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  • Get in and let the fun begin!!!!!!

  • Looking forward to a new area to ride

  • I'm in!!

  • Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  • health premitting ill be there with all 9 1/2 lbs of turbo boost

    • Duey (2 People)

    Looking to ride and have fun

    • EjFord (2 People)

  • We're in!!

  • Our first Sling Event!

  • One less phone call @ethermion will have to make. 😉

    • Ghost (2 People)

    Ya'll batten down the hatches. Shirl's coming with me.

    • MACAWS (2 People)

    Can't Wait!

    • mytoy (2 People)

    Cool beans can't wait

  • Sounds like it will be a good time.

    • Ripley (2 People)

    Wife and I are in! Looking forward to meeting new people.

  • Dorene & I are looking forward to meeting everyone!

  • OK.. committed.. Staying at the Roadway!!

  • Looking forward to meeting all of you

    • SSNOLA (2 People)

    Looking forward to it!! We will be 2 people.

    • V-SHOT (3 People)

    Looking forward to seeing family and friends again

  • 2 People and really looking forward to it

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  • Come on and join the ride. I will probably be in the area tomorrow. Will someone jin me?

  • Dang! Is this the Big Tim ride? Big Tim is rocking cool.

    If you don't like the Big Tim ride, Gadgeteer and I will take you for a ride. A seriously badass ride. Melt your face kinda ride. Tail of the dragon is for girls kinda ride. Seriously.

    About 6 hours for me, and not sure my lovely bride, love of my life, would be up for that. I will just have to sort that out.

    So, yeah, the big E is in. And for anyone on the fence, it will be a great opportunity to see ME! Though, to be fair, not everyone likes seeing ME, but everyone remembers seeing ME.

  • Here is the early info on the host hotels. It will be posted again on flyer (flyer will be posted in 2 weeks) but here it is for the early birds.

    Host hotel #1

    The Roadway Inn

    2221 Euclid Ave

    Bristol Va 24201

    (276) 644-3570

    Rate $44 nightly plus tax w/ promo code:

    This hotel is walking distance to the Slingshot Dealer

    Host Hotel #2

    The Fairfield Inn

    3285 West State Street

    Bristol Tn 37620

    (423) 574-4500

    Rate $129 nightly plus tax w/ promo code: Mayhem in the Mountains

    Be mindful to watch addresses for this event because we are one city in two states.

    • A third host hotel was added. It can be found on the Mayhem in the Mountains thread

  • Tim looks like a fun new place for some of us to ride....

  • Is there still Booze and Blues?

    • Unfortunately not this year because my son is getting married that week. So he wins!

    • Do you have any Hotel recommendation?

    • We will post that shortly along with a full schedule. There is a small local hotel that will give us $50 per night rates