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    I've bought lots of barely used toys in my life. Some folks must have toys they don't need or can't afford. I appreciate other people taking the hit, their bad money management is someone else's gain. New and shiny doesn't last long for some people.

    "I find fault in those that say, "it was Trump or Hillary and I would never vote for Hillary", if they voted for Trump in the Primaries."

    I didn't vote for Trump in the primary but did in the election. We have open primaries here so you take a ballot from any party you want. I took a dem ballot so I could vote against Hillary twice.

    Broward County got their recount done and the Republican actually gained points, but it doesn't count because it wasn't sent in time. Anyone who doesn't see corruption there simply isn't looking.

    I think @Bill Martin summed it up best with "woman in charge in Broward County is at the very least incompetent and at worst corrupt". Either way, she needs to go. I'm tired of hearing people complain about voter fraud when it sounds like absolute incompetence.

    I believe the phrase would be "a useful idiot".

    Was it the same county in the last Florida voting controversy @Orangeman? If so, and it was the same people involved, they should hand those duties to somebody else.

    Both parties have large swaths of uninformed voters that vote for a letter(D,R) and not the person. Dead people getting elected by Republicans, Rubio getting huge vote counts after dropping out of the Presidential race. Guys in jail getting a huge amount of votes...

    Republicans elected a dead man, is that worse than dead Republicans voting for live Democrats? ?(

    The closet was probably locked, as we put them in a locked closet or room. If they were absentee, they usually are in their sealed envelope until we open it, right before running it threw the tabulator.

    I agree If they weren't still sealed in their envelopes, they could have been tampered with and that would suck for those voters. I haven't heard of these were or weren't in sealed envelopes.

    Why would absentee ballots be taken to the polling place? A teacher found them so at least one person who was not an official had access to them, not valid.

    Not necessarily anything nefarious with that. Schools are a very common place for voting polls. Closets are common places to keep things safe. If a machine fills up, you empty it. If they brought early ballots there to be ran through the machines, which is what we do, if you work the polls. You get a huge, non-stop rush of voters and you could forget about a box in the closet pretty easy.
    You guys are acting like it is a Democrat majority precinct. If somebody hides a box in that precinct with hopes of changing the election, which party would benefit from a box of mostly Democrat votes disappearing/ being forgotten in a closet?

    It was probably an oversight, plain and simple. I never can understand why people claim victory before all ballots are surely counted, then complain when they find out they weren't all counted and they aren't necessarily the winner. Every vote counts. If your vote was in a box, in a closet, wouldn't you want it found and counted?

    If the ballots were out of election officials control they would be invalid. No way to know if they are legit, they don't count. It sucks if they are legit but that's on the election officials. It would be less if an issue if they had reported the total number cast before "finding" more.