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    Mrs. G is keeping the sling. We should at least try to include her in any such ride.

    There is a fuzzy plan (in my fuzzy brain) to have a ceremony for the Doc at Quantico, then put him to rest. Planned for mid October - no specifics yet. I am definitely attending. Without other plans, I will be retracing some of the rides we did together.

    Greg was a father, and the grandfather of many.

    He was a bubblehead. If you don't know what a bubblehead is, ask someone in the navy.

    We rode onetime down his way, and stopped at a nuclear power plant. We hoped to get a tour. No tours at the time we arrived. Greg said, whatever, I lived on a nuclear power plant for 7 years. See bubblehead above...

    Most recently he was a big dog at the FDIC. He and I did similar work. We had intense conversations that would put the rest of you in a coma.

    He kept his garage door open and stocked beers I liked for me, so I could pop in and get a cold one when in the area.

    He decided a few years ago that he wanted to be a drummer. I gave him a drum kit. He got pretty good. Pretty good, being a relative term.

    His wife and I went to the same high school. Sweet girl, she is. I have known since early, but didn't want to broadcast until I talked to her.

    Still taking this hard, Greg was a great guy.


    DocG passed on Sunday at age 60. Heart attack in August, heart attack on Sunday took him out.

    The doc was called Greg Smith in polite company. I will violate man code a bit to tell a story. Greg had a sign in his garage that said "what is said in the garage, stays in the garage". It was in his garage that the two of us, drinking moderately priced malt beverages, came up with this idea and name for the crew.

    I'm kinda tore up about this.

    Did you ever find anything interesting via the drain plug on on the angle drive, or was the gravel sound just something that wasn't really gravel, just noise of the gears?

    It sounded liked catastrophic drive-train failure. Which, it was. I own a 2015. I know sling noises. That was a baaaaad one.

    Took me about 2 months for a new angle drive to arrive. Right in the middle of prime riding season. I was pissed. A certain dealer (cough, cough) suggested Polaris would pull one off the assembly line... Sure....

    Sounded like gravel in the drive train. Scary sounds.

    I was trying to baby it. Cameron Roberts advised me to beat the snot out of it. Beat it like a red-headed step child. Flog it until it begs for mercy, then flog it some more. This I did in spades, and never had to walk home.

    Not sure if my words advance the cause of this thread, but I had to let it out. Sorry. Currently dealing with the dreaded brake failure light again, again, again, again, again.

    ethermion - I finally figured out how to ride a motorcycle. Lemme know when you wanna hit up the back roads in Clifton again!

    Sounds great. I am curious to see your duck. They are rarely seen outside of the shop.

    Loaded the bitch seat yet? I would be up for that. I can dig up my ancient leathers for safety, and my leather whip to spice things up.

    Let's watch the weather. I am (unfortunately again) pretty flexible these days.

    Edit: Goodness, where are my manners? Miss Miracle, I would be delighted to see you again. It has been too long. Hugs and kisses to your prettier sister.

    Is anyone going on the Rolling Thunder parade this year? it is the last year they are supposed to hold it. It is going to be this coming Sunday the 26th. they are opening the lot at the pentagon at 6 am and the ride starts at 12 noon. I would like to meet up with a couple of you guys so we can ride together in the procession instead of being all scattered throughout the Harleys. If anyone is interested in going please hit me up. also you can reach me at my personal email. I get those emails much quicker than being on here.

    Dang! I didn't know it is the final year. Unfortunately have prior plans to be out of town.

    Did it once on a Harley, and it took my breath away. Freakin' awesome.

    Seems like the issue is with the Pentagon. Puzzled as I have never heard anything bad. 100% civilized.

    Next Saturday, lovely bride & I are out of town. Planned months ago.

    But, don't give up on the Big E. Andy rides are awesome. Riding season is upon us. Need to make amends for the disaster of last year. If I pumped 3 tanks of gas in 2018, I would be shocked.

    Though, to be fair, we did make at least one Andy ride last year. Maybe more, but certainly at least one. Delightful.

    Need to shake the bones of Jdin . He and his lovely bride ride a ton, and have great routes too.

    Alrighty then, I am officially really annoyed.

