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    And it'll be 2 tons of fun in the parking lot. I wish I would have had one of these back in my twenties when we invented 'road skiing' (we thought at the time). We would screw old skis to our boots for a non-release system, tie a water ski rope to the bumper of my buddy's Volkswagen Bus and drag each other around town if we got as much as an inch of snow - or sheet ice. We all lived but how much cooler would we have been with this?8)

    You guys needed one of these!!!!

    It may be a "waste of money" but these guys sure look like they're having a lot of fun.

    Ground clearance is being added via long travel suspension. Maybe it's not practical but it's a cool concept none the less. Luckily we live in a free world where if we dream it and have the disposable income to bring it to fruition we are free to do it and not be held from doing it by anyone who doesn't approve.

    With the tracks on the rear, I think I'd rather have tracks or skis on the front.

    It seems it is legit, Florida licence plate may be used in the swamp:D:D:00008172:

    This is a build that Bob Runman of Bullet Speed is doing for SEMA. I saw this about a month ago. It's legit and running. They are making oversized billet skis for the front. The brake lines are all quick disconnect and it can go from street to snow in about 30min or less. They are LS swapping it and putting a 66mm turbo on it. Should be fun for mashing across snow covered corn fields. He said they are bringing it North for testing this winter. I'm hoping to meet up with them for that if it happens. A setup like that would ALMOST be enough to make me want to stay in MI for the winters. lol

    is ivor the coordinator or is the "monopoly guy" ?

    Here is what I know. Ivor can correct me if I get any of this wrong. Ivor was the original owner of SSR doing the events listed on that flyer. He sold SSR to Scott but he continues to organize and hands on run the events. In between the main SSR events, Scott has smaller Sling-O-Rama events at different locations that the Semis stop at while in route to the main SSR events. I met Ivor for the first time at Maggie Valley this year and have been in contact with him since. Spent a lot of time getting to know him and how this whole thing works as there are a lot of haters out there and a lot of supporters as well.

    I am going to preface the rest of this by saying I have no skin in the game with any organization doing events other than being a supporting vendor when I can and bringing affordable go fast parts and knowledge to the Slingshot market. I will say this, regardless of what your feelings are about Scott or him "having a monopoly" on these events, Ivor is a straight shooter and a stand up guy. Events like the SSR events are not easy to set up, pull off, and run. There is a TON of BS that a person has to deal with behind the scenes in regards to the grounds they are held on, the city management with their rules and regulations, and vendors. I have done an SSR event and from a vendor stand point, it was very well run and Ivor was present and making the rounds each and every day of the event. From what I know of his background he is not new to the organization of large scale events game and he executes well.

    The SSR events are a great way to meet vendors in person, both for the consumers and for other vendors, and consumers get some first hand insight as to possible mod options for their Slingshot. A lot of the same vendors are at a lot of the same shows and are not owned by Scott. Like ZZP for example. The money I made at these events did not go into his bank account. You could look at these shows as "a monopoly" (which I personally do not feel is the case) or you could look at it as a handful of dedicated vendors, outside of the ones owned by Scott, who are/have committed to going to multiple shows to support the Slingshot community across the U.S. Anyone can hate all they want, but at the end of the day, there isn't another person putting on this many shows for our market year after year regardless of turn out.

    I think Kyle D once told me he has broken a couple of the shift adapters

    Mine did the exact same thing as Funinthesun shifting into 3rd at the 1/4mi drags. The Indy 1/2mi was the next day and I made this to replace the stock knob mounted to the stock adapter.

    That also broke shifting going into 3rd on my 3rd run. Only this time it broke the adapter.

    Luckily Al used to work in Marion at a machine shop so we headed there to figure something out. We used a couple pair of vice grips to get us there.

    We ended up making this out of a solid chunk of cold rolled steel which is pinned right to the top of the trans eliminating anything else from failing. It weighs a couple pounds. It was only meant to be temporary but I like it so it has remained. I powder coated it textured black last winter.

    Don't wait for them to put out a billet block, whip out that ole CNC machine and get to grinding 8o

    Just wish the LE5/LSJ community was bigger then we would have billet options like the Honda folks do.

    You should reach out to them since you have a relationship and get the full specs of that block as my curiosity is killing me because 1900HP out of 4 cyl (even with a 3.5 bore) is insane.

    We never made anything close to 1900 but we did make 900whp on our turbo swapped LSJ using one of our girdled race blocks.

    Now we just need a big ol block o billet.

    We have a pretty good relationship with Fuel Tech. We run one of their stand alones in one of our 1/2 mi cars and I'll likely be going to one in the Slingshot next year. Don't quote me on this but at one point they were talking about testing a billet block which could be in that car. They were running a 3.5" bore on a 2.0L crank if I remember correctly.

