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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I had a Sychrony account on my Sling. I had them automatically withdraw from my checking account. I would still get the payment coupons in the mail every month. I don't remember how I got it set up but it was probably on the coupon.

    After the Sling was payed off I still got a couple of coupons showing $0.00 balance.

    Looking good there Mr. S. Hope your battle ends pretty soon so you can get back on the open road and put some miles on your Cool Looking Slingshot

    Thanks Phil, had great report last week it seems my largest tumor shrunk in half and the others shrunk significantly. This was after four rounds of chemo and immunotherapy. Had a treatment this Wednesday and then one more at the end of the month and then plans are to just do the immunotherapy for maintenance.

    “Happy Dance” :00000441:

    Yesterday my Sling Shot brother av8ingtom , who is down here in Coonass land visiting his daughter and family met for lunch. He comes down about twice a year so we try to get together at a Cajun restaurant that is about in the middle.

    When he got out of his truck he had a big brown bag in his hand and as he got closer I could read the name on the bag. It was a Jersey Mike’s bag. My all time favorite sandwich shop. The closest Jersey Mike’s is about 2 and a half hours away from where I live. I said wow let’s put it in the car and I will eat it for supper. He said he had called ahead and talked to the manager and was told it was okay to bring it in. When my wife and Tom got their food I opened the bag and there it was.... manna from heaven....... “The Big Kahuna “ Philly cheesesteak, double meat and double cheese. I could only eat half. Gonna have the other half for breakfast.

    A very heart felt and stomach felt thank you Tom for making it a GREAT day!

    You are correct water does not compress but it will expand with heat.

    On our dirt track race car the rear tires will gain as much as 15 psi as they are spinning almost constantly. The right front will gain about 5 psi. This is with compressed air from an air compressor and high humidity.

    When we have nitrogen in the tires the gain is not as much. But there is still some moisture in the tires.

    That looks awesome! Well done. Can you elaborate on the upholstery please.

    Glad you are feeling and doing better 🙂

    DDM sells padded arm rests and padded console rests. My wife purchased these for my birthday. They are black marine grade materials with colored stitching of your choice. They are applied with double sided 3 M tape. Gives it that plush look.

    I can see the tittle in my head.

    Catastrophic Cracked Hood Failure........ then there will be a 20 page essay about polaris using inferior quality ABS to create the hood which is why it cracked.


    Polaris should have used marine grade ABS and we wouldn’t have all these problems. :00008356: