have a larger throat because I install them inverted with 3M and safety wire for a clean smooth look once they are turned right side out again. If your looking for a DIY set up the Opel GT boots will work very well for any NRG handle and be a snug positive fit :-)

  • hey bud bought it from tric sling mods carries it as well

    • Thanks, Saw them after I sent the message. Thank you for the reply.

  • Okay Shortremover I am down to two silver handles and a choice of red or black stitching on a black leather boot (E-brake assembly)

  • Hey Shortremover I just sent a bunch of stuff out before hooking Chowder up. Let me take a look at the handle situation and touch base with you. If you can see the whole conversation line then you have my e-mail and number so feel free to add yourself to the welcome anytime to call or write club.
    Daughter in law is over so as soon as I can move around without waking anyone up I will give you a reply.

  • Good Morning Sir, Hope all is well. Have read the thread, what an amazing fella you are! I'd like to get in line for an ebreak cover. Just let me know what I need to do, I'm a newby here, so patients would be appreciated, I'm not picky as far as thread. Black/ black or black/ red would be "GREAT"...

  • It posted before the magical number 386-804-4403 ;-)

  • Hey Chowder. I just happen to have the parts to build one of those @ black handle, leather boot with red stitching(I think ;-0).
    I just sent a box to Canada for $16.00 so thats not a problem young Jedi.
    Feel free to use my e-mail or cell to touch base and I shall pencil you in for one of those assemblies today!!

  • Hi I've just read through the Ebrake thread, kudos to you sir for all you do for St.Judes and wish you all the best with you own medical challenges.
    If you are able I would like to get set up with the conversion myself. I'm interested in the black handle with red stitching if possible. Can you let me know the cost to ship to Canada L3B4T4. I can PayPal you the funds and will make donation to St.Judes.

  • This is the St. Jude event link is always at the lower left of my posts and say Events for St.Jude…7&pg=personal&fr_id=44326

    if the donation is part of an e-brake assembly please wait until I can fill that individual request.
    Thank you for keeping these children in your thoughts.

    Best regards

  • Could you send me the link to donate?

  • Your heart is certainly in the right place. Send me your mailing information so I can get it off Monday.
    $30 is fine and will help keep parts on the shelf. can be pay pal or a check in the mail. What ever is simple and easy.
    You know if you like I can send you one of my boots with red stitching and you can use any NRG handle of your choosing. Would be happy to talk you through it and the banding can be anything such as doubled safety wire to steel or plastic zip tie.
    Hell for that matter since you were so generous I would be happy to donate one of my first versions of the boot free of charge. It only has one row of stitching but the design is the same.
    Kick the tires and let me know. The important thing is raising the funds for the kids,..The rest is a cake walk.
    Best regards

  • I'll take the center black with red stitching . Did make a $60 donation but will also make another $30 to help cover most of the parts.. is this OK

  • let me know when the armrest is done, ill make another donation....

    • Happy thoughts. Found some great ballistic foam that takes shape very well. Will try and cut a test cushion by next week and if its not completly hiddeous I will take it to the seamstress and see what it looks like in pleather before I waste any real leather on it

  • Welcome aboard young Jedi!