    Just came back from my weekly visit to my mailbox.

    Club Slingshot, issue #2. I have issues with that. Sling Squad NY? Fork them. I am in the official calendar 3x this year. I didn't see any of those jokers.

    Somebody needs to call a crew ride. Tame my savage soul. Please.


    I know Jdin has been butchering kaninchen, and has not forgotten your request to keep the head on so that you can confirm it is not cat meat. The three of us should get together sometime as couples for some good food. I can help with beverages... Un-taxed red water back in inventory in raging abundance...

    Enjoy the book. Gave the English language version to my brother, who likes it so much, he won't let me borrow it. Found the German language version, and thought, huh, let's do something nice for my friend toy dude.

    Hugs and kisses to your Barbie. See you again, again, sooner or later!

    123, trip report!

    Raining like all get out at my house Friday, so we did go on 4 wheels. 1st hour was nasty even in a car. Last hour was even more nasty and would have been very, very undesirable on a sling. Bride was coming along, and I ain't a-gonna torture her.

    Arrived a bit late for the welcome dinner, but my disco sleazeball ensemble made up for it, had a nice time.

    Friday night at the usual big dog party on the lakeside back porch of the hotel, my un-taxed shine and mytoy 's German something or other did their magic. I ended up smashing my iphone, which is evidence that I was having a nice time. Saturday morning, my eyes stopped bleeding after an hour or so. Rough morning.

    Bad weather cancelled the typical country side rides. Really too bad, as the rides are always delightful, and Designer and Firefly work very hard to plan them AND test 'em out. Many don't understand how much effort is involved in setting these rides up. Props to both of 'em.

    Off in the rain to the wine tasting on the bridge. Hit them all. Knew about a 1/3 of them, and had a nice time chatting up what's new. On the other hand, 1/2 the wines were too sweet, and 1/2 were not that good. Lovely bride and I are wine snobs. Whatever. We survived, and brought 1/2 case back to the hotel to keep everyone lubricated.

    Saturday night, off to dinner at a "nice" restaurant. Sure. After waiting for 90 minutes for ANY entrees to appear at our large table, I got annoyed and started balling up the paper napkins and pelting other crew members. Made me happy, made lovely bride very unhappy. It is an odd moment when your wife hides paper napkins from you.

    Such that there might be polite company on this thread, I won't tell what happened when I got a bill with an 18% tip already included. I did fix it, but it was NOT pretty. When the Big E gets spooled up, it is never pretty.

    Then off to Chateau MACAWS for manly moments. If he had plumbing in his garage, I would consider moving in. Stuff got done, but I deserve no credit. Fun times, as always.

    Sunday, lots and lots of chin wagging in the parking lot, then off to brunch. Fun ride, nice enough place, though they don't server alcohol until after 4 on a Sunday. Fortunately, plan 'B' was in the trunk. I managed. Nice turnout and good times.

    More chin wagging in the parking lot, then we dispersed. Other than cell phones screaming tornado warnings, ride home was un-eventful.

    I seriously doubt everyone was happy to see me, but I was seriously happy to see everyone. Deal with it.

    I rate the encounter an A+, and will continue my tradition of never, ever, missing an MACAWS swarm.

    My honey decided we come on 4 wheels, she said enough with riding in the rain for a long time since eureka springs ride home.

    So will see everyone tomorrow late afternoon.

    Cool. 4 wheels ain't no crime. Not posting, is a crime. Look forward to seeing you and yours again, again, again, again. Let's close the back yard porch at the hotel again, again, again. You may be one of the few people in the world with a liver bigger than mine. Props to that.

    I would normally offer virtual hugs to Barbie, but I will deliver in person in 24 hours. Hopefully she can wait that long, but, women are sometimes mysterious... Hopefully you can deal with it until I get there.

    I've been feverishly watching weather and unless things improve, I am bowing out for now. I absolutely hate missing out on this opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of this great group of folks. Have fun all and if things change for the better I'll be there early Saturday morning. I already have my bottle of Crown and will travel if weather permits.

    Nooooo! We missed you last time. Come for the friends, slings be damned.

    Come on 4 wheels if you have to. I am bringing something better than Crown...