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    I am running the 1320 header and exhaust on mine and I love it. However, if you want to save a few dollars....go right to the manufacturer if you want the header & exhaust. If you're just getting the header than it is cheaper on Slingmods right now.

    Haven't posted on here in a long time.....latest mods....hell I can't remember what I've previously here they go:

    Garage Opener Button
    Slingshot Trans Dust Cover
    Hahn CAI

    DDMWorks Heat Shield
    DDMWorks Coolant Tank
    Lug Net Set
    3rd Brake Light Flasher
    Scosche Dash Kit
    Scosche Power Harness
    Rear Pod Speakers
    Rear Pods
    Radio Head Unit
    Jump Ports
    Powered Sub
    Parachord Oh Shit handle
    Reflective Rim Tape
    Master Cylinder Brace
    PRP Side Bags
    RGBW Controllers
    RGBW LED Strips
    FZ-1 Fuse Block
    Wheel Light Brackets
    TricLED Lower Brow
    Hidden Antenna
    Shift Boot
    Shift Knob
    Pedal Covers
    Assault Coil Cover
    Short Throw Shifter
    Floor Mats
    Side Mirror Decals
    Side Panel Decals
    Speaker Box Decals
    Headlight Decals
    1320 Header
    Transmission Mats
    DDMWorks Coolant Hoses
    1320 Exhaust
    Status Racing ebrake
    3rd Brake Light Decal
    Steering wheel
    TufSkinz Nose Decal
    TufSkinz Triangle
    TufSkinz Gauge Bezels
    TufSkinz Rear Panel
    JRI Sport Shocks
    Zzperformance Shock Mount

    And that is how the Thing-a-ma-sling looks today......

    Well I haven't posted in a while....been busy last couple of months. Here is a list of what I have done so far....

    Status Racing Shift Boot

    Twist Dynamics Shift Knob

    DDMWorks Short Throw Shifter

    NRG Pedals

    Assault Coil Cover

    Floor mats & Trans mats

    Tufskinz Headlight Decals

    Tufskinz Mirror Decals

    Tufskinz Side Panel Decals

    Tufskinz Inside & Outside speaker decals

    1320 Header

    Still need to install the DDMWorks Coolant Hoses....and as or it didn't happen.....

    For those who have the 1320 header installed, have you noticed a substantial decline in gas mileage? I am still running stock exhaust and prior to changing the header I was averaging around 27 I am only seeing around 20.

    Yeah, I had short shift in my old mustang and it can’t be beat. I was just concerned that I didn’t grease it enough and that’s why it’s louder, but think it’s just by design.

    For those who have installed the short throw shifter, did you notice the shifter being louder through the gears after installation? I haven't taken it out on the road yet due to weather, but just noticed it sounded louder than stock when shifting through the gears sitting in the garage with the engine off. I greased everything, but wanted opinions before I tear it apart to add more grease.

    I took the Slingshot out for a little ride was chilly, but a great ride....anyway, while I was on my way home my check engine light came on. Took a picture of what the code displayed....anyone have any ideas?

    Power: 200 Watt RMS
    Woofer Size: 10"
    Response: 75-150 Hz
    Size: 13.60" L x 9.60" W x 2.60" H

    The Kenwood I'm running is the KSC-SW11. It is 150 watt 8.25"x5.125 sub. It is 7.5"L x 11"W x 2.75"H. I think the problem you would have with the Cerwin Vega is because of the length, it will be too high at the rear side of the seat.

    whoops attached pic

    What are the dimensions on that unit? I only found 2 that will actually fit under the seats...a Pioneer and a Kenwood. I went with the Kenwood unit, but I may get rid of it and sacrifice a storage compartment. Also, there is a guy making a harness that will provide RCAs for amps and you won't have to screw with the factory harness. I can get the information if you need it.

    @frehleycomet I am running the same fuse block on my Slingshot for all my lighting. I have 3 zones of lighting that I am running through it. Since I have no intention on using the other 3 circuits on the fuse block, I am using a switch to power my whole fuse block. I basically ran the yellow ignition wire to a switch, which I tied into a constant power source. I wanted the ability to power up all my lighting without the Slingshot being on. I also wanted to power down my controllers when they are not being used.

    No need to drill... in fact, you’re better off not drilling as there’s plenty room to slide the wire to the battery. If your sitting in the drivers seat, run the wire down the left frame tube out underneath the rear of the sling. You can’t miss the exit out as the opening is about 1/4” wide.

    In the photo: the black wire (which is 4AWG thick) slides right through the opening with ease... follow THAT tube. :thumbup:

    I hope you have that distribution block wrapped with something?!

    still unable to pick a good head unit. I have seen a couple saying that the sony xav 100 is a good unit. I want to get something reasonably safe with weather and need to get the water resistant casing for double din radios. I saw it once, but now I cant find it.

    @Hernandeves5 check out this review of the Sony XAV on YouTube. I wouldn't be concerned about using the water resistant casing. I have a JVC head unit and have been caught in the rain more than once and haven't had any issues.