    Thanks for the thoughts Kyle. I don't use Facebook and won't be signing up just to try their market place. I know there are a cheaper turbo kits out there from the cheap eBay specials from $1500 all the way up. This is not the low dollar entry level system - heck just the turbocharger itself is $900 without the waste gate, BOV or any of the rest of the items. The exhaust system that comes with the system is a $900 add-on. If ordered from Hahn as this system is configured, it sells for over $5100. That is also without the ecu reflashing. So my used one at less than half the price IS a good deal for someone that wants a great deal on a Precision Turbo system

    That's the great thing about this community. One product doesn't have to fit everyone's needs. Some people are happy with an entry level stage one low boost system others want to push it up to the 300 HP range, and others have to have the forged internals at 500 HP. They are all happy with what they have. Mine gives them a half off option or if enough people want to give it a try, someone could end up with it for $100. That's the deal of the century

    Again, I'm not bashing your post and I don't think what your asking is a bad deal. I'm just painting a bigger picture and trying to help you get some traction in a different "showroom" with new owners is all. If you would like to email me some pics and a description and location, I'll post it for you with your email so they email you directly to make the sale. Just trying to help. My comment wasn't meant as a personal attack if that is how you took it.


    Just some food for thought, and I'm not saying the raffle is a bad idea, but I think you would get a lot more traction and potentially get what you're asking for it over on the dreaded FaceBook. I would post that into a few of the facebook groups. Specifically Slingshot Owners Group (SOG) , Strictly Polaris Slingshot , and Polaris Slingshot Forums . Those 3 groups have high member counts and are the most active members and pages from my experience.

    I would also post it up on FaceBook Market Place, and the pages slingshot custom parts tip and tricks and slingshot buy sell trade

    I think moving it at $2500 may be difficult since both ZZP and DDM offer new kits with tuning around the $3k mark but that doesn't mean that someone won't jump on your kit. While I post new products here first and enjoy this community a lot more, a good majority of the members here are already modded and there is a significantly larger pool of new owners looking to mod on facebook. And if we are being honest, a LOT of the mods in our market are grossly over priced and everyone, including myself, is always looking for a deal on something which is where your kit would be a no brainer for someone looking to go turbo at a lower than normal cost. Again this is just my 2 cents helping you to get what you want out of it. Good luck with the sale.

    I think you guys need to open a southern California facility so that I could take advantage of your awesome generosity - unfortunately being California installing most of the great things I would want would probably be against some stupid State law ;(

    I lived in Los Angeles for 8 years and there were a lot of stupid vehicle laws then. Luckily the laws were more lax and you could pay shops to sign off on your illegal mod cars. But that was about 18 years, 2 states, 4 cities, and 2 countries ago. I would go back to SoCal. I liked it out there aside from all the traffic in and around LA. If ZZP did a satellite location in warmer climates, we have looked at the Carolinas, TN, TX, and Northern FL. And you can bet your ass I'll be on the first truck headed in that direction. MI on a whole is a great state but, while I love to go snowboarding, you can take trips to do that where in MI you're just forced to live in multiple feet of snow for nearly 6mo of the year and your summers are MAYBE 3 months long.

    Did you change your own pads? If so, how hard was it to bleed the brakes?

    As Funcycle said you will not have to bleed the brakes just changing the pads. It is really easy. You'll need to compress the pistons on the calipers. On the fronts you can use a standard piston compressor or a C clamp. The rear caliper you will notice has 4 small indentations on the piston. These rotate as you compress the piston and require a special tool which you can rent from any NAPA or Autozone. Or just bring it to ZZP and I'll do it for you. :thumbsup:

    Curious to know how long you're l Oem brakes lasted. I have 66,000 miles on my 2015 and the pads are still good. I make sure the mechanic double-checks them when I get inspected on a yearly basis and so far they don't need to be changed. I was thinking about upgrading my brakes to Wilwood but I'll try the hawk brake pads first. 3,595 price at slingmods seems really high when I can get the fronts for 1,595. I understand most breaking power comes from the front according to what I was told by seller.

    I only have about 7000 miles on my SS but I do auto x, 1/4 and 1/2mi races so my brakes get beat up. The stock ones were not in bad shape but they just suck. We sell the Hawk 5.0 Street Pads in sets of 3 for $110. I think that is the lowest you'll find. They are in stock and ready to ship. You can find them here…roducts/hawk-brake-pads-2

    Nice, but he doesn't offer it anymore on the website. Plus it's longer, and I'm guessing it wouldn't just bolt into the sling, would need some modifications. It's a thought though :)

    There were 2 versions of the AR5 trans used in the solstice. One that mounts to a cross member is the one the slingshot uses. You can contact Bob Runman at Bullet Speed, he usually has a few laying around. The other version had some sort of bracket that bolted to 2 "arms" that ran towards the rear of the car if I remember correctly. We do not get a lot of Solstices here.