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    Didn’t go anywhere today - the damn hurricanes are following me to the mountains🤬🤬. The nice little creek behind my house is now a raging river - some of you saw it during the rally - this is it today..

    haven’t seen it yet but there was a big mudslide between MV & Waynesville - guess you can run but ya can’t hide holds true !!

    Damn Bill Martin , hope all that rushing water doesn’t damage your moonshine still. 8| :00008356:

    That’s why I went with the optima red top instead of the yellow top. The red top is about an inch shorter in length. With mine installed and pushed as much as I could towards the drivers side I have about 1 3/4”to 2” clearance from the exhaust. Yours is probably too close. Wrapping the battery with aluminum tape would help. I believe Slingmods has some type of wrap for this issue. I remember reading here on the forum that FunCycle fabricated some type of heat shield out of aluminum. Maybe he will see this and chime in on what he done. Don’t wait to long before addressing this issue, I am sure it would not take long for the exhaust heat to melt your battery. ||

    Started to Install the yellow top battery, it is a bear. In all the Videos Nobody Shows how to get the battery in the compartment. I made a contraption and figured this 45 lbs would be easy dough, also to correct the cables is hard to get to.

    I ordered a new negative cable because the original one will not work. You have to lift the battery in an angle and it weighs only 45lbs

    I installed the optima red top a few months ago. Absolutely no room to connect easy. Struggled with it for several hours before I got it the way I wanted it. Just a small tip, push the battery as for as you can towards the driver side to get it away from the heat of the exhaust. The exhaust will melt the battery if it’s too close. Got this tip from FunCycle before I installed mine. Good luck. 🍀

    Frankie55 and you sure do get around , glad you're enjoying it ! Everytime I get a chance to visit the forum I check this thread to see where Frankies been with his Nascar !

    I sent a PLUS 1 quad kit to New Jersey , if you see it around you wont miss it , ITS VERY DISTINCTIVE !

    I really like the rear fenders. Haven’t seen any like that before. 👍🏻


    It could have been a poor connection at the battery. Once you removed it to get it checked and when you reinstalled and tighten everything back it sounds like it resolved the issue. I have a 2018 SL. These models come with the smaller motorcycle battery and I had to replace mine a couple of months ago. The small battery does not last long, especially if it sits without a battery charger on it. Hope this helps.

    DER I haven't unpacked the new plastic hoop pieces that go on the hoops. I think I have a set of the new hoops if it does. But thanks for the heads up on the issue. I did unpack the mirror brackets and looked over them. I am missing one of the plastic tinted pieces in one of the doors. I think I just need to find some solid black plastic for both holes. I can't imagine needed to look out of those.

    I had a nerve block performed on my left knee. I can finally walk without pain so I have a lot of cleaning and catching up in the office and garage. I haven't been outside much this year and I think the only thing that is going to slow me down for a while is the summer heat. I'll have to get used to it.

    The plastic tinted pieces let a little 💡 in and make it a little easier to see a red light if you pull up to far at the red light. They also help with the cabin not feeling so closed in with the light coming in. 8)

    I did not know that N.C. is an open carry state. But I cannot make heads or tails about the laws. It is still legal to carry in your car or truck if the gun is in plain sight from the outside. But not legal concealed in the vehicle

    I was wondering the same thing. I believe the gun has to be in the glove box, console, trunk, or in your luggage. Similar to SC, but not 100% sure. I do no that it can’t be under the seat or out in the open in your vehicle :00007983: