New Product - Slingshot Action Camera Mount

Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.
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    I know that you are not happy about all of this Kyle D but personally I have been impressed with how you have stepped up to the plate to make things right - Easy to be a good vendor when everything goes right, but what you do when they dont go right is what separates the good vendors from the great vendors - :thumbsup:


    Thank you very much. We’re pretty awesome most of the time. Proves we are still human I guess. It’s been a huge learning experience to say the least.

    ZZPerformance, Go Fast Not Broke
    EST 2000

    ZZPerformance EST 2000 - Go Fast Not Broke

  • Well, again, I would like to get out in front of this total shit show of a product failure on my end. I just got an email from a guy that said he only received 1 bolt in his package. I thought this HAS to be a shipping error so I pulled up all the other invoices and sure enough, each person was only sent 1 bolt. Now, while I COULD blame my assistant for not correctly making invoices with the proper amount of replacement parts, ultimately this falls on me for not double checking the work. So, I would like to apologize again, and let you know I am aware of the problem and the other bolt you are all short is on the way leaving today. Again my apologies. :00008862:

    I train hundreds of young people every year.

    You have no idea how rare it is for ANYONE to step up & say: "Sorry, I blew it - but I'm gonna make it right."

    Solder on, sir.

    The smarter you get, the funnier I am.

  • Ditto That Kyle.

    And if it helps you save a few cents, you don't need to send one to me. I have a 2016 so I don't need the bolt. In fact, if there is someone in the Austin/Georgetown area who also bought a camera mount, I could pass this one along saving you a few more pennies. Or do you want this one back? I could just mark return to sender.