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    My plan to be there late Monday with the wife. I know one of the days is a trip to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge since that is where we went on our honeymoon 6 years ago. First vacation in 18 months so no way I'm cancelling unless there is no choice.

    Here is the link.…shots-in-the-ozarks-2020/

    I'm hoping to make this my first event I get to go to. I'm have a couple of questions. What should I expect? Also I told my wife that I would take her to Branson to see a couple of shows earlier in the week, would anyone live nearby that I could place my enclosed trailer while i take the wife to Branson for a couple of days? I believe that we will be in the area on Tuesday and get to the roadster event on Friday morning so if there was a secure place to store the trailer during that time it would be great.

    It was my pleasure MiM . I had to do some hunting to find out what they matched on your Sling. With family like this who needs friends? Painter did his magic that is for sure. Enjoy them and hope they work great for you.

    Fun In the Sun, maybe i should start staying at Holiday Inn if it makes you that smart. I need to meet some of you people, i wish life would slow down sometimes but it would probably mean I was dead.

    Indiana law:


    Indiana law allows for the operation and registration of autocycles. Autocycles are defined as a three-wheeled motor vehicle in which the operator and passenger ride in a completely or partially enclosed seating area equipped with:

    • rollcage or roll hoops;
    • safety belts for each occupant;
    • antilock brakes;
    • designed to be controlled with a steering wheel and pedals.

    Title and Registration

    Autocycles are titled and registered as a motorcycle, and are issued a motorcycle license plate.

    Driver’s License Requirements

    A valid Indiana driver’s license is required to operate an autocycle. A motorcycle learner’s permit or motorcycle endorsement is not required to operate an autocycle.

    An autocycle may not be used for the purpose of a driving skills exam for an operator’s license or motorcycle endorsement.

    Operation Information

    • An autocycle must be equipped with safety belts that must be worn by the operator and all passengers.
    • A passenger may not ride in any other position except in the seat designed for the passenger.
    • Motorcyclists and motor driven cyclists are permitted to proceed, with caution, through an intersection with a red signal after 120 seconds, however, an autocyclist is not permitted to proceed through the intersection.
    • Autocycles may not be operated side-by-side in a single traffic lane.
    • Autocycles may not be parked along a roadway curb with the rear wheel to the curb and the front tire facing the flow of traffic.√

    I actually have been Talking to Dave at DDM. He listened to the video and looked at the pictures of the plugs and O2 sensor and said that it was normal for all of it. I have basically come to the same conclusion after looking at the plugs and O2 sensor. It may be running rich but it is necessary on a supercharged engine.

    I have never had anything supercharged before so normal operating conditions are an unknown to me. I'm really beginning to believe this is normal. I believe my best course of action will be to put it back together, get the update on Bob's tune and leave it at that. I was really surprised to see how clean the plugs were and even the O2 sensor.