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    Ditto. Mine leaks all the time. So much so I just carry a small bottle of DOT 4 with me.

    Same. Mostly leaks from the front side of the firewall but a few drops show up on the driver's floor too. Dealer diagnosed as requiring a new master cylinder.

    Yes, Canadian security system. My understanding is that some type of ignition interlock system is required here by the government. But in this case the default is PASSIVE mode which means it's Off. I set mine to Auto once just to try it. What a pain entering the 4-digit code with just one button... never again.

    Here's the related manual pages (attached).


    im getting a squeaking sound near the front passenger tire area every time I go over little bumps and what not...

    If the squeak comes back, try wiggling the muffler when it's cold (it's on the firewall just behind the passenger wheel). Don't burn yourself on it.

    It's held in place with springs and they can be the source of a squeak when you go over bumps or anything that causes flexing. There's metal on metal contact where the springs attach. A drop of oil on the hook ends of the spring(s) should help.

    2016 SL, 22000 miles and I just replaced all 3 tires.

    This is my 4th rear tire (I don't worry too much about rated tread life, I know it will be short no matter what) and it's my first time replacing the Kenda front tires.

    I went with Nitto NT555 G2 all around. Maxed out the sizes for stock SL rims: 245/45 x 18 at the front and 275/35 x 20 at the rear.

    I also bought a second rear since I know it won't last nearly as long as the fronts and I got a bit of a discount for 4 tires instead of 3.

    The Nitto are a bit cheaper than the alternatives I was considering. I had a BF Goodrich Comp2 A/S at the rear before this but realized I don't need to compromise with an All Season tire. I'm looking for mostly dry and occasionally wet traction.

    From what I've read, All-Season Ultra High Performance tires (like the Comp2 A/S) may compromise some dry and wet grip to gain winter traction. Summer Ultra High Performance tires (like the Nitto) are generally better in the dry and wet, though they are not intended for cold weather and won’t grip in snowy or icy conditions. Well I don't plan to ever drive this thing in the snow and ice.

    The Nitto does seem to have more grip although I haven't tried it in the rain yet. In any case I avoid the rain whenever possible and know to slow down when I get caught in it, so I think these will work well for me.

    Thanks for responding rabtech.

    I find some of the "political" comments here to be lacking basic respect and decency toward others simply based on their nationality, religion or politics. The posters may think they're not being offensive to other owners if they don't name names, or if they have made an attempt to justify their statement. But anyone in any of their target groups has to feel uncomfortable participating in the various Slingshot aspects of this forum, all the while knowing that the group they identify with is being openly bashed and denigrated by some of these same Slingshot owners in a nearby thread. And I suspect it will only get worse as the 2020 election approaches.

    I've tried to not call it out whenever I see it because that seems to only escalate the defense of it, which is equally or more offensive. I feel morally obligated to not stand by and ignore it when I see it, so instead I'll try to just avoid seeing such content in future.

    But I do think the forum would be a lot friendlier without it.

    Suggestion rabtech : Take the political element out of this forum. It doesn't belong here.

    By now the politics of certain owners is abundantly clear. Certain like-minded individuals (representing at most 50% of the population) seem to be particularly vocal about their politics, and this forum has become their echo chamber (to the discouragement of anyone who might disagree with their politics).

    But why do any of us need to know that?? Do we really care about the political stripe of a fellow Slingshot owner??

    There are already far too many derisive posts here that are directed at the other 50% (even though they may not be directed at particular owners... we get the idea). Is having a different political leaning a good enough reason to make other owners feel uncomfortable on this forum? To make them feel that they would be subject to derision for their political beliefs?

    There's lots of other places on the internet where you can post your political opinion... we don't need it in the same place that we come to for Slingshot discussions and to find the friendship of fellow Slingshot owners.

    Let's stop dwelling on these un-Slingshot-related differences. I'd rather not see any of it on this forum.

    I try to stay out of this thread but....

    Shame on you, unless you feel the same about every religion?

    I certainly hope you're not donating to a political party or volunteering with a charity... that would make you just as bad as them!

    To expand on the topic a bit, can anybody relate a circumstance where they believe that the Electronic Stability System was an aid in assisting keeping their SlingShot under control?


    I believe the ESS light is supposed to come on when it has provided some assist. I've never seen mine come on despite the Slingshot tail hanging out to the point I wasn't sure it would recover. No idea what angle it will allow before it kicks in but it must be pretty wide.

    Well speaking as a non-vendor and a non-member (so far, waiting to see what direction SOG goes) my concern for the vendors is that directors' decisions may not accurately reflect the opinion of the membership. There could be bias among the directors (eg. if some are vendors themselves) or they may just not be reading the mood of the membership correctly.

    If this is a group by and for the members (will the members be electing directors in future?) then I agree with wokka that you should be fully transparent with your own members and perhaps even allow polling or voting on some decisions if there is controversy. But if the directors of the group are going to remain self-appointed and/or appointed only by the other directors, then that's a different story... it's really the director's group and they can do whatever they please, and then I can understand not leaning toward transparency. In that case the members are really just 'customers' of the directors' outfit.