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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I do not buy hand guns with safety's on them either. The safety is the trigger finger.

    I would have to respectfully disagree with you... that's kinda like saying the brake pedal is the only safety device I need in a car.. but -I have always been a little leary of anything that can kill me when I wasn't ready to go...

    Lol... I'd love to tell everyone... but I think I learned my lesson.. and any product questions that I might have answers to? Heck no - I don't mind sharing... the good the bad AND the ugly...


    I have recently had a change of heart... yes, I come to terms with it all and decided we just weren't any good for each other... I had it good, nice and cushy everyday... but it got to where every time my car pulled into the drive - I got physically sick.. with nerves and anger... disgusted.. my whole attitude was like - an oppressive spirit came over me, and it was not just me - EVERYBODY who came through that door felt the same way.

    When it gets to the point where you just don't care anymore...when you can't go in the door and get stuff done because well - SOMEBODY forgot to tell you this or SOMEBODY didn't provide you what you needed.... then its time to cut your losses and move on.. So, about two weeks before Christmas - I got a call from someone who made me feel really special... made me feel appreciated, and wanted... offered me what I had been looking for - for several YEARS.... so.. when I hung up the phone, I told Steve.. he of course was very understanding and supportive. So - I began a new career choice and told Huntsville ... well... you get the picture.

    What? Ya'll thought I was leaving Steve??? LOL NEVER..... he couldn't be so lucky.

    I had been screwed, bent over backwards, beaten down, defeated, unappreciated, deceived, betrayed, hands tied behind my back - unable to do my job, cheated out of raise because I refused to kiss the egotistical ass I was forced to call BOSS, all while POSING as a QUALITY AUDITOR who NEVER got to submit an HONEST QUALITY AUDIT FINDINGS REPORT.... yes - I spent countless hours each night - combing thru units with a fine tooth comb - finding COUNTLESS SAFETY FAILURES - COUNTLESS "THERMAL EVENT" ISSUES - COUNTLESS DEFECTS THAT CUSTOMERS WOULD AND SHOULD AND DO FILE WARRANTY CLAIMS FOR - and I would submit my findings - which were clear and obvious findings if compared to the defined Quality Standards and??? " Delete that - they can fix that... "

    That totally defeats the whole purpose of what quality is supposed to do!!!! We IDENTIFY THE PROBLEMS - WE AUDIT FINISHED GOODS AS IF WE ARE THE CUSTOMER... Yes, I know the RE-WORK team can fix it... the problem is..... this unit is already SOLD! its out the front door!!! IT IS A FINISHED GOOD - AND WE ARE SHIPPING ROLLING DOG TURDS ON WHEELS!!!

    Here is an excellent example, on the day this video was uploaded to Youtube - it was the fresh release of the new ORV model - released to the public - July 28th 2019...

    I watched the video and in 2 of the places that defects are EVERYDAY occurrences .. and whadaya know... son of a ....

    2020 Polaris Ranger 1000 Walk Around - YOUTUBE

    Would you believe, I even sent this in an email to the ORV Quality Manager showing him exactly what can be seen in the video... the screw is not securing the seat bottom to the seat frame, and the screw missing in the rear of the roof top. Guess what.... the video is still posted in the original unedited version. Are these life threatening or safety defects? Probably not... but I bet if I could have looked over this unit further I'd have found a few... the point is - look how much they cared about what they were introducing.

    This is the only thing I can truly say I accomplished 4 outta 5 days a week...

    1.) a QC Manager that did not like me - because I continuously went above him - trying to find ANYBODY / SOMEBODY that gave a damn...

    2.) a dented Steel Beam beside my desk where I came in, and beat my brains out on it for 8 hours a day until time to go home.

    3.) no rewarding contributions to the products the "team" shipped out daily, nor a sense of pride whatsoever to the product quality and product safety that possibly - my neighbor, my friend, or my family might crawl inside of and take for a ride by.

    4.) doing a job I was asked / "required" to do yet I didn't go to bed at night feeling good about what somebody's kids would happily jump in and ride.

    From the outside looking in - you could see me... wearing my "Quality Assurance" hat and a smile. From the inside looking out - I was a mere Do - Dad, just for looks, on a dusty bookshelf that people glanced at in passing from time to time.

    ( I hate Do-Dads... they serve no purpose whatsoever - but always have to be dusted. )

    The products are great, they are innovative, and super fun - really fantastic designs. The problem is not the products. Roseau, Spirit Lake, Medina, Osceola - top notch. The yearly numbers prove it.

    I do not feel Huntsville will have a long term residency. Its a "good ol' boy" managed, with more money thrown around than management can grab with both fists, with a "sweep that under the rug and keep your mouth" shut kinda mentality.

