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    I am getting ready to change my angle drive oil for the second time and I have a question. I have owned a lot of outboard motors and when I changed the foot oil, I would fill the foot from the bottom drain plug. This pushes all the air out and when the oil would start running out of the top plug I replaced the top plug then the bottom plug. (You loose very little oil doing this) Then I would remove the top plug and add oil if needed to top it off. Has anyone tried this on the angle drive? Or do I need to just fill from the top hole. Inquiring minds want to know. :/

    Bigdog Quote.

    “isolation screwed up your mental state with depression and anxiety..

    You Think that is what’s happening to BD. Better run to the store and get all the aluminum foil before there’s a shortage. We are are doomed without the aluminum foil. :00007956: :00008172::00008356:

    I hear symptoms from the 2nd vaccine can be pretty bad. I had the 1st with no issues but hear the 2nd ain’t pleasant at all. You guys have issues after 2nd shot??

    With my first dose of Moderna my arm where I got the injection was sore and my shoulders and neck ached. Lasted around 24 hours. With the second dose no issues at all. My 89 year old mother had no issues with the first dose (moderna) , but the second dose had her down about 24hours. She said her body ached and she felt tired, but felt find the fooling day.

    it is still flexible - I was kinda thinkin on Thursday or Friday to give a chance for everybody to get in. Gotta talk to Ivor - I don’t wanna clash with something the event has planned.

    I will be arriving on Thursday and leaving on Sunday, so either Thursday or Friday sounds good to me.

    Any thoughts on trailer manufacturers? I live in TN and I know there are a lot of dealers in GA. Reading through the reviews is dizzying. Seems like there is a mix of people who like and hate most brands. I like the slingthing trailer I'm not sure I want to shed that much coin though. My SUV vehicle will only have 5k towing capacity. I will also have the 4 pin plug. What do I need to do in order to accommodate electric brakes? This would be my first trailer so looking for suggestions and advice. Thanks!


    I have been recently taking with the folks at Slingthing trailers about there enclosed trailers. There 14’ enclosed trailer weighs in around 1100lbs and is all aluminum. With the slingshot, that would put you around 2900-3000lbs. As for as I know, the 14’ enclosed trailer is there smallest. You will need to upgrade your 4 pin plug to the 7 pin plug and add a brake controller to you tow vehicle. The 7 pin plug is needed for the brakes on the trailer. Hope this helps.

    Picked up the trailer today. Was supposed to be 2k when I got the quote 8 weeks or so back now, but agreed to 2500 before they started as material costs did go up from what I could tell doing my own research. Bottom line, I'm happy. Too cold to see how the sling fits but with the dovetail and ramp, should be good. He's built 3 other sling trailers so had a good idea of what I was after. The Brush guard is nice and will keep crap off the sling hopefully. I really like the hitch, super simple and way more secure than my other utv trailers. Electronic breaks worked good testing in the snow on the way home and couldn't get it to sway much doing fishtails but we'll see how it does with sling loaded.

    I'm going to add some of those strap ratchet points once I get sling on there and see where everything ends up. Tiedowns in corners, but will feel better bout tire straps and then around frame to those tiedowns as a safety thing. My thoughts - suggestions or ideas on how to secure greatly appreciated!

    Nice looking trailer. I really like the dovetail. It should make loading your Slingshot easy.

    As of a few minutes ago our Health Care system here in Georgetown will get to me in about April, 35,000 people ahead of me and they are only receiving 900 shots per day.

    FunCycle , try your local drug stores (CVS) or local grocery stores. I was able to quickly schedule and get my vaccine at my local Ingles grocery store that has a pharmacy inside. Hope this helps speed things up a little.