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    That drive through the UP is amazing. I try to get up there once a year to go see the pictured rocks and the falls and spend a day on Mackinac Island. If you didn't want to do the drive, you COULD ship it to me as well. Have us do the install and we will get it back on any transport that you schedule. I've had several people do that at this point. You definitely have options.

    Didn't want to drive?

    Lol I grew up driving the #2 from Manitoba to Buffalo NY every Christmas. When I do this, I am absolutely planning to drive down and likely stay at the Straits when we do this.

    Kyle D

    I keep forgetting that you are that close to me. I was resigned to travelling 3 to 4 days to get this done.

    You're only a day and a half away. 😎

    After my post last night I did visit DDM and look at their forged engine, clutch and big brake along with a turbo.....

    I will also check you guys out a bit later when I get home. At the dealer right now getting some TLC, lol.


    Thanks for your info as well. I love the DDM stuff but this might come down to simple distance too.

    Besides.... Can't beat the drive through the upper peninsula and the Straits of Macinack

    Hi all. Been off the forums for a while now, but have been lurking around from time to time. Been too busy riding to log on the computer to read, lol. That and getting shit from the boss that I was spending too much time on non work affiliated websites, lol :rolleyes: Apparently telling the boss you're bored, doesn't make them see your point of view, lol

    So I am making plans for my Sling's future and I am looking onto Engine Swaps. I have completely fallen in love with the LS3 Engine swap ever since Henry at old Alpha let me take the Beast for a rip. That thing sounds exactly like you would expect the Slingshot should sound when you buy it!

    However, cost is a factor to consider and that conversion does not come cheap. So, I need to start saving now :)

    So this got me to thinking, what engines have been put under the hood on the Slingshot that we know of? There is the LS3, DDM's forged 2.4, and there is the Honda out there. But, what else has been tried? Has anyone looked into a 6 cylinder, or Ford's 302?

    I am just curious what is tried & true, and what cost they came in at.

    Couldn't get the Slingshot close enough to these guys for a photo opp, however got her all shiny for the ride up to Cooks Creek, Manitoba to attend Canada's only event of it's kind.

    Was a lot of fun![attach=NaN][/attach]

    The 30th is my first day of 4 back at work. I work 12 hrs in office and 12 on standby at night. So I can't guarantee I am at home that day.
    It will take a month to find out if I can pull it off but I will request time off and let you know if it is approved.

    I mean... gotta have time off to provide a hot meal to start the day for a weary traveler

    And..... thus far, denied.

    Considering a quick run out west but as for extra time off, it isn't looking promising

    @MBMedic, how far in advance do you know your work schedule? I'm thinking if I take the northern route, I would still try to make your place on the first day out of Sundre, leaving before the sun is up on Monday July 30th. I know there's what, an hour time change on the way? So I would likely be in pretty late in the evening to your place. You think that's doable on your end?

    The 30th is my first day of 4 back at work. I work 12 hrs in office and 12 on standby at night. So I can't guarantee I am at home that day.

    It will take a month to find out if I can pull it off but I will request time off and let you know if it is approved.

    I mean... gotta have time off to provide a hot meal to start the day for a weary traveler

    yeah, no issues with rough idle at anything. But then, still learning the sound of the new muffler. Not having to feather the gas though at lights.

    No leaks.

    Will check out the sensors when I get it in under the shed again.

    question for everyone. Reviving an old thread because I have a code issue popping up. Read this thread but it hasn't solved my problem.

    Oil changed today. Engine light came on shortly after when I fueled up.

    Code is 65565

    Now aside from the oil change..... the only other mechanical thing that has been done is I added a 1320 exhaust while in Vegas. However that was about 3500 miles ago and the issue just sprung up.

    Any thoughts here?

    I have the "True Canadian" headlight system. Just outside lights, nothing in the center.

    I installed the H3 LED lights from Slingmods and have the Alpha LED grill mounted light.

    I do a lot of night driving, and this setup gives me lots of lighting. Low beams give me lots of vision and into the ditches well enough, but highs with the grill light and I have more than I know what to do with. I posted pics here somewhere on a similar thread to compair, but I am too tired to find them for you.

    However, Coles notes, I get full vision in front of the Sling with reflective surfaces showing up at the 1/2 mile mark

    Well everyone, I finally made it home from my US tour.

    5200 ish miles under my belt this year

    Yeah, yeah, pics.....

    What an awesome run the past 2 weeks have been. Got to catch up with a few people, and make friends with a few more.

    Tonight I sleep in my own bed.

    Snow shoeing in the bush with a friend and my dog miles from home. Misjudged nightfall and started to get dark fast.

    Wolves around us started howling and dog took off. Kept heading out of the bush while frantically calling the dog. Suddenly there he was right in front of us..... but was dark and hard to tell. Called him to us but he wouldn't come.

    As we got closer he let out a growl that to this day raises the hair on my neck. We got very lucky that day. He walked away, and we sprinted home. Dog eventually caught up to us in a field and didn't leave our side again.

    Never been so shit scared

    I would love to attend an event in Vegas. Maybe next year. As I mentioned to @ivor if the event were a month or two later (later the better) the weather would be more reliable for people trying to Slingshot from the northwest. The weather at this time of year on the west coast (the pacific rainforest) is unpredictable and is often VERY wet. Great for hydroplaning.

    But then @MBMedic went and made the long trek from Manitoba... probably left home in the snow... he's making me look bad. :00008359:

    While it wasn't snowing, it was -27 withthe windchill (Celsius) when I pulled out.

    In winter gear for 2 full days before it warmed up.

    It was funny. Got "cool" one night in Vegas and everyone ran indoors and I was like.... what the hell, where'd everyone go?

    You know.... while your comment makes some sense, understand at its peak, Vegas had maybe 70 Slingshots.

    And, while we had security present at the event (Hotel Security monotoring the parking lot every 15 minutes or so) it is completely unfair to think that full event security for all rallys should come out of the funds raised from that 1 event.

    So much time and effort going into the planning and networking to provide us the opportunities to attend a group event.

    Want to see more at the event? Come to them, register for the event, don't walk in and expect something for nothing. Support @ivor for the work he and his helpers do.