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  • I am looking to get an intercom setup for our helmets before Maggie Valley. I have been doing a little research into them and wanted to get some input into it. I don’t need all the bells and whistles and I don’t want to spend a fortune since we will be wearing the helmets very infrequently. We have full face HJC helmets.

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  • I have had these recommended to me by several folks. I have not made a decision yet as to what I will purchase though.

    Sena SMH-10 Bluetooth Headset Dual Pack

    Item: P199761 SKU: 836071
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    This kit includes two of Sena's tried-and-true SMH10s. They are perfect for music sharing and support full duplex intercom with up to three friends.. Read More
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  • I got the Sena SPH10H-01 Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headset / Intercom for Half-Helmets, and it works great we used it on a few longer trips already like last year to MV.

    But he said full face helmet, so...

    I can't speak to a product model that specifically goes for the full face, but I'll agree with @mytoy that our Senas were definitely worth every penny.

  • Another vote for the Sena, we got the 10s dual pack from Amazon. allows you to share factory radio, as well as use intercom.

    I have full face helmet, wife has 3/4 HJC. Mount stays on helmet, Sena unit clips on/off as needed and recharging.

    You can pull the ear pads and liner out and hide the wiring inside helmet, and mount speakers where best fit. Comes with wire-strand mike as well as a boom mike. Wired works great in full face, boom mike works best for wifes 3/4 with face shield.

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  • I've got a Bell Mag-9 helmet, XL in titanium with the Sena built-in unit designed specifically for that helmet. Light usage (some scuffs - nothing major). $150 to anyone here on the forum.

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  • Has anyone had any experience with this one....SMH5

    The SMH5 is a quality unit with a little less capability than the 10. If it is just going to be used in the sling between two riders as an intercom, I would purchase it. If you are going to link up with someone in another vehicle get the 10.
    The SMH10 listed above is a great deal for 2.

  • The wife rides her own bike so bike to bike was important to us as well as listening to music and phone functions. We use the Sena 10r we really like the size not a big box hanging on the side of the helmet. Been using this system a couple years lots of miles in all kinds of weather.
    Sena 10R Bluetooth Headset | 10% ($23.90) Off! - RevZilla

    I also use the Sena Calvary helmet with the 10r built in I use this on hot days it works great and I can hear much better than I thought I would.
    Sena Cavalry Helmet - RevZilla

    We have tried everything from Chatterbox to Scala to Nolan N-com all worked great but like the Sena better for size and ease of use.

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