Thanks for your prayers and support!

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  • I will be back home tomorrow from my Florida trip to take care of Mom. Sadly, this is beyond my abilities because mom's medical needs are too extreme for family to handle now.

    I was able to set up in-home hospice care for her before I left.

    Mom is still feisty and ornery as hell. She also knows everything about everything - just ask her! Hard to believe that she is related to me! 😁 She can also tell you how many different kinds of a SOB I am, and she'll tell anyone who'll listen "He's not that kind of doctor!" LoL!

    Dad told me once that determination will take most folks much farther than talent. On this basis alone, mom will probably outlive us all.

    God bless everyone in this extended family for your prayers and words of support. On the tough days, they mean an awful lot!

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  • God Bless you and your family - my wife and I have been in the same situation and know how difficult it can be - I will keep you and yours in my prayers and please know if you need someone to talk with you can pm me any time <3

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  • I lost my father about 3 years ago. I moved in with him for the last few months and was his care giver through the whole hospice experience. I truly understand the difficulties this can be; however I also know how important it is to be there with your family until the end. I will certainly keep you, your mother and family in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!

    ~ Shadrac

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