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    I have not decided if we are staying in Maggie or outside of the valley and riding in to see who will be there. I found this blog thing that may answer some questions as to what is open / closed hope it helps. Not sure how up to date it is but there are phone numbers for all…aurants-in-maggie-valley/

    Good information about the restaurants MACAWS. At least we know we will have a place to eat, even though it might take a little extra time to get in and out, but I am good with that. Does anyone know if a mask is going to be required while inside the fair grounds. I want to make sure I have enough for the week. Don’t know how to contact ivor to ask him.

    Is anyone running the nascar sportster windshield during the summer months? I was thinking of purchasing one for warmer months or a set of baker air wings to mount to my Slingshade for a little extra air flow.

    I can not believe how hot it is in Piedmont SC right now. This heat is unbearable....

    You think it’s HOT today, you should have been here earlier in the week. The humidity was unbearable. It’s actually nice today with low humidity. Of course this is the south in the summer time.

    Doc&Ruby I hope you have something to cover your 😃 up on the way home. With the sweet sound that a turbo makes, you want be able to keep from smiling and the bugs may be hard to clean from your 🦷. Congrats on the install and be safe on the way home with all that new power. 😎 Remember the old saying, pictures or it didn’t happen. 😂

    Is anyone using the Baker air wings that are made to fit the Slingshade? If so how is the air flow in the cockpit in warmer weather? Is the mounting secure and are they easy to adjust? Once adjusted do they stay in place? Any feedback pro or con would be appreciated.

    I was not fortunate enough to me Rob in person, but anytime I made a post on the forum for help, he was one of the first to respond. I could tell that he had a passion of just wanting to be helpful. RIP Rob and hopefully all us will meet up with you at the Slingshot In Heaven event. Prayers for the family at this difficult time. 🙏 ❤️

    Never mind the laws, simply take a string and tie it to the top of the roll bar, now attach the other end to the highest point on the hood, not the top of the windscreen for it is not structural, to the top of the hood. Now sit in your Slingshot and check out how close that string comes to the top of your head, (I raise the string up with my head.) I would think that for anybody with any common sense at all.................................


    Sounds like a MG I use to own, except the string would be from the non structural windshield to the trunk. My head head would be way above the string.

    I am planning on going to NC mountains for a couple days of riding in the next couple of weeks. Was planning on staying in Maggie Valley for a couple of days. Does anyone know if the parkway and Maggie are open? (Lodging and restaurants) I also heard that a helmet is not required in NC for the Slingshot any longer. Is this true or just a rumor?

    Hat's off to Dzemboc77 for taking the time to post all of this and hats off to Dave@DDMWorks for taking such great care of him and all of us. I will be doing exactly the same thing with the exact same turbo in the fall. I can't wait. Dzemboc77 it has been a pleasure to follow this thread. Keep us updated.

    I had the DDM stage 1 turbo installed in early February this year and have been loving it ever since. It is a blast to drive with a lot more power and the sound of the turbo is sweet. Dave@DDMWorks installed mine and the fit and finish of the turbo kit is just amazing. I am returning to DDM this Monday to have Dave install the oil cooler. If you are looking for a turbo, you can’t go wrong with this setup and the service and support from Dave@DDMWorks is outstanding! Nice write up on your install Dzemboc77. 😎

    I have recently added a DDM turbo to my Slingshot. After reading this post, I was thinking it would be nice if I could add one gage like the AEM 5” so I could monitor things like boost,air,oil temp, coolant temp and so on. Can the stock ECM with the updated turbo tune be used with the AEM or does the ECM need to be replaced with a aftermarket ECM? rabtech  Dave@DDMWorks