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  • Interested in the Front and Rear Fenders. 2018 Slr with 22" wheels, Please contact me or call me 937-717-8101 . Thanks Brad

  • Hello i am very interested in your fenders

    • Tell me what you want, i'll make it work

    • i would like to find out the cost etc

    • go to threesdalife group page on facebook, it has all of the info there as well as threesdalife public page on Face book, the fenders start at $795.00 and go up from there. we havew a show special right now on the front fender package wit the shipping included for $925.00

  • StickerDick how can we get in touch with you to get some pricing on getting a wrap printed for our slingshot

  • Sounds great - we can hang around here a day or we can head out to Jims on the 19th - whatever you guys wanna do is good with us. Gotta feed ya and drink ya while we're here though!! lol

  • Angie said to contact you and find out when you guys are coming back thru here? We can accommodate y'all just about any time. Lookin forward to seeing you and the gang

    • coming to you on the evening of the 18th and I guess we are staying the 19th as well. looking forward to seeing you guys soon

  • Mark -- Just a note that I got my shirt and the bag was an added surprise. What you're doing is great and I would like to help some more. What is the best way to contribute?

    • You can donate directly to Mark Browns fund page, I will see if the link is still up, it's

    • I am sure he and his wife will appreciate it, I saw that he is still raising funds for St. Judes as well. Glad you are happy with the extra swag, hope you will be able to go on a ride with us one day.

    • Looking forward to following your trip. Be safe.

  • trying to find you on FB... what do I look under please?

    • either working threes da life, or threes da life or Mark Richardson or SignTalk Graphix

  • Do you have a website? Was interested in stickers like Macaw had on the rear sides in a blue.

    • Yes, but the stickers are not on there yet, go to my FB page under threes da life or the working threes da life group page and you can see some of the decals or just pm me and we can put what you want together.

  • hey,,,what did you do to hold that garmin to cubby hole? and get 12v. for power? thanks

    • I use the power port in the glove box and I built my own mount for the garmin, I will try to get some good pictures on Saturday.

  • I just put in an e-mail for 1 of the empty spots for the #21 ride for myself and my wife, Jim & Virginia Pontrich.
    She would also like to be a zipper if there are any openings there.
    I can't make the weight!

  • Hardy here. Family health issues have forced me to sit this year's event out. Please make room for some one else.

    • OK buddy.. I'm sorry to hear that, but I'll be sure to try and save you a shirt!

  • Yo!! How goes it SD!? Good to see you here.

  • So!!! Do I get my stickers now

    • i know it's taking forever, but i'm trying. sooner than later i hope

    • Oh, I was just wondering if you were going to be able to do them. Das all. Then all the mess started so I wasn't sure what happened. I'm just checking up see if youre able to.