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    Picked up the trailer today. Was supposed to be 2k when I got the quote 8 weeks or so back now, but agreed to 2500 before they started as material costs did go up from what I could tell doing my own research. Bottom line, I'm happy. Too cold to see how the sling fits but with the dovetail and ramp, should be good. He's built 3 other sling trailers so had a good idea of what I was after. The Brush guard is nice and will keep crap off the sling hopefully. I really like the hitch, super simple and way more secure than my other utv trailers. Electronic breaks worked good testing in the snow on the way home and couldn't get it to sway much doing fishtails but we'll see how it does with sling loaded.

    I'm going to add some of those strap ratchet points once I get sling on there and see where everything ends up. Tiedowns in corners, but will feel better bout tire straps and then around frame to those tiedowns as a safety thing. My thoughts - suggestions or ideas on how to secure greatly appreciated!

    Nice looking trailer. I really like the dovetail. It should make loading your Slingshot easy.

    As of a few minutes ago our Health Care system here in Georgetown will get to me in about April, 35,000 people ahead of me and they are only receiving 900 shots per day.

    FunCycle , try your local drug stores (CVS) or local grocery stores. I was able to quickly schedule and get my vaccine at my local Ingles grocery store that has a pharmacy inside. Hope this helps speed things up a little.

    I know you are glad to get your new house purchase WRAPPED up. See what I did there. :00008172::00008356::00008172: Looking forward to meeting you in Maggie Valley this year Bill Martin , if you will allow me to come over to your new house. :worried_face: :00000436:

    I am supposed to take the ENTRESTO for 30 days and then they are going to do a Cardioversion to get me out of A-Fib as of yesterday

    Hope everything goes well. 🙏. See you in Maggie Valley if not sooner. Take care of yourself.

    drfubar that is a beautiful part of the country you live in. I have stayed in Dayton TN on several different occasions while fishing bass tournaments on Lake Chickamauga. Didn’t have the Slingshot then, but have been wanting to come back up there and ride some of those roads and maybe hang out a little where they bottle Jack Daniels. 🤣. Hope to get up that way in the near future.

    If I buy the rear fender from Slingmods how to I get the paint to match my Miami Blue SS? Has anyone found a matching color under another name. it just looks to me like they forgot to finish the rear end. It is just one big flat black area when seen from behind.

    Check out the Polaris website. They have fenders for the SS in all the factory colors. I purchased one through my dealer and got a little discount. I installed it myself. Bolts right on.

    As others have said I like a tandem axle for handling and load distribution. Sling thing Trailer's has the best setup I've seen as far as ready to use but definitely not the most inexpensive. I picked one up last spring and love it and custom wheels were no problem.

    They come with everything you need to haul the sling. I did buy the locks separately but that was it. It's really nice being able to stand outside the trailer to strap down the front wheels and they have the smoothest sides out there. I'm in no way affiliated with them other than being a satisfied customer. By the way mine is a 16' V-nose enclosed aka ConnMan special (weight is about the same as the sling) Look around there are lots of choices and options.

    The SlingThing Cave 16’ tandem axle trailer is the one I am leaning towards. I talked with them back in June, but was waiting on ordering it in the January/ February timeframe. During loading, does the gate with the fold down beaver tail allow you enough clearance that the front spoiler don’t drag? I have 20” rims on the front of my Slingshot. I have measured the distance from the outside of the tires and it looks like it will fit with a couple of inches on each side=O. Being you already own a SlingThing enclosed trailer are there any options you would add or leave off? Thanks for the information.

    I am thinking about purchasing a trailer to tow my Slingshot to the events. As of right now I am leaning towards a all aluminum 16 foot tandem axle enclosed trailer. I won’t the aluminum trailer because I don’t want to replace my truck. I have a Toyota Tacoma with the factory towing package. The truck is rated for 6800 pounds towing capacity. This is why I and wanting a aluminum trailer to keep the towing weight well below the trucks towing capacity. What I am wanting to know, what length you guys recommend, single or tandem axle, etc. and what options you would recommend getting on the trailer. Any advice would be a great help before I order the trailer.