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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    As an original member of the first forum (the dark side), this forum and now SOG I'll throw in my opinion here. The first forum was a great place to share info until conflict caused the migration to this forum. Rab has done an excellent job with this forum. A great group of people put together SOG and offered membership at no cost. If I had a conflict with the board of a group that I had nothing invested in I would simply find or create a different group. Trying to create conflict by airing dirty laundry serves no purpose.

    Thank you to all those who put in their time and effort to keep this community up and running.

    Is there a way for us to not pay any income taxes? I can only think of one, just start buying gold and putting it up for the rest of your life until you retire and then start cashing out a little at a time. Would that work?

    Gold is difficult to use because you need to turn it to cash. Ammunition on the other hand can be used to barter easily. By the round, box or case as needed to make change.

    Trump has declared a national emergency to get the wall built. Now comes the interesting part.

    Do the Dems try to stop him in court and claim the win by defeating him or let it happen so they can use it later when they are in charge?

    I really think they are pissed because it will determine in the courts if it can be done. If it can Trump wins now and they win later. If Trump loses now they win now and lose later.

    Maybe they felt they offered Amazon too much, regretted the deal and when Amazon backed out they were happy. I know they were starting to worry about adding 2500 people to an already crowded area. Guess they should have offered a more rural area, then Amazon might have stayed and NY would be happy with it.

    Just speculating, based on what I heard before Amazon decided to leave. You were actually breaking news to me Red . I didn't know Amazon actually bailed, last I heard they were contemplating it.

    The response from AOC was interestingly. She basically said that they should use the money to the schools and for housing. Does she not understand that most of the money doesn't exist, it was in projected tax incentives. Instead of having $3 billion to spend on schools they have $0 and no future tax revenue from Amazon or 2500 tech employees.

    The left wing politicians in NY are claiming victory for running off Amazon. They were bringing 2500 jobs to the area. Not sure how that's a win.

    My comment wasn't directed at you but the people I've heard in the media today.

    I'll reserve my judgement on the tax break until I get my return done in a couple weeks.

    The tax issue is an easy one to spin. The size of your refund isn't a good standard to decide if you got a tax break.

    If you want to be honest take last years return and this years return so your comparing apples to apples. Increase in take home plus rebate vs rebate.

    It's amazing to see how many people screw themselves doing their own taxes.

    As I do every so often I tuned into the view to get a different perspective on politics. I was shocked to see what happened. After a few comments on the latest Dems running for president and bashing Trump Behar said that they had more political things to talk about but changed the topic. The crowd really wasn't reacting to the hard left politics today.

    Having the system to laser align and being capable of doing it are not the same thing. Find someone who has done them and understands the math. If they can't explain the process and settings I would be a little less inclined to use them.

    BTW it sounds like excessive toe in. It's just more noticable with the bigger wheels. Keep an eye on the outside edge of your front tires to see if they are scrubbing of.

    Did my first oil change at 496 miles and installed the fancy magnetic oil plug while doing it. It's 35 and raining here, so re-arranged the shop to get the SS inside and close the door. Wearing an old ski suit and surgical gloves kept me warm.

    Also tried to put the two bolts into the front that the dealer gave me, and while I could squeeze and get one in there, the other refused. There are also other empty holes on the center section of the hood and some screws missing on some small black pieces at the front. I didn't take pics, just aggravated me and I plan to take it into the dealer to have them look at it.

    Something isn't lining up right so that I can get those two bolts in, and from looking at it, I'd have to take the hood all apart to figure it out, and also figuring that's something that Polaris should fix and not me. Wasted over an hour today trying to figure it all out and just bolted it all back together and will drop it off with the dealer in a couple of weeks if it warms up.

    If those empty holes are in the black hood inserts most likely the tabs have broken off.

    Just a little observation on the questioning of Acting AG Whitaker. You cannot find the truth if you take 5 minutes to ask a question and demand a yes or no answer.