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  • Happy Birthday you man. Enjoy yourself and do something fun ya wanna do.

  • Happy Birthday.... Hope it's a Great one.

  • Happy Birthday, Enjoy your day

  • How's work going? I got home at 5 pm. The heat was getting to me for that last hour or so and I had to stop a couple of times just to get out and move around some.

    • it is what it is. Allowed me to come to mayhem. Just sitting in a room watching people talk. Start my travels home tomorrow. Let you guys know when I am finally back to reality.

    • The main thing is to have fun, just do not take all of that (work) to serious and enjoy life. There is more to life than a dollar bill. I never worked overtime, to me family was always more important.

  • Not necessary. I'll do some more digging.

    • Mniron did his with a steel mesh might be easier to find. Just an fyi

  • Hey Hodge where did you source the pvc mesh? Haven't found what I like local

    • My work had some extra cutoffs they were throwing away so I grabbed some. I can ask where they got it from if you want. But they may only sell 4x8 sheets.

  • After being told a dozen times in 1 hour while at Maggie valley to join by a dozen different members I couldn't say no.