Defective Back Up Camera Screwing Up the Radio Reception- Polaris Bulletin

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  • Received my Bulletin today, @KayTwo. Stopped by All Out Cycles and was told they didn't have the "fix" ordered yet. They will give me a call when it gets here.

    When you say "received the bulletin," was that an email, or a letter?

    I have an appointment with them tomorrow regardless, so I'll at least put myself on their radar. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Mine was builder in March 2016 and I bought it April 14th and ask them on my 500 mile service about the radio/camera problem. I was told they working on it! On the 19th of May I went to the dealership to file a warranty claim so I had something on paper for a $2200.00 radio that doesn't work. If they weren't going to fix it I wanted my money back.
    How many of you have filed a claim or complaints on the warranty for the radio/camera, they correct this faster if they have more complaints on it. At least it can't hurt.

  • I know I'm dredging up an old thread but I'm just getting around to this camera issue. My original camera died and the dealer replaced it without issue. After the new camera was install my radio reception went to hell but I didn't have time to get it to the dealer until just a few weeks ago. The dealer is telling me now that they need to replace not only the camera but the whole wiring harness all the way up to the radio. Has anyone heard that? I have a "few" LED's and trailer lights wired into that harness and I'm not really ready to start wiring all over again.

  • I went to the dealer last Thursday with my 2016 that I picked up last October. Was told my VIN wasn't included. Supposedly a claim was filed for me, we'll see. By the end of July, if no movement I'm going to start DocG's war. Stay tuned.

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  • I've got the 2016 Black Pearl. My Vin was accepted and I am getting the new camera tomorrow.

    Can't wait to hear more than just what I have on my USB. Even great songs get old if it's all you got.

  • I'll have to go find it. I will PM you.

    It might have had something to do with me basically claiming it didn't work the moment I bought it. I knew there was the issue and tested it out in front of them as I left the lot. They started a ticket at that time.

  • Finally had a dealer (Chris from ball equipment who I met up in Michigan - great guy) submit a case to polari about my radio.

    He got the word back from them today which basically was "Sorry Charlie we ain't helping you"
    Time for the attorney route. @Bill Martin, want some work?

    Boating with the dolphins, US Navy '76-'84

  • Don't worry DocG . Polaris expects the order for stone tools, pointy sticks, and dog poo needed to build me an angle drive, needle bearings, and three ball joints, is to include the duct tape, used condom, ant spit, and the live chicken, necessary to fix your radio. Not sure I get the chicken, but they said it was a special chicken only available from China.

    Since I am a vehicle down order, I am priority. You will be next. They care about you too. Just less than me. With a microscope, the difference in care is obvious.

    Sorry if I sound sour. I hate walking.