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    now ZZP Performance needs to come out with their very own top design that some how incorporates these mounts

    yes they can call it the - - - - - ZZ Top

    yea - - - never mind 8o


    I promise you If we ever come out with a top, I will name it ZZ Top. 😂😂😂😂 That’s gold Jerry, GOLD!

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    Kyle D great idea strapping the remote to the steering wheel I tested mine on a ride last night and put it on my right wrist. My VIRB XE is still reported to be at Brooklyn, NY US since 5:58 PM Monday. Suspect it is lost or stolen or it is just USPS's sucky tracking which they would blame on the virus.

    You can see it on the left of the wheel. This location has worked really well for me.

    so adding turbo throws off the gas mileage by how much?

    Fuel economy in the Slingshot is measured by injector pulse. So when you add a larger injector that pulses less than the factory you will actually see the fuel economy increase which is a false reading. However, I know with both DDM and ZZP, we both have corrected that data in our supplied tunes so your mileage really shouldn't change much unless you keep the pedal all the way down with the new found power.

    I ordered a second Garmin VIRB so I can di picture in picture. I have a Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 but it will not time sync with my GOPro Hero 9 Black. Well the USPS tracking shows it has just been sitting in Albany, Ny. for two days. I hate USPS.

    I use that same VIRB Ultra 30 as well. I really like it. I mainly bought it for scuba diving since the enclosure is water tight further down than any of the GoPros. However, admittedly, the GoPros do have slightly better image stabilization. But I also like that the VIRB also has a bluetooth remote you can get for it to turn it on and off. I like to record the 1/4 and 1/2 mi runs I do and when you're strapped into a 6pt harness and a hans device, trying to reach behind you for the camera is an impossible task. It's nice to just have the remote strapped to my steering wheel and just push a button to start the recording.

    I figured with all the positive reviews (and your visibility in the forum) it was safe to take the chance. I ordered one on the 11th and received it today. A GoPro Hero 9 Black is on the way as well (shipped but the tracking number is not yet in the system so no idea when I will see it.) Looks like I know what I am doing this weekend! Thanks for the response and the quick turnaround!


    Thanks for the order! Glad you got yours quickly also. Let me know if you need anything else.

    Tracking says Thursday by 7:00 PM - - - - - :thumbsup:

    Seriously, that is as fast as I get things I order from vendors in my same State


    We ship so much stuff out we get obscenely good rates on 2nd day air so long the package is within X dimensions and X lbs. It's usually cheaper than regular USPS priority mail or UPS ground. Your package falls into that category so even being on nearly the opposite side of the country, you still get your order relatively quickly. :-)

    I wish all of our orders went out this fast. We recently restructured a few things between fabrication, order fulfillment, and shipping in hopes to make off orders with off the shelf parts ship out faster. Looks like it is working.

    I messaged them on their site to ask about it fitting my 2020 R . It is very expensive compared to what is on Amazon that I am using now but it is also very nice.

    I have not had a chance to test fit this on the 2020+ models yet. If you'd like to test it out and it does not fit I will send you a return label for return shipping and issue a 100% refund.

    We did find out that the 2017+ models had a narrower hoop. This was rectified by removing the spacers that come with the kit and using shorter hardware. You do not need to select a year when purchasing as we include the proper hardware for both the 2015-2016 and the 2017+ in the package. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out here or you can always email me directly at


    Permatex also makes one for plastics that works really well. My coolant tank broke in Maggie last year and I went to the local autozone and got a tube. I didn't remove the tank or drain the coolant and it held until I got home and could replace it.

    Did you Drive the Slingshot back to Michigan?


    Lol absolutely not. I’d walk back to MI before I spent 12hrs in that race seat. I did drive it the rest of the season which included a few weekends at the drag strip using the one I fixed.

    ZZPerformance, Go Fast Not Broke
    EST 2000

    Permatex also makes one for plastics that works really well. My coolant tank broke in Maggie last year and I went to the local autozone and got a tube. I didn't remove the tank or drain the coolant and it held until I got home and could replace it.

    I did better than that, i texted him or whoever cell# that is on their website twice, once about 2 weeks ago and than last week, which is when i was told i should have a tracking # by friday or Monday which is today .........shows shows shows which means everyone else has to take a back seat ....... not good business, you should stop taking orders if you cant fulfill em in a timely manner, business 101...........and my order was placed March 4th, the more i think about it , the more upsetting it is.......:sleeping:

    Believe me when I say I understand your frustration. We are still having difficulties getting regular shipments of materials for manufacturing and it's really frustrating from the vendor perspective as well. I do know Mark is slammed and they do post a lead time on their site. I do know that in addition to what chavey2 mentioned, his son currently has some serious health issues battling leukemia for a 2nd time and complications from a marrow transplant. He and I have had talks about this as I had a couple family members pass from it. He also is pretty open about it on the book face also. They've been living at the hospital pretty much since late last year and it has put a huge strain on their family which I am sure translates into strains in the business. I get wanting the parts you paid for and nobody would fault you for using a plan b but I just thought I would give you a larger part of the picture which is also likely contributing to delays in addition to what chavey2 mentioned.

    I haven't forgot about the Panda Coins. I still need to contact the vendors and see if each want to participate in providing products that can be purchased with the coins.

    I'm in to donate some gear. I'll bring some extra stuff for you to Maggie. Sorry to hear about your knee. that sucks. I hand hand surgery on both hand back in late Feb and they're not much better than before. I feel like I traded one set of issues for another set of issues that in a lot of ways is worse than what I was dealing with before. My dad had a new knee put in a couple years ago and walked........well limped out of surgery. Hopefully you get results like that. Looking forward to catching up with you and the rest of the usual suspects in Maggie.

    Just curious how many are running NOS in their slings.... Elena Smith is...…ot/videos/447558886355490

    I've been running it for about a year. I have not used it in any races yet. I was just using a small 35 shot to spool the turbo faster. This year I am going to go to a 2 stage setup using a 50 shot and a 100-150shot on the big end. It'll all be controlled by the Haltech.

    I do not THINK the system on that sling is active yet but do not quote me on that. I've spoken to the owner Antwan several times as he is planning on having us install a Haltech setup in it and I'm not sure the nitrous has been tuned in on the dyno yet.

    Here is a quick video of the purge