DDMWorks Supercharger Kit - Now more power Available

  • We have been very happy with the DDMWorks Rotrex supercharger kit and its performance, it makes the Slingshot a lot of fun. The compact supercharger unit has been very reliable and with a simple 1320 exhaust and header installed, we have been making around 280hp at the wheels with a nice flat torque curve, perfect for carving canyon roads or blasting down the interstate. Even though customers have been happy with that power, we always want to keep pushing the power and so we are happy to offer another tested pulley option to our customers. The new pulley is slightly smaller, spinning the supercharger a little faster and bumping power another 25hp at the wheels, while also elevating the entire torque curve at the same time, the result is 305hp at the rear wheel, enough power that I was spinning third gear all the way up to 6000RPM yesterday :)

    Have any other questions? Just let us know, we are always happy to answer them.

    More information on the kit can be found here - DDMWorks Slingshot Rotrex Supercharger Kit

    For those that want to see how we actually made the extra power, here is an exclusive sneak peak for Slingshotinfo forum members only! - :)

  • I will be axciously waiting to feel MORE POWER.
    I have been more than happy with the DDM Supercharger over the past 6 weeks. I had the pleasure of walking away from a Corvette who tempted me to step on the throttle at 70 MPH last weekend. By the time I rolled off the throttle at 130 he was about 5 car lengths behind me.
    The strong pull that starts around 2600 RPM is a steady increase all the way to redline. It hits hard, is predictable, and controllable.
    The only problem I have is my wife wants one in her SS now.

  • If it just takes doughnuts to make more power then I have small nuclear reactor just waiting to be unleashed.

    Look at all those red sprinkles!

    There was originally 2 sprinkle doughnuts, but we made too much power, so I had to eat one. If it was up to me they all would have had sprinkles, but no chance of the engine surviving that ;)


    @Dave@DDMWorks ... what upgrades are "recommended" at this new power level ....


    The only thing our setup has is a 1320 header and exhaust, our center feed fuel rail and the supercharger kit. Everything else is stock. Any free flowing exhaust without the stock catalytic converter will work though.

    So the recommended items for this power level would be -
    Supercharger kit
    Free flow exhaust
    Center Feed Fuel Rail

    I would also suggest some kind of brake upgrade, since if you are accelerating harder, you need to be able to stop better also. A stickier rear tire would also be advised, since the stock rear tire is begging for mercy at this power level.

    Hope that helps,

  • Free flow exhaust. If I have removed the cat on stock is that considered free flow? What negative effect will it have on the engine overtime? I know a loaded question. And driving normally, what MPG will it get? Normally meaning speed limit.

  • No head stud or connecting rod upgrade?

    We have been testing everything here on a completely stock engine, no head studs and no upgraded connecting rods. None of the kits we have shipped out have been installed on anything but stock engines that we are aware of. We are testing something special on a built engine here and will have more information on that later once we are complete with it.

    Free flow exhaust. If I have removed the cat on stock is that considered free flow? What negative effect will it have on the engine overtime? I know a loaded question. And driving normally, what MPG will it get? Normally meaning speed limit.

    We can install the supercharger kit on a completely stock engine with stock exhaust and stock catalytic converter and it will run fine, however it will be down on power. We typically run a slightly larger pulley on stock cars and keep power to around 230hp at the wheels. A stock exhaust with the cat removed does pretty good and we keep those around 250-260hp at the wheels, safely. The problem that typically is going to cause issues with this engine is backing up heat into the cylinders, which causes issues with the pistons and the upper ring land. That is why typically we can run higher power than the turbo guys on a stock engine, we do not back up heat into the cylinder head as much as the turbo guys. Also, the supercharger doesn't create a big torque spike like the turbos in the lower RPM range and the supercharger can not overboost since the boost is determined by the pulley size on the setup, all of that adds up to more safety with the stock engine. The more restriction that is removed from the exhaust, the less heat that is trapped back at the cylinder head and piston, the more we can increase the flow through the engine and more power, simple as that. This engine should go for a long time if you keep it cool and take care of it, even at these power levels. On the LE5 we have lots of customers well over 100k miles with similar or more power at the wheels.

    As for MPG, on the trip that this took out to Arkansas, the dash was reporting into the 40's, but that is not accurate. We have found that anytime that you swap the injectors and MAP sensor in these vehicles, it messes up the calculated MPG on the dash display. Going by actual mileage driven divided by gallons to fill it back up, we averaged around mid 20's MPG.

    Hope that helps,