This doesn't really have to do with my build, but something that I feel passionate about and wanted it out there to be referenced and discussed.

    To all of our manufacturers out there and those that resell those products. Many of the items you are making are unique, but there is some competition in some of the spaces and guaranteed if you don't have competition now, if you have a good idea, there will be competition in the future.

    Business 101 tells us that you should have good customer service, and part of that is having detailed and good instructions on installation, use and troubleshooting of the product.

    I'm not going to call out the product/manufacturer in this article, but I recently received a product in, a mod that goes into the dash, and it literally had a single page, with one picture and two sentences on the install. It was a bad photo copy or bad print and looked like something a 12 year old would make. The product itself seems to be well made, but I have no clue

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