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  • I like the idea of an Alaska trip as the holder of the first Slingshot to the North Pole I cheated by hauling it behind the motorhome then driving it all over. You may also want to do the run from Haines junction to Haines and take the ferry to Skagway. You have to be sure to know the schedule as it makes for difficult timing if not. We went from Whitehorse to Skagway and back in the SS it was a great day trip. We wanted to do the loop but the ferry schedule didn't work.
    The highway 37 is a great alternative to go south and the ride from Meziadin Junction to Hyder Alaska is most amazing with all the blue glaciers right above your head. We arrived in Hyder on July 13th and the guide said that the bears come out the middle of July. Union Bears who would have thought.

    And the Duffy Lake road into Whistler. Hopefully Canoehead and I can arrange that ride this summer on our way out to the island.

    • Damn, that sounds sweet.

      Yeah, my wife's brother lives up in Norman Wells, NWT and she has never been up to visit him. It's our 25th next year so my thought is to go up there and take that tour and get in a visit as well.

  • Are you taking the SS to Vegas?

    • I am

      Pulling out here sometime between Apr 5 & 8 (depending on weather). Planned & preferred route is angling down to Deadwood, then Denver and through to Grand Junction, and on to Vegas. However, depending on weather systems, I may go across Montana to Butte, and head South, or could go to Denver, and head South through New Mexico and Arizona. I have pretty much all of April off, so am flexible on my route.

    • I have also ordered a top for the Sling, so if it arrives before I head out, I may detour to Pembina, ND, and install it first (thus avoiding Duty, lol) and head South from there to Sioux Falls or even Omaha and across to Denver that way.

  • Did you get my email?

    • Yes I did. Copy & Paste below....


      Heh, took me a bit to realize this notice was an email rather than a notice on the forum. I was like, "Why can't I find his post?"

      Yes, I remember the name MacKenzie. I think he would have been here when I was just driving around the countryside, lol. He had a fresh recruit under him who was nicknamed Robocop because he let nothing slide, lol. He played dirty pool too and would hide beside the new cars at the ford dealer along the highway. Pretty sure your bother got some flack over that, lol. My name is Brian Latimer. Run it by him, see if I made an impression, lol. If he can't remember, it is likely a good thing, lol.

      As for the "old guys" ... I am not too sure about that. Given the years involved, I would know who they were, but would have been unaware of their sales of antiques.

      But, yeah, I have lived here 46 years. Knew of your brother quite well. I am pretty sure he was the guy I went to to talk about getting into the RCMP when I was thinking along those lines. But it may also have been McCarval. Not sure which of them came first.

      Oh memory lane. Lots to see & do when you get traveling down it, lol.

      Have a good one.


  • MB I have stayed in Treherne a few times. My brother was the Staff SGT RCMP there years ago.There used to be 2 old guys that lived outside of town that had some quasense that were stuffed with antiques. We used to go there and buy occasionally. Small world

    • Hah, that's awesome! How many years ago? Is this a Staff Sgt that I would have worked with over the past 20 years, or one that I would have annoyed in the 15 years prior to that? lol

  • Yea, working tomorrow, you are going to jave a warm ride!

    • Yeah i will. Hit 34 degrees today. Not sure what that is in F, but it is fucking hot, like 10 degrees hotter than we've seen in Manitoba this year.

      oh well, will just have to try again next year when i come back for the exhaust, lol

  • It's not my place to announce publicly, but I saw Alpha's new design today and you would be able to pull a bobcat trailer with it. Substantially beefed up to address the areas where it cracked and broke between the bolts. They are surprised it failed it all with the simulation testing and the 2700 miles I tested with my Escapade trailer and a 53lb tongue weight, but this is why I love Alpha, failure is not an option.

    Hoping to have the new one on my Sling (again) and we are going to test with a 100lb tongue weight and 500lb load and run the hell out of it. Hopefully good news soon. I can guarantee by looking at the new design, those failures won't happen again.

    Again, I'll let Alpha announce the design change.


    • Good for them, that is awesome. I am glad to see efforts occurring to prevent my situation from happening to anyone else.

      I have to admit though, I am completely gun shy right now though. I have this trip coming up that I planned out with the use of my trailer, and now I just don't have the confidence in the hitch. I look at the trailer and I just can't see how it could have caused the breakdown, the weight just isn't there. The only thing I could add to this whole story is that the hitch is about 4 inches too high. Different tires on the trailer would alleviate this issue but I do like the rims on it, and it really shouldn't come into play. If anything, that tongue elevation should help shift weight back to the axles and off the tongue.

      Heh, if the Alpha Hitch 2.0 ends up being the Hercules you say it is, I wonder if they would offer an exchange on the down-low to improve the confidence of a once burned customer, lol.

    • You should give Henry a call after he announces the change, actually, maybe you should just call him anyway. Great guy if you haven't met or talked to him before. My bet is he would exchange it out. The only thing looking at your trailer and specs are that maybe on a really rough road since it has a torsion spring suspension that there was too much flexing onto the hitch? Mine is a trailing arm air ride suspension. But then again, the other tester had pretty much what you did. Most likely just a bad one in the bunch.

      The new design is pretty stout, strengthening those weak areas. They actually had a 3D printed version of it. I don't think it will be very long and I'll take it for a trip pounding as soon as they get it to me. I'll send you pics.

    • Sounds like a plan. Yeah, I think I am just too nervous about taking this particular one back out on a long trip. Pretty sure this would have been a non issue if it hadn't been my very first trip with it.

      What is his screen name? I haven't had a chance to meet him. Time wasting aside, I would have liked to have gone to Alpha directly. But there is no way my wife would have been civil enough to do this. She had had enough and wanted home, you know?

    • Hey, if you are chatting with him by chance, would you mind letting him know we've talked so I am not catching him unprepared? Just a thought since this new hitch isn't public knowledge he may be hesitant if he thinks widespread news has been leaked out.

    • His screen name is Turbosling
      Yea, I can let him know, but I talked to him today, he'd love to hear from you.