Sneak Peak - DDMWorks Stage 1 Turbo kits

  • We have been working on some new products over the winter and early spring and one of the first ones we are introducing is a new turbo offering, the DDMWorks Stage 1 turbo kit.

    We are super excited about this kit and have worked hard to make this kit upgradable and adaptable to as many options as possible. The new DDMWorks Stage 1 turbo kit can be upgraded to our other EFR turbo kits down the road with minimal changes. The kit can adapt to run either our 2.5" shorty exhaust or the Welter rear exhaust systems. The kit comes standard in black or red, but we also have the full custom Slingshot color options available. Since our base kit ships with larger fuel injectors and tune already, if you want to turn up the boost, there is no waiting for another tune update, the kit is ready to go. Color options for the AN fittings on the water lines will also be available. With all of these options, this is a really customizable kit, allowing you to make your Slingshot perform and look exactly how you want.

    Some key features of our kit include -

    - Custom DDMWorks 2871 Turbo

    - Easy 6psi of boost producing 270HP at the rear tire

    - Internally wastegated turbo

    - Exhaust Options ranging from our DDMworks shorty exhaust (2.5" front exit) or the option to hook to a Welter Rear Exhaust!

    - Mandrel bent with smooth bends (no weld marks) aluminum Charge tubes

    - Custom DDMWorks intercooler and mount specific to the Slingshot, the same one used in the record setting Slingshot

    - Color options!! the charge tubes can be done in the standard Black or red, but also full custom Slingshot powdercoat options can be done to match your ride.

    - Plug and play 2 Bar MAP sensor

    - Upgraded 63# Siemens Fuel Injectors included with the kit

    - Upgraded NGK spark plugs that are 1 step colder

    - Water cooled turbo with Stainless braided hoses and AN fittings (no rubber hoses)

    - Stainless braided oil drain line and oil supply to the turbo (no rubber hoses)

    - DDMWorks Turbo tune based off of years of testing and development on the Slingshot

    - Online, phone and text tech support available for questions before and after ordering or during installation.

    - No additional engine internal parts needed for install, the kit includes everything you need.

    - The cost of the tune is included in the kit price

    - Kit will be available from all of our dealers including Slingmods, Slingshotonly, etc.

    - ECM's can be sent to our location in South Carolina for flashing or to California, whichever is more convenient for you.

    - The kit can be installed at any event we attend, we have the ability to flash the ECM on site!

    - Optional pre-drilled oil pan with AN fitting will be available to make installation easier

    - Optional Oil pan gasket will be available to make installation easier (will be available separately also for those installing other kits)

    The base kit price in Black or Red powdercoat, 2.5" race exhaust, everything needed for full install is $3495

    The kit can be purchased without the exhaust, for those that want to hook to their Welter exhaust for only $3195

    I am sure some are going to want to compare the DDMWorks Stage 1 kit to other turbo kits out there at similar prices and we are well aware of that. For those that are doing the comparison, our kit is going to be slightly more expensive, however for that little bit extra our kit will offer the following advantages -

    - Able to hook to the Welter exhaust

    - No need to send back your ECM when you want to turn up the boost, the Tune is capable of 12psi as shipped with the kit (stock engine will not handle 12psi of boost and will need upgrading for those power levels)

    - No welds marks on the Charge Tubes

    - Color Options for the powdercoat on the charge tubes

    - Stainless steel braided water lines with AN fittings for protection from the high heat around the turbo

    - Stainless braided oil drain line and oil supply

    - Tech support on the weekends and after hours incase you have questions or need some help via phone, email or text.

    - Installation can be done at events, no waiting for sending ECM's back and forth

    - Optional pre-drilled oil pan and oil pan gasket to make installation easier

    - Available at the largest Slingshot parts dealers in the country

    More information will be released next week with the official announcement and projected delivery date on the first batch of these kits.

    Let us know if you have any questions!


  • Ok, Dave, you know this was going to be asked, how is this different than your DDMWORKS TURBO KIT, I see a couple of optional items that are included in the full kit, but are there other things that I'm just missing?

    Granted, I only did a cursory look down this and didn't do a line by line compare of this and your website.

    Can you give us a summary of changes?


    Looking forward to visiting with you at MV

  • The full turbo kits we have been selling are going to have their names changed to Stage 2 and Stage 3 depending on the turbo.

    This Stage 1 kit is almost exactly the same kit as those, except with a different turbo. The intercooler, charge tubes, injectors, tune, exhaust, MAP sensors, etc have all been worked out to be the same between the kits. We are going to be putting together a little explanation showing all the differences in the coming days exactly, but all the kits are very similar to each other, except the turbo's themselves.

    Really looking forward to Maggie Valley. We will have this turbo on our development car for people to go drive also. There should be plenty of the superchargers there and the other turbos also for anyone that is looking to get a really good feel of all the differences, should be fun!

  • Gotcha, so the kit you have now for sale with the EFR 6758 is going to be the Stage 2, it also has the oil pan and gasket swap included.

    Thanks for the explanation.

    The Stage 1 kit will not come with a oil pan or gasket, although they will be an option when the kit is ordered. The Stage 1 kit will require you to tap your stock oil pan and use RTV for sealing the pan back to the engine like all the kits have done in the past. The Stage 2 and Stage 3 kits do come with a welded oil pan that is ready to install and oil pan gasket to make the installation much quicker and easier.

    The new oil pan gaskets have been fantastic, makes the job so much nicer. Not sure if you have seen how you swap oil pans on the Slingshot, but getting the new pan up in place without messing up the RTV can be a little bit of a challenge. The new gasket just makes it so much easier, we will be introducing the gasket also next week with pricing as an add on for the Stage 1 turbo kit.

  • Just a quick update, we are here at Maggie Valley doing another test install of the new Stage 1 turbo kit. Started just a little bit ago and will have it up and running this afternoon. New tune is already flashed and exhaust is coming off now.

  • Upgraded fuel injectors, MAP sensors, spark plugs are installed with the inter cooler and shrouding. The Owner of this Slingshot will be selling the Alpha intake, he said $175 if someone wants it just send me a PM and I will get you in touch with him.

  • Dave@DDMWorks any word on when the stage 1 will be sent out? I place an order awhile back and was just curious?

    All the final parts arrived today and we will be getting everything assembled and boxed. The first kits are shipping tomorrow! Super excited for all of these pre-orders and tracking numbers will start to show up in emails tomorrow! Thanks for your order!