Luggage Racks Anyone?

  • This has been a long time coming. I promised @SlingLow a thorough review of his Luggage Racks. Truth be told, I have been so busy enjoying them, I just never made or had the time to sit down and critique them. So here I go.
    First, the workmanship is impeccable. You can see that a lot of time and effort was expended in making a quality product. High quality metal and high quality welds. No burrs. No sharp edges. Perfect craftsmanship. For the powder coating...No runs. No drips. No errors. Sorry Rustoleum. And as for the modification to fit the Stinger Top...dead spot on!!!
    Now, for the functionality. A few of you remember when I picked up the Sedici Bags back in early 2016...

    Well, I didn't want to get rid of them when I got the Stinger Top. Unfortunately, no-one made a viable option that would interface with the Stinger Top. Enter @SlingLow...

    Sedici Bags fit lit a glove. Albeit, just a touch of overhang. Makes for an interesting time at the fuel pumps. Other than that, no complaint, whatsoever!!!
    The Racks are built strong and sturdy. No vibrations at all. The wife and I went to Clarksville last weekend and packed enough clothes for a week, even though we only needed clothes for five days. Pretty hefty load out. The racks handled the weight, just fine. Someone asked if I experienced any drag with the bags extending above the top of the Stinger. Lets just say the trip to and from Clarksville was ever so slightly above the posted speed limit, it was more than slightly. Stop judging! At any rate, I noticed no drag. We achieved the same gas mileage.
    Bottom line, the Luggage Racks are Kick Ass! Some people might not consider Luggage Racks as a TRUE mod. But, for someone who sacrificed one of the two compartments behind the seats for a little bit of BOOM, the extra space the Luggage Racks provide makes up for the loss...and makes the wife a happy camper. And, for me, that's all that really matters.
    Maybe not the most technical review, but all the bases were hit. Now, get off your butts and go get a set. I ain't playin'!!! X(

  • These racks are very nicely priced and with @SlingLow willing to do some custom fitting for the tops....Great Deal.

  • Hey Shawn! You reading this? For the record, my nephew Shawn and his buddy Terry are the fabricators on all 'my' parts. Omni Services in Vancouver, WA does the powder coating. My bride and I just spent last night with both of them, and others, celebrating Shawn's 40th birthday. We stayed up until after 10pm! Shot pool, threw darts, ate cake and tried to keep him out of jail.

    In my defense, I was left unsupervised.

  • And @V-SHOT you are too kind sir. I really appreciate your thorough review and endorsement!

    In my defense, I was left unsupervised.