Mickey Thompson tire company suprised me last week

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  • I was in the garage working on the slingshot last week. I was sitting in my office chair just rolling around the slingshot. I got the back tire and remembered that the center part of tread had ripped off the tire a few weeks ago. I got to wondering why this wouldnt be covered under warranty. I know I was spinning when it happened but the center shouldn't tear off. I was at least a little curious what they would say. So I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. I snapped a few pictures of it and sent them to the customer support email address and explained that it was a new tire and it has slung the center if the tread off. And I asked if this was possibly covered under the tire warranty. I also included the May invoice from Summit Racing.

    The next day I recieved an email that was awesome...It said "Yes, that would be covered under the warranty. Please contact Summit Racing for a replacement. And it had his name and company title in the email. (By the way, I found out that Mickey Thompson is a Dick Cepek brand). So I forwarded that email response and the same pictures I had sent to Mickey Thompson to summit racing and within an hour I had an email with a UPS tracking number and a new tire on the way.

    I guess the moral of the story is to never just assume somthing and that it never hurts to ask.....

  • Just curious... Is that a multi compound tire ?

  • It's good to know that there is Company's out there that will stand behind their products. Getting fewer and fewer every day.

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  • I had a similar experience with them. They were super easy to deal with and I had a replacement the next day. Aside from not having found a tire I like better, the customer support and ease of filing a claim is what keeps me buying MTs. That, and I'm hoping someday they'll realize how many tires I go through each season and start sending me free tires once in a while. laugh-squared

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  • Bobby, couldn't you go back to Huntsville and find the missing tread off the tire from the street in front of the Polaris plant and show them that pic as well?

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