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  • Come back frim camp David and give a speech blaming everything on somebody else while never addressing the screwed up evacuation.

    Go back and hide at camp David.

    Even CNN is complaining about Joe's speech.

  • Just like Obama Biden wants to be the man of the hour and take credit when he thinks something has gone well, and, just like Obama Biden wants to blame the prior administration and everyone else when anything goes wrong

    As a side note I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the downfall of Afghanistan isn't used by the progressives as their excuse to remove Biden from office - - - - I am pretty sure they have been looking for the right moment since the day Biden was sworn in. - -who knows perhaps this is why the liberal media has started to turn against Biden :/

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  • Has anyone noticed that President Biden rarely takes questions from the press? Never impromptu or in an uncontrolled environment. Why not. President Trump welcomed all questions knowing they were "loaded" and filled with hate. With Biden after reading the teleprompter word for word he is outta there!

  • Guys, guys, guys...

    Calm down...

    I have secret info from a TOP canine inspector...

    You're watching a movie. This is all a big fake production. Biden isn't really president. It's an act. Nothing is going in Afghanistan; that plane footage was green screen stuff.

    How do I know?

    Someone said CNN was not supporting Biden's speech. That's not possible. They are the lamestream media! They are the communist news network! They are liberal media! Right???


  • "Do you like paying $3 per gallon, highest in 8 years?"

    Highest in ONE year. President doesn't control oil price.

    Stop watching Tucker.

    killing the pipeline killed 70,000 jobs...stopped oil drilling and made us dependent on foreign oil again....asked opec to step up cover what we don’t have anymore..

  • stuff is finally sinking in.....

    kamalazzoo can’t take over she wasn’t born in this country.....pelosi is stepping moves to senator Grassley

  • Bob Dylan Sued For Sexual Abuse, Allegedly Groomed 12-Year-Old in 1965

    I ran across this headline and couldn’t pass up seeing what you guys thought. While I in no way condone this type behavior to wait 56 years to bring a legal action seems absolutely crazy. The lawyer is an ambulance chaser and if the judge doesn’t throw it out he is a hack. Just looking for a quick settlement is all this is about - the scourge of the legal profession!! On the other hand I think Jeff Bezos put his hand on my ass when I was 5 - scarred me for life :00008172:

    I might not be right but I can sure sound like it