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    Safe and suppressor question

    Safe: I picked up a cheap safe and was wanting to add some extra security. Can some kind of padlock assembly be welded onto it?

    Suppressor - I'm preparing a CZ Scorpion for home defense. I've got the red dot and one of the more important components is the suppressor. There are a crap ton of options, my only goal is not to blow out my ear drums if I need to defend the homestead. I'm throughly confused. Thoughts?

    Do not know about the safe. I went into that one buy once cry once. As for a supressor, I'm a fan of the dead air suppressors. Their odessa 9 is a great dedicated 9mm supressor and it's modular. It's also great on hand guns as it is very slim and you can use stock height sights with it. The other option they have that I have used but do not own is the Wolfman. It's a very effective multi caliber unit. Silencer Co also has some great offerings like the Octane 9. Or take a look at their Hybrid 46 and Hybrid 46M Both are multi caliber units. While I've never used one the YHM R9 seems to get a lot of good reviews especially in the sub gun and PCC arenas.

    Kyle D , Will the ZZP turbo exhaust hook up directly to non-ZZP Turbos that exit in the stock location? Any modifications needed?

    If you are referring to a DDM kit, the down pipe will need to be modified. The turbo in the DDM kit hangs 2.5-3" lower than on our kit. I personally have not done one here at ZZP but have had several people buy it and when they reported back they said it was a very easy modification and were happy. I did one on an Alpha kit last year and it required a fully custom down pipe. If you have any other questions let me know. Happy to help if I can.

    What is this welter exhaust I went with the I think thermal r&d and man in 5th gear at 2k rpm does she have a drone lol

    Just for your additional consideration, we have a 2.5” rear exit exhaust at ZZP for both non turbo and turbo applications. It’s hands down the best exhaust on the market and nothing sounds as good. It’s made here in the USA at ZZP with the help of our CNC mandrel bender using 304 stainless. We don’t use aluminized mild steel like most of the others out there. The non turbo version comes with our stainless header. Should you decide to go turbo in the future, no problem it will hook right up to our turbo kit. The kit also comes with a transmission mount designed and made in house as well as a license plate relocation kit. The non turbo version sells for $1349.99 which is less than other companies 2” exhaust which includes nothing but the exhaust. You can check it out here…slingshot-exhaust-package

    If you have any questions feel free to reach out here, email me directly at, or my direct line is 6164214296

    Here’s what it sounds like just cruising

    I have been running the stock muffler that I bypassed the internal cat and the cat delete pipe for the past year and it is time to put the Welter Dual on Sling II. I will have to get someone to do the install, I was cripple for over a week just taking the Welter off of Sling I

    I wish you were closer I'd do it for you here at the shop after hours or on a weekend. Then we could go for a drive after and I could get a refresher of what it's like reading your hat in my mirror you're so close. laugh-squared

    Thinking of getting my vette chrome wheels powder coated over the winter. Wonder if they have black chrome powder coating.

    Black chrome powder is out there. It's generally a topcoat that is applied over a base. For instance, people will use a silver powder coat base, then lay the black chrome on top of that. They generally are not as "chromey" as an OEM black chrome. Hard to explain but its more of a glossy graphite from the results I've seen floating around. I'm sure companies like Prismatic or Tiger Drylac have samples with customer photos are their site if you do some googling.

    Not a 3 -wheeler but for anyone considering a quad-conversion, here is a pretty damn cool alternative. A V8 powered, exo-skeleton, corvette cart. Located in Canton, Maine and auctioning tomorrow on BaT. Current bid" $11k.…95-chevrolet-corvette-44/

    C;mon! Someone here needs to buy this and take me for a ride.

    That's awesome! I bet that thing is gobs of fun. Real similar to the one Cletus McFarland built that he named Leroy.

    Do the powder coat but make sure they zinc primer the wheels with zinc powder before they lay down the colored powder you go with. The reason is the zinc primer will seal the wheel and help prevent the wheel from oxidizing/rusting from the inside out from the elements and the powder cracking and falling off. It’s a good rule of thumb to zinc primer anything that will be outside and regularly exposed to the elements like wheels or frame pieces. It’ll increase the longevity of the powder. I would also have them lay a clear down over the color you go with even if they tell you a clear is not necessary. That will help protect the wheel and the colored powder. It’ll add 2 additional steps to the process and will likely cost more but it’s worth it. Buy once cry once. If you have any other questions on it feel free to give me a call. Thanks again for the advice a few weeks ago. Much appreciated.

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    exactly - hope it never comes to that, but always keep the option open

    land border for us would probably be Mexico - under 2 hours away - - and then probably see if we could catch a flight from there to the Philippines - with my wife being Filipino we have more options and legal rights there than in most other countries

    Totally get that. It would make sense for you to head there. I also carry a Dominican passport so I would likely try to get there. (I spent 8 years there) If I couldn't exit through an airport or a land border, it wouldn't be too far fetched to get there on a smaller boat (32'-42') if you were to island hop down through the Caribbean.

    We all also have vests too, granted the kid's is the old plate style and heavy as hell so he needs to get off the xbox more and spend more time outside or it'll wear his ass out!

    Another thing I think should be considered of value to those trying to be prepared is up to date identification and passports for all family members.

    Of course I would hope it never happens, but nothing is guaranteed, and having the option to get out of the country and legally into another could be what it takes to keep your family safe if the shit really hits the fan

    As a side note looking at the direction this country has been going recently makes this option seem much more important to me than it did in the past

    I've got vests for my GF and I. For my son being that he is only 6, I bought a level 4 ceramic plate to lighten the load vs a steel plate and put that into a sleeve in his backpack. If a worst case scenario were to happen I would be covering his open side but he could wear the back pack like normal or in front of him if needed.

    Passports are always in the go bags. I've got multiple contingency plans in my head of what I would do if I had to get out with little to no notice. Canada would likely be my first exit strategy since the border is only 2-2.5hrs away from where we are in MI. Assuming the border is open of course. Outside of that, its a mad dash to the nearest ocean port to find a boat and figure the rest out as I go. However, hopefully it never comes to that.

    I personally feel like I am set up fairly decently. I've always had gas masks for my family, enough food for roughly 30 days along with a substantial amount of MREs. <X Ive got some life straws and a couple "5gal jerry cans" that will also filter water that could be taken in the truck. My sons room doubles as a VERY minimal "panic room". Solid wood door with dead bolt and floor bolt. Wall safe in the closet along with go bags for each of us. I feel like it would keep someone or fire out long enough for us to get out the window and out of the house if we absolutely had to. When the pandemic first hit and everyone started hoarding paper towel and toilet paper, I was grabbing ammo while prices were still normal. I grabbed 5k rounds each of 9, 45, 556, and 12g and 3k rounds of 308. I also keep 50gal of fuel at home just in case. I use it every 3-6mo to keep it fresh. My truck has just about anything I would need to do some over-landing and get out of town if needed. Tools, tent, camping supplies etc. The only challenge is having to change out the clothes in my sons go bag every season since he grows so fast.