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    Ok, more of a frustrated rant, but I can’t find anyone to do an exhaust for me. 4 shops now and they either don’t want to try and do the bends or don’t have a person to do it within a month or two. Last place had a mandrel bender, but only the owner can run it and he doesn’t have time. Wanted me to leave it for 2 months, plus he said that he needs to put it on his 2 post lift and doesn’t think he can. He had a lift that we drove it up on.

    So, back to calling around to try and find someone to take my money.

    Just for the record, I said we would adapt yours to our turbo kit or build you one back when you were shopping around for turbo kits but would need the Slingshot here.

    We made a whole new down pipe for SlingDrop for his Welter after he ordered one with an exhaust dump from a company that showed up and didn't come close to fitting and had mig splatters.

    I'll also be testing our first rear exit prototype this weekend. Hope to have them ready for Christmas or just after New Years.

    This is what showed up

    Here is what we made him

    Thanks. What I was wondering though is if it should show some value. Mine just stays at zero.

    I personally do not have ride command but I would THINK that the new unit would increase just like the original unit did while you have the engine running measuring the amount of time the engine has been running. I have seen customers slingshots with accumulated time on theirs.

    It is just a diagnostic value that dealers can monitor and look at when you come in for services or recalls. It has zero effect on how the slingshot runs or performs. It's just a measured metric.

    Gee, I would have thought that having a 20 MPH headwind would have HELPED your top speed. All that RamAir power going into that throttle body. Must have needed some more fuel to use all that extra air. ?(?(?(

    The good thing is you both survived in less than ideal conditions and had no breakage or loss of control issues.

    Just a question for both of you. Are you running a 3 Bar map sensor for your tune since you're boosted at over 15 PSI ?

    I don't think I could have used more fuel if I wanted to. I drove just over 38mi that weekend and used about 13gal of fuel.. lol I'm using a 2 BAR MAP. 2BAR is 29psi. You can go beyond what they rated for and they still function. I only hit 30psi when using scramble boost in 4th. The rest of the time 4th gear sees 26psi when on my 1/2mi boost profile. We used 3 BAR sensors when we made 898whp on our Chevy Cobalt using 50psi.

    Kyle, did the upper fender make any differences in the flapping? :00008356:

    But seriously, can you tell a difference with that change? How was your rear spoiler working, I know we chatted about that at Huntsville.

    Thanks and while you didn't raise any records higher, congrats on a successful weekend, no injuries and no broke vehicles :)

    I'll be honest I do not understand the fender flapping joke that has been made twice now. confused-squared Regardless, haven't had the hood skins over my wheels or the mud flaps on since last year. It definitely made the front feel more stable above 120mph without them on there for me. The front splitter definitely makes a big difference. I am going to be putting on some sensors to show me how much force is being applied at speed. We did some wind testing of our own prior to the 1/2mi and got a lot of good info out of it. The rear wing on mine isn't doing much of anything in the form of down force being applied.

    I would agree, it was a successful weekend for all of us. Like you said, no injuries and no broken vehicles.

    Here's a few pics from the weekend from the media guys here at ZZP.

    rabtech and I chatting in the pits

    Here is a pic from my 139 pass as I was shifting into 3rd. If you look closely at the rear tire you can see the sidewall wrinkling a little.

    Another pic talking to Bobby and Al as I came back into the pits.

    Here is me pointing at one of our media guys coming back down the return lane.

    It was a challenging weekend. My best run was 139.23mph on Sunday afternoon. Sunday was a repeat of last year where mid day the winds got a little gustier and were not coming head on anymore and had a slight cross wind. I had 1 pass where I used the entire lane and then some just to get down the track. I had another pass where I was really close to the end and my rear tire ripped loose doing mid 130s. I tried to steer into it but it just got too far out and I had to ease off the gas to straighten back out.

    Comparatively speaking to all of the cars that were close to the same power level I had a pretty good weekend speed wise but the low speed numbers makes it seem like a bad weekend. Once the winds picked up on Sunday late afternoon I made the call to pack it in for the ZZP crew. I was pushing 26-30psi and not making any progress and there weren't going to be any record setting runs so I figured let everyone get home to their families a couple hours earlier than planned. We were all exhausted anyway from the heat and humidity.

    For me the best part of the weekend was just getting to hang out all weekend with rabtech Ghost and his wife Cheryl and larry . We were at the same hotel and our trailers were close to one another each day so we were all visiting a little throughout the day and then got lunch together on Friday after we got rained out and dinner on Saturday. All in all it was a great weekend with great friends. Nothing broke and we all lived to tell about it.


    What time does it start tomorrow?


    Gates open up to us at 7am with a driver meeting at 830 and racing starting at 9am. Weather permitting of course.

    ZZPerformance, Go Fast Not Broke
    EST 2000

    It was rough out there today. Conditions were less than favorable. In addition to getting rained out at 1pm, the track was pretty slick which was the general consensus of all the racers, and we had probably a 20mph head wind. However both rabtech and I agreed that we will take a head wind over a cross wind any day of the week. There have already been a couple cars that left on flat beds and towed back to the pits. As well as a few that made one pass and broke. The best I could squeeze out in the short amount of time we had was 138 and change. I believe Bobby’s best run thus far has been 134 and change. Tomorrow isn’t supposed to be much better. More heat, more humidity, and possibly more rain at some point. We all went out and got lunch together and headed back to the hotel for naps before meeting back up for beers and shooting the breeze.

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    wokka You thinking about upsizing the fuel tank now? Current would be around 150 miles per tank, right?

    I get 120mi per tank highway cruising at 75mph. When I went out with Funcycle, Mcaws, Rabtech, and Ghost I was getting about 8mpg. I carry a 5+gal jug of fuel if I am making long trips and cannot be sure if I will make it to the next station with E85. So far, I have only used it once when riding with those guys. When I went to Maggie I brought a 55gal drum of fuel with me. The longest trip we went on was 120mi but that day with them I went through 15gal of fuel in that 120mi

    I would like to add a sub woofer under the seat of my 2018 SLR LE. I am looking at the ROCKVILLE 10in 800w all In one system. Does anyone know what I need to make this compatible with my ride command? and if someone makes a plug and play harness?

    I would get in touch with Scott Riley at Sport Rider in Wisconsin. 715.834.0244 or find him on FB. He used a self contained under the seat powered sub by Cerwin Vega under each seat and it is hands down one of the best sounding audio setups I have heard in a Slingshot to date. I know he is fine with giving out the info on the parts he used. I know he had to shim the seat up a bit for it to fit but I do not think if it was much from what I remember. It also still had a comfortable seating position.

    We’ve never used the Zeitronix wide band but we have used their ethanol % gauges in a few of our builds. They work well, have been very accurate, and seem to be built well. If you’re looking to try something new I definitely wouldn’t say Stay away from them.

    I’ve had a AEM fail safe in my SS for 3 years with zero issues. The data logging feature has been really helpful with tuning and diagnosing. The failsafe feature is pretty cool also if you are running 9psi or more.

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