    They fail to recognize who their customer is. The customer is the next person in line - which means - it starts with the design team, the QE and QC team, who then pass it to the employees, the employees are their best source of advertisement.. they ARE the best consumer resource. The dealership is their tangible, first paying customer - NOT an extension of their manufacturing facility - or Re-Work team...

    I can't count how many times I have been told... " We build it right cause we build it twice." And that is the truth. When I can't park my vehicle in the parking lot because there are 700 units in steel crates stacked 3 stories high - spanning the entire length of the parking lot - waiting to be "re-worked". Some of those are from 2018... sitting out in the rain sun and elements... whose going to buy those? Wasted money - "we don't have the main harness???" " Build the units anyway so we can count it on production - then we will sit it outside in a crate until we get the harness and then we will pay an hourly wage to tear it all down and install the main harness.." A front fender - molded plastic, primer, color and top coat - with a decal gets scratched - its scrapped back to molding.. cause its cheaper on the total scrap cost if you don't calculate in all the materials... "what about at the end of the year?? Oh we have a big rug and a broom for that too.."

    With all that being said....

    I love the Slingshot. Its a great product. Great design. I have loads of fun in it. The individuals who work on the Slingshot line are there because they too - love the Slingshot. You don't work on that line if you don't love it... its a full time job with part time hours... those folks could make more money on another line.. but they want to be apart of producing something special. My hats off to those folks. That line is the least worked, yet do the hardest work, they care, and they have a high sense of pride that management has yet to break.

    So.... now I have started employment with another company - who has invested in me as an employee right out of the gate... it currently requires a lot of traveling and time away from home. All expenses paid with per diem meals, furnished apartment, mileage, paid travel time home, and in addition to an hourly wage so that I can be trained. I think I got handed a pretty sweet deal.

    Regardless of said deal, I've always taken pride in whatever job I have done. It was something I grew up with on a farm, and it has stuck with me - that same sense of pride at the end of the day that somebody somewhere would benefit or enjoy what I had did that day. That I had contributed in some small way to family friends and neighbors.. when I no longer feel that sense of pride, or that what I am doing actually matters.... its a terrible thing to work in a place where you cannot contribute, you cannot do your job, you can't take pride in what the "team" is doing, and you begin to no longer care... it feels so good when you stop beating your head against the steel beams.

    Now you know... Sorry. Not Sorry.

    He told half of the story... I share the blame for this accidental discharge. This Ruger was my first gun purchase back in 2013. When I first got it - I shot maybe 1 and 1/2 boxes of name brand shells with it and it had issues with getting jammed. We figured it was just during a "break - in" period and discounted it. I purchased a second mag and some Hollow-Point rounds and had one mag loaded for self defense and one with regular shells for plinking targets. About 2 boxes of shells thru it - the Hammer Catch Spring came loose and disabled the gun altogether. Steve DID fix it, as Ruger offered to do also - but it would have also taken 6 months for Ruger to return my gun to me... Steve fixed it and it worked fine but because I no longer trusted this gun as a means of self protection - I put it in a drawer and had not messed with it for several years until two weeks ago.

    The morning of this accident - I was heading to Kentucky by myself for work purposes - and wanted to carry the Ruger - ONLY because its the smallest pistol I have. I had forgotten that I had two magazines... I opened the case - and seen the slide pulled back and a round chambered - and a magazine clip laying loosely in the case. This pistol does not have a safety - the safety is - it will not fire unless the is mag installed. Steve was eating breakfast and I was running around trying to gather things last minute.. I held up the loose mag and told Steve " when you get done eating - clear this round from the chamber for me and I'll install the mag for transport. If I have to use it... I know I'll have to chamber a round - but if I leave one in the chamber - I don't want to put the mag in it - so either way I gotta do something before I use it..." Steve had glanced over towards me - and seen the clip in my hand. Now... this is MY gun...I am the one who bought the extra magazine... I am the only one who has used it...I am as much responsible - if not more - because I failed to recognize that the gun was ready to shoot, because a flush mounted clip was in fact already installed. I even turned that gun around in its case in a circle - aiming the barrel of a loaded gun at my husband - and myself before I had walked away from the kitchen counter..

    I had to be on the road at 5am to make it to Kentucky at a certain preset time. In all the rushing, grabbing, snatching, hugs and kisses, and hurry hurry hurry... I was in a rush to get out the door and purposely saved the gun being packed in the car as the very last thing. Steve - also in a rush to make sure I had all the items - picked up the gun - me chattering and blabbering at him - he went to clear the barrel - and...

    When that gun went off and we were both just standing there shell shocked.. my mind was trying to understand how the gun went off - and I seen Steve grab the side of his face that was not facing me... I can't put it into words -

    I asked him in a scared voice " are you?? are you ok?? He said "yeah, this ear won't stop ringing though". My lungs could finally breathe in some air again...

