To all the Newbies coming to this forum.

  • Welcome to all the new people coming into this forum. I personally have been on here for a little over year. I hope you new folks find it as useful as I have. I've said this many times on many threads. The riding is only half of the Slingshot experience. This forum and the people on it is the other half. I encourage all new Slingshot owners to get out and go to an event. Even if you don't know one other person that owns a Slingshot, go to an event, you won't be a stranger for long. :)

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  • Being a newbie myself, I could not agree more with @123hotdog.I have already had the pleasure of meeting three great guys from here, wokka Slopoke Dave@DDMWorks. I learned so much about these things the few hours we hung out that my head is still spinning.And everyone that has replied to my few post on here have been so helpful, it really feels like calling a family member up. And I am not even a Sling owner.....Yet!!

  • Since no one else said it... Fair warning... The family here will continuously show off all the newest products and ways to empty your wallet faster than you ever thought possible. Best to have deep pockets and not resist!

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  • Well, EjFord can help the newbies with that "mod itis" wallet problem...

    Just pump that mod money into the fuel tank.

    You'll find that you go farther, have fun doing it, and your wallet will remain plumper.

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  • Before I joined Gold Wing Road Riders my cost of operating my Wing was minimal … I joined the group and all of a sudden it was 4 or 5 oil changes a year instead of one, a new set of tires every year.... just went on and on... And the Slingshot is just as BAD....the advantage is that for every mile I drive it I get to subtract an 'hour of age'...I'll be a teenagers before long.