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    That is such a clean cool look not clunky.... and I really like the added grip tape look on it. BUT please elaborate on the "sand the edge" and how easy is it to remove. Can you turn it lose with just the key or do you NEED the grip tape?

    The outside edge of the cap is a little to big to fit easily in the raised edge around the fill hole. I spun the cap against some course emery cloth and took off about an 1/8 of an inch. The grip tape makes it easier to turn by using my palm to unscrew it. I use the key to lift it after unscrewing it. I'll pull it tomorrow and take a picture of the edge.

    The biggest source of hope for the dems is the Corona virus. They are heading to the everybody panic mode with Chuck saying Trump needs to stop downplaying the risk. The media will jump on the panic train and the market will fall farther. They might even get that recession they've been wanting.

    Liberals: Homeless drug addicts shouldn't be arrested for having illegal drugs. They should be given a place to live, food and health care.

    Me: Aren't all those things provided to inmates?:/

    Will that be Bernie's fault or the fault of the self fulfilling prophecy people that made ammo and guns scarce when Obama was elected?

    I still remember a guy standing in front of me complaining that, "I have to get here the day the store gets ammo or it will be gone. Obama is making it so nobody can get ammo". His friend happily agreed. They each had about ten 50 round boxes of .22, .45, 9mm, 5.56/2.23, 7.62/308. They continued talking about how they hit several stores a day, a couple times a week. I just nodded, while thinking to myself, "Do the math moron, you and others like you are fulfilling your own prophecy. But yeah, it is Obama's fault(sarcasm), because if he wasn't President you idiots wouldn't be hoarding".

    In a bad economy I like to invest in something of value. I'm not a gold fan because it's currency based and hard to spend (make change). Some see ammo as a safe place to put their money. I've never traded or sold ammo or weapons at a loss.

    Fortunately we don't have to worry about Bernie. If the DNC doesn't stop him Trump will.:thumbsup:

    I have invested in the American economy for 40 years always believing that the engine will n that may sputter from time to time but is very dependable. Risk and reward betting on that engine depends on the driver. I have made crap loads and lost big also (still have nightmares from 08’) but over all those years I am still way in the black. I know the Great Depression was the darkest time for the economy as my Dad was a child that lived thru that and it affected him and his investing for his entire life — many times calling me foolish for my decisions. Right now the economy is on solid footing unless the national debt crushes us. The one thing that would force me to rethink my whole lifetime of betting on America’s businesses would be a Bernie Sanders presidency. It appears that he is well on his way to the nomination and has a lot of support. If Trump misses a beat or Republicans go to sleep on voting day we could very well see history repeated in the form of another depression under Bernie. They predicted a stock market crash when Trump was elected and it didn’t happen - quite the opposite. I’m betting with Bernie it crashes and doesn’t recover for a LONG time !!

    If Bernie gets elected the speed of the market crash will be mind blowing. Folks will pull cash and hide as much wealth as possible.

    It will be ugly.

    I think whoever said, "Bloomberg is in the race to spend as much as he wants against Trump without breaking campaign finance law" is correct. Trump doesn't care about campaign finance law or many other laws because he is unidictable.:D;(

    Those laws can be tricky for anybody.

    Obama’s 2008 campaign was fined $375,000 by the Federal Election Commission for campaign reporting violations.

    BTW it was me that said it.:thumbsup:

    I think Warren showed us why Bloomberg is there. He is a Trump stand in to use during the primaries. The attacks can simply be used to distract from the dems message on everything while practicing for the general election. Her "and I'm not talking about Donald Trump" line says a lot.

    I have no idea how some of you were able to take these off and put them back on. Mine from the factory had 6 broke off plastic studs on the left and 7 broke off on the right(There are only 13 total per side including the one in the front). Had to apply some pressure with a screwdriver to get the screws completely out as they were just spinning because they were broken. Also on the front what kind of tricks did you all use to get the 3 tabs out? I kind of rolled mine out and it seemed to work alright. Think I am going to use the velcro on the new pieces like Rab did. Thinking this might work.…Back-Tape-90086/202261917

    Now you see why the tape was important, I think the screws are just there for looks.

    Is Bloomberg actually running for President or is it just an anti trump campaign to help the DNC. His ads don't say why he is better than the other candidates just hate on Trump. He can spend as much as he wants as a candidate but would be prohibited if giving to another campaign.

    I hope that you had given them permission, if not I’d kindly let them know they are using a copyrighted image for which they do not have permission. The nerve of some people lol Definitely a compliment to your ride!

    Contacted the seller and found out it's the one I sent to Cipher. The seller pulled it off their site. They offered to pull the pic but I told them it was alright with me. I'll take it as a compliment.