    Now - I know how this sounds... I know.. but everything happens for a reason. I learned this lesson many many times during my life... God has given me insight during some tragic and scary times - as to why things happened the way they did. Far too many times to be coincidental...

    I know in my heart of hearts... if I had just decided to leave that round in the gun - thinking the only mag was laying loose in the case - it wasn't a maybe, or a possibility - I WOULD have either shot myself - or shot someone else with that loaded gun. So I guess... its safe to say - God saved me from me -again.

    I think it was a stark - cold - reminder that was very loud and very clear - that life is fragile. That we are not ever promised our next breathe. That in the blink of an eye - lives can be forever changed.

    I left the house 30 minutes late... I drove the speed limit for the next 365 miles, and I thanked God for his mercy - and for once again protecting me and my husband.

    I left that damn gun at home.

    I seem to recall a this little document called the First Amendment.

    Constitutional First Amendment Right:

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

    dalancroft - there are some things that get under my skin the best... and that's the fact that it is everyones right to exercise the 1st Amendment, but where did that Right come from??? It was fought for and paid for with the blood of mine - and your kinfolk. It is in fact, a Liberty that is still defended today - but seems to be defended most in a grotesque, perverse manner. Example: Kaper-dick exercising his 1st Amendment right to kneel and not support pride for the nation he lives and thrives well in- is also a nation full of soldiers above ground and below - that gave him that very right to exercise.

    Here's how I see it.Here's my constitutional right to tell you and everyone else agreeing with you - the clear cut truth.

    The "un-'mericans" that kneel during the National Anthem, and /or destroy the American flag- They are the biggest cowards of this nation. They are cowardice, passive aggressive's - who essentially lack the courage to spit in the faces of those who serve / served. Because - to those who have worn / wear military uniforms - disrespecting their Flag, their Anthem - its the same as spitting on them.

    These ungrateful, undeserving, "its all about me", waste of human flesh invertebrates lack the courage to defend our Nation and personal Rights and Liberties. They lack courage in their convictions. They will never walk up to veteran and show such disrespect in their presence - and simply walk away... the truly brave have exercised " Pro aris et focis " and " Pro Deo et patria " as a way of life their entire lives - and don't tolerate such disrespect and perversion.

    People like Kaper-Dick? Should go ahead and try.

    There are some things you don't use the 1st Amendment as a defense for. Irony defined - without that National Anthem, without the Colors in Old Glory - there would be no 1st Amendment.


    Okay enough negativity guys. I have a 2015 that I'm very happy with. The new slingshot colors excetera as far as Cosmetics look great. But that's not enough for us current owners to go and trade or buy a new one. If they came out with a supercharged model for under 30,000 with a 5 year warranty I may have been interested. It's pretty tough to come out with breaking new cosmetic changes when you had a winner out the gate.

    hey - I will never have negative comments on the product design - or the fun the product creates....

    My negativity stems from and is aimed towards the advertisement and information released - a severe lack thereof. Which does not excite or motivate ALL consumer groups - manual AND automatic groups, current owners AND new customers...

    Just so y'all know...

    I watched this reveal as a CUSTOMER - with a limited inside view of the different designs and pilots and manufacturing of the slingshot this past year....

    I am NOT seeing ANY information on the cool stuff... the new stuff...

    So - ONCE AGAIN - POLARIS FAILS TO PROPERLY INTRODUCE - ADVERTISE - PROMOTE their 2nd Generation Slingshot product.

    You have to make the consumer WANT to go to the dealership and check it out... yes the auto drive will pull some in... but for those that still want manuals - you also have new features that aren't being shown or advertised in the videos - or the "build your own".... because they are STANDARD features....

    Some of the specs are incorrect....

    What a blundering shit show release.... and I couldn't help but yell at the TV last night while watching their - less than exciting "advertising".

    Beautiful and Scenic... and where ALOT of (in)formal pictures are taken. Alabama has 11 Historical Covered Bridges, and Blount County is dubbed as the "Covered Bridge Capital" with a total of 13 covered bridges. I have not seen them all.... but have yet to see one as scenic and tranquil as Clarkson. Some are just down right spooky..

    Thanks for sharing Larry!

    Just an FYI...

    If any members go to buy parts on the Cycle Springs website ... you must call and place your order..

    Everything looks legit - you can put items in your shopping cart - you can even checkout over secured website - the money transaction is marked pending to your bank... they even give you a "estimated ship date"

    2 weeks later you give them a call to see why your ordered has not went past the "order processed"....

    And you hear... "oh the online purchase portion of our website hasn't worked in a long time... always call us with your orders.. "

    Cycle Springs DID have an excellent customer service response.. and the RH Upper A-Arm order was over-nighted free of charge. That kind of large/heavy item shipping was not cheap..

    We have always valued any vendor with exceptional customer service AFTER the sale was made - mistaken order or missing parts or parts returned... we support the vendors whose customer service proves to outshine the original purchase.