2019 Slingshot Calendar (official thread)

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  • fixed it for ya

    She's kind of a special lady with a heart bigger than Texas but she's still our sister from another mister

    Hugs to you Sir!

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  • I know that chick from Texas too. But the chick I know is all about OTHER PEOPLE first. She's the most giving person I've met in a long long time. Tirelessly working her day job dealing in the high stress medical field, yet finds the time to enrich the lives of everyone she meets. Plus does more fundraising before noon, than most people do all year. I'm proud of her and glad she's an adopted slingshot sister of mine

    FITS I still have that thing you gave me to give to Marco...I promise I will get it to him

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  • Quoteth the @Ross:

    truth is I spend 15 to 30 minutes touching up each photo as I receive them ..... getting the bugs off the windshield and front and removing rocks from the tires and unsightly things. I may adjust the exposure a little if it needs it and bring in some contrast and detail to try and bring out the best of an already great photo

    Then I print out small versions. I take over the dinning room table and put both extensions in.

    I start with the holidays and try to find the best photos that fit the occasion for the month cover. I try to then add in the photos that support the theme but will be smaller.

    I get all 12 months laid out and i go month by month going through the stack for each trying to narrow it down. When I think I have it I do the layout on the kitchen counter and leave it there for a few days to as much as a week. I look at each month just for a few minutes every day to see if anything jumps out as not the right fit then I go through all the photos I didn't use to make sure (at least in my mind) that I didn't miss anything and make any final adjustments. I'm driving Karianne nuts at this point because I have photos spread put everywhere and she wants to decorate for the holidays.

    When I think I'm done I give Karianne the stack of unused photos and tell her to pick out the ones she thinks should go in the calendar. Once she has her stack I ask her to pick what month she would put them in if she can.

    With her stack in hand we head to the dinning room table and go through each month to make sure she is seeing what my vision is or make any adjustments.

    The easy work is done! Now back to the computer to build the files in Photoshop. Pick the right font - I try to do something different each year - design a layout - pick or create a unique background for each month to compliment the theme.

    From there I walk away for a few days to let the old brain swelling go down. Another review - make any necessary adjustments or call it done.

    If it's done then a proof to a forum member who must be able to keep a secret so that he/she can give feedback. If the feedback is bad I start over or maybe just some small changes or if everything has gone as planned then I get a thumbs up.

    With a smile on my face I'm off to my printer with a CD of the files and a flash drive of the original program files just in case. My printer sets up everything in a day or two and prints off a copy for me to review. I pick up the copy and head home. I look at it right away of course but when I get home I'm checking margins and bleeds and general quality from 6 inches in front of my face to 20 feet away. I turn it over to Karianne who does another proofread. If I have to make changes its back to the software, then back to printer, etc.

    With Karianne's final review approved I call the printer and finalize the quantity. Within a week I'm picking up finished product to take back home and start the shipping process to fill the orders placed. I'm usually sweating because I think I didn't order enough.

    Then it's time to sit back and hope I exceeded expectations - although they're not pictures I took LOL. I always want to hear the good and where I can improve - especially if I'm lucky enough to do them next year.

    PS. Did I tell you that I am color blind since birth?

    Endeth quote.

    Yeah, hurry up!

    Remember folks - this isn't a rehearsal, it's The Show!8)

  • Should have a few more “real i.e. Canon camera” pictures to you later this week

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    Just a small town farmboy, handy with my hands and originally trained as a automotive technician. Lives in Swayzee Indiana.