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    I was looking for Slingshot owners in my area and I noticed the Forum Map for Canada is pretty sparse.

    I suspect there are more of us Canadians on the forums but that not everyone has added a pin to the map yet. So here's one way to do it:

    - FOLLOW THIS LINK to add your own location (you must be logged into the forum first).
    - Below the map is a Location search bar. Type in your Postal Code, give it a moment, and pick the result that appears.
    - If you don't want to be more specific about your address then just hit the Submit button now.
    - If you want to be more accurate about your address then you can Zoom the map and drag the pin, or type in a more specific address, then hit the Submit button.

    And to help even further, add a reply to this thread with your general location in Canada and a bit of info about yourself.

    Thanks! :thumbsup:

    p.s. There's also a new non-forum map that you can update. More info HERE.

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  • Victoria, BC (in the Vancouver Island area)

    I'm especially looking for fellow Slingshot owners or enthusiasts anywhere on Vancouver Island. I believe there are at least 5 or 6 more Slingshots around and I'm trying to make contact.

    My friend and I (both in Victoria) recently bought Slingshots. Mine is Red and his is Blue. I'm also aware of a Red one in Sooke and a White one in Tahsis (hey @wobbly ). I think there have been a few others sold on the island that I haven't nailed down yet. If you're on these forums, speak up, I'd be interested to hear your experiences and get ideas for places to ride.

  • You're lucky. You guys got the mountains to play with out there.

    Here in the prairies..... it's boring as hell, lol.

    I do know you guys have an avid member just over the hills in Sundre, Alberta. @Slingshot Garage He's a bit busy what with owning a Campground and all. However, I would think he would have a great location to go to as a "meeting point". We can set something up perhaps in the future for a rally of sorts in Canada. Pretty sure he already has this idea perking in the back of his head, lol.

  • Ya man were having a slingshot event this year in July. Great backroad rides. Have a few bands lined up trying to get the local airport for a few hours with a track and top speed runs. If that doesn't pan out I've already talked to the local police about closing a road so we can misbehave lol. Will be fireworks and a ton of fun to be had. And there's more......
    We own an rv park and there's a hotel in town also.
    Will have more details soon :thumbsup:

  • I suspect there are more of us Canadians on the forums but that not everyone has added a pin to the map yet. So here's one way to do it:
    And to help even further, add a reply to this thread with your general location in Canada and a bit of info about yourself.

    Great side-discussion guys, but can you humour me and play along with my original request too? Thanks.

  • We were thinking July 8 weekend but now we're thinking the weekend of the 22nd.@

    @Slingshot Garage @SundreSlingQueen we plan on stopping to visit with you guys on our way to SS in the Rockies on July 8th, stay overnight in town and head out Sunday morning. If that works for you guys ?
    Let us know if we can be of any help with the event.
    Take Care

  • I did the Hwy 18 to Hwy 14 drive last year on the Island. It was amazing. I think the Hwy 99 would be a great road to drive on also all the way up to Lilloet and beyond up to Jade City. We drove it south from Alaska pulling the SS behind the motor home. Then coming back to Calgary we went up to Mount Baker with the SS. There was a lot of cars and bikes with the crack of noon club. Luckily we were the breakfast club(no traffic jams) and lots of fun going around all the bends in the road. Haven't made any real plans this year but hoping to get up to Sundre and also go for a ride with @Canoehead some place some time. Presently June is all booked up at The Stairgod household.

  • I think if we could do a ride that ends up at Sundre for Slingfest I think it would be great. Whether it starts at the end of another event in the US/Canada with a long ride back home in Alberta or starts from Sundre and goes to places unknown.

  • Ok Canada, its near spring so we need to wake up! Winter sleep is almost over! West & East coast what do we have for ss owners? Lets see if we can get groups together and have some group rides? I'm out west and Sundre is coming (closest event aside from Vegas?) do we have anyone in the forum from Canada that is going to Sundre or Vegas? Not sure out east of course but leave that an open invite to some easterners to bring forward for getting group rides...... If you own the toy from Canada lets show those Florida folks that we can fun up north as well!

  • I was just talking to @Canoehead and he wants to do a run to Ucluelet Sound this summer. We haven't figured out when. I am sure we could make a run to Victoria for some "T" and crumpets. I really like the drive on Hwy 14 my wife and I did a 2 years ago.
    We aren't are lucky as the people in Lotus land as we have lots of snow on the road and more coming today and Saturday.
    Just ordered a few mods as I have to try and keep up with @Canoeheads slow black one. I should have them installed and hopefully by the middle of April we may have some clear roads so I can take the SS in for factory recalls.(I can't wait for the seat-belt reminder since I won't have an OEM seat-belt).

  • well I.m dug out already here in Manitoba. The melting snow and slushy ice ruts are causing an issue in the lane. Took me 20 min to get out of the driveway yesterday. (Really gotta get that bald tire off the rear, lol)

    As for events, I am attending Vegas next month for sure. Mother Nature just has to agree with me. But i am off as of the 5th, and can get away any time between the 5th and 8th, so should be able to work around weather.

    As for Sundre, I remain uncertain about time off and won't know until the date gets closer. May meet up with a group who is passing by on their way there and ride with them for a bit. I put out the offer for a tent spot and a steak to @KayTwo following Sundre, will know more following his route finalization.

    Aside from that, likely Deadwood once or twice this summer.

    